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  1. Wonder if Gibbons' injury will lower what we can/will do in the remainder of the window (IF there was any truth in rumours of him being sold) Whatever, if him and Conlon are to be out for a while and Proctor is still a way from being fit, then it makes the next 9 days even more important for our promotion prospects. Surely a busy week coming up for the signing pen?!
  2. If we're relying on him then we could be in trouble (in terms of promotion) as surely he'll be way off being up-to-speed, even when he does finally make it back into the matchday squad.
  3. Clarke said himself that he will be disappointed with anything less than top 7.
  4. Think you mean Private Frazer?!..........unless I've missed talk of 'fuzzy-wuzzies' that don't like it up 'em?! (maybe that's what Covolan was saying to McKirdy? 🤣 )
  5. I think we've already replaced Politic with Harratt. Politic was playing as a striker after all. Taking the Brentford game then, is Harratt crossing the ball for himself to score the header?!
  6. Talking of which, anyone know if Legge is injured, or maybe leaving, seeing as he didn't make the 9-man bench today?
  7. Yep. Can't see this transfer happening as surely he wouldn't play for them today if he wanted to join Vale imminently.
  8. Even more need to freshen and fill up the squad, to cope with all of the Saturday / Tuesday / Saturday games that will be required now. Going to be plenty of midweek games under the lights at Vale Park in Feb(*) & March. * - speaking of which, I notice that the Forest Green game is now Tuesday 1st Feb, according to the BBC website.
  9. Sure he also did it away at Barnsley, over Musselwhite's head I think - one of those no-look-overhead-lofted-backpass to the keeper that he was fond of doing. Seem to recall it was late in the game and cost us either a win or a draw (can't remember which!) (.......I knew then that he'd make a crap manager! 🤣 )
  10. Hasn't the cut-off point for 5 yellows recently passed? Now need to get to 10 yellows for a 2-match ban? Or I could be wrong and the cut-off point is yet to be reached.
  11. Fantastic win. I was actually slightly unsure that I wanted us to get a replay when Politic equalised, as we don't really need another fixture at the moment, so absolutely amazing that we've won it at the first time of asking. This means that the League 2 title decider at home to Forest Green will now be a Tuesday night game, as it was scheduled to take place on Sat 8th Jan, but we'll be otherwise engaged as that is 3rd round day.
  12. The way Politic walloped in that chance must have ensured that he'll be on the pitch regularly from now on. Great finish. When did we last score 2 injury-time goals to come from behind and win at Vale Park? Have a feeling it was during Horton's reign. (maybe McPhee one of the scorers?) Anyway, today's mental was as fantastic as it was back then! No better feeling in football.
  13. Are you giving advanced updates from the game?! (.........having got 1.21 Gigawatts in your DeLorean ! 😆 )
  14. Was in the Hamil End that night, as it was given over to Vale fans for that match (for possibly the only time in recent history?) Was a great view and mental when Bernie scored the only goal at that end. Southampton fans were put in the end (old block C?) of the Railway Stand. Another great FA Cup night at Vale Park.
  15. England's greatest ever goalscorer, despite the fact that he's only 4th in the actual goals list. He was before my time, but I've seen plenty of footage of him and his goals-to-games stats, season-on-season are incredible. RIP Greavsie.
  16. An opinion formed after around an hour, out of 7 games, of seeing the guy play. Can you not see how that would irritate the majority, particularly when he had absolutely nothing positive to say after the 2 goals scored by us? Irritate the majority - no. Irritate a few utter <Edit> - definitely.
  17. It was only half an hour ago chief. And I still reckon the bloke is pap. There are a few utter <Edit> on here - all too quick to jump all over other Vale fans for expressing their opinions.
  18. Just seen it was James Jones, ex-Crewe, who played 45 games for Lincoln last season. They must have paid a fair whack for him.
  19. The last couple of games has reminded me of this old Jasper Carrot joke :- "I was at Birmingham's first match of the season on Saturday and bought a ticket for their golden goal competition. If the time on my ticket matches the time they score I could win a £1,000. I opened the ticket and it read “October”.
  20. He was slightly before my time but what an incredible scoring record. When I see/hear his name I think of the 1970 World Cup and England losing the 2-0 lead in the Quarters after taking off Bobby Charlton to rest him, and ended up losing 3-2 (.......even though it was before my time!) RIP 'Der Bomber'.
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