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  1. The way Politic walloped in that chance must have ensured that he'll be on the pitch regularly from now on. Great finish. When did we last score 2 injury-time goals to come from behind and win at Vale Park? Have a feeling it was during Horton's reign. (maybe McPhee one of the scorers?) Anyway, today's mental was as fantastic as it was back then! No better feeling in football.
  2. Are you giving advanced updates from the game?! (.........having got 1.21 Gigawatts in your DeLorean ! 😆 )
  3. Was in the Hamil End that night, as it was given over to Vale fans for that match (for possibly the only time in recent history?) Was a great view and mental when Bernie scored the only goal at that end. Southampton fans were put in the end (old block C?) of the Railway Stand. Another great FA Cup night at Vale Park.
  4. England's greatest ever goalscorer, despite the fact that he's only 4th in the actual goals list. He was before my time, but I've seen plenty of footage of him and his goals-to-games stats, season-on-season are incredible. RIP Greavsie.
  5. An opinion formed after around an hour, out of 7 games, of seeing the guy play. Can you not see how that would irritate the majority, particularly when he had absolutely nothing positive to say after the 2 goals scored by us? Irritate the majority - no. Irritate a few utter <Edit> - definitely.
  6. It was only half an hour ago chief. And I still reckon the bloke is pap. There are a few utter <Edit> on here - all too quick to jump all over other Vale fans for expressing their opinions.
  7. Just seen it was James Jones, ex-Crewe, who played 45 games for Lincoln last season. They must have paid a fair whack for him.
  8. The last couple of games has reminded me of this old Jasper Carrot joke :- "I was at Birmingham's first match of the season on Saturday and bought a ticket for their golden goal competition. If the time on my ticket matches the time they score I could win a £1,000. I opened the ticket and it read “October”.
  9. He was slightly before my time but what an incredible scoring record. When I see/hear his name I think of the 1970 World Cup and England losing the 2-0 lead in the Quarters after taking off Bobby Charlton to rest him, and ended up losing 3-2 (.......even though it was before my time!) RIP 'Der Bomber'.
  10. Racing Post has us to finish 5th. (top 3 Bradford, Tranmere, Salford)
  11. When Saturday Comes have us in 11th.
  12. FourFourTwo magazine has predicted us to finish 11th. (their top 7 are Newport, Bradford, Forest Green, Bristol Rovers, Exeter, Salford, Tranmere) Noticed that the Racing and Football Outlook paper last week was tipping Vale as serious contenders (don't know if they predicted placings tho).
  13. Yep. I think its probably correct that Donnarumma made more saves in the penalty shootout than he had to in the entire 120 minutes of the game!
  14. Almost a carbon copy of the Croatia Semi-Final from 2018. A fantastic start not capitalised on, and we never really got on the front foot, even when Italy were clearly tiring & seemingly content to let it drift to penalties (as they also did in their semi-final). At the end of normal time, I shouted out "Come on boys, we should be stronger than them" (.....they obviously couldn't hear me up in the top tier!) - particularly bearing in mind that they had a 70-year-old central-defensive partnership that had gone to extra-time in their previous match. We never really tested them though, bar a couple of runs from a fading Sterling. As soon as I saw that Foden was a doubt, and then confirmed to not be in the squad, my hopes dropped, as he would have been an ideal option to come off the bench, keep possession and cause them problems in and around their box. Henderson was poor when he came on, very sloppy and lacking composure in his ball retention and passing. Surely its now time for him to retire/be phased out - especially with the incredible Bellingham ready to be the box-to-box influence that we have been lacking for so long. The regular inclusions of Bellingham, Foden, Alexander-Arnold, Greenwood should improve us and make us solid contenders to go really Far In Qatar in just 16 months time.
  15. Remember him scoring in that great 3-1 win over France in the '82 World Cup (the game where Bryan Robson scored after 27 seconds). Think he also scored the goal in a 1-0 win that ensured qualification for that World Cup. RIP
  16. My lard mate described Whitehead :- Looks like a butch lesbian!
  17. When Zinchenko scored for Ukraine the BBC commentator (Jonathan Pearce) said that his previous goal was against Port Vale in the FA Cup.
  18. Good old Gareth! Tactical genius. 🤣
  19. Predicted it months ago. That's Southgate for you - negative and over-cautious beyond belief, despite having attacking talent that could destroy most opponents. And The FA are already talking of keeping him for 3 more years!
  20. Incredible fun :- Very Interesting Research Given In Necessity Not Ever Really Delivered
  21. Yeah, but its all about a contextual see-saw......apparently! 🤔 🤤 😂
  22. It makes me laugh that when a new signing gets positive comments from previous fans, some on here absolutely cream themselves about it - yet when a new player has bad comments its then a case of "what do their fans know....ignore them....remember Akpo Sodje" etc!
  23. Indeed. No Bellingham either - but yet again he picks 2 defensive midfielders. We have an exciting group of attacking players that could be among the best in the tournament, yet are lumbered with a Championship-standard over-cautious manager.
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