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  1. The odds and form of Grimsby, Barrow, Southend and Orient suggest we will finish 20th/ 21st but like you I can't see goals and wins. The wins v Southend and Grimsby massive now. They will have caught us in another 7/8 games, hopefully we win at least 1.
  2. Heart says 2-0 Vale with Rodney on the scoresheet, head says 3-0 Salford and we never have a shot on goal. Need results and quick, 3 wins minimum.
  3. Can't believe he's got another 12 months, stealing money, who signed him, that's the question? What pi**es me off is when you see clubs like Tranmere with Vaughan and Cambridge with Mullen respectively. To me we are paying x5 people (I exclude Tom Pope from criticism) when in reality get rid of x3, keep Rodney and get some experience and known goals in. Absolutely garbage management.
  4. True, showing my age there!! "I thank you" Arthur would have done a better hob imo!!
  5. Hopefully Rodney will have a point to prove Tuesday, lets start there....
  6. Would wallop many teams Tyler that...
  7. 😀Go steady, you never know "everything good comes, to he, who waits" or so they say... Suffering is an integral part of the job description for a Vale fan....
  8. I'm paient after 40 odd years. Losing league status would be devastating. looking at the form tables, ours is rubbish but barrow, Grimsby and Colchester are worse. Odds suggest 20th/ 21st place, this lack of goals, particularly when defending and playing OK, worries me, it did early season with Askey. Football is a 'funny old game' as Greavsie used to say. Win at salford and we get another breather. get battered in the next x2 games, and... It's Vale... "It is what it is" as many say... Who did the recruitment, was it John Askey or Arthur Askey?!!!
  9. I think, certainly in my case a part of you expects things to go wrong being a Vale supporter, certainly since the Rudge era. But yes, we came good again for a season with Horton, same for a couple with Micky, we should have backed Page. Since then we have been lucky to retain league status, this no exception. We do have stability off the field (I hope the finances stack up?), endorsed by the appointments of Flitcroft and Clarke. Massive risk appointing the 'dynamic duo' by Carol. I just don't think we have enough goals to survive, may be a formation change, bit of luck, Rodney excels, Pope comes back, Amoo starts to play and Worrall gets a few then who knows. Stick a tenner on a win at Salford amd a brace for 'Delboy'!! Heart 2-0 Vale Head 3-0 Salford
  10. We have no alternative but to have faith Aguar61, my point is that how on earth have we arrived at this point? It's hard to believe, that knowing we had no support for Tom pope apart from Cullen who obviously now has fitness issues we end up in this mess apart from Rodney who looks our only glimmer of a goal. Let's hope he sticks a couple on Salford Tuesday!! You never know but I won't be running to the bookies!!! I "nearly" had a bet on us for promotion!!
  11. Guthrie reminds me of Ronnie Jepson at Vale and the Stoke game. He needs goals and quick. To me after he missed that chance he disappeared. he's a better option than Cullen and Robertson and that sadly says a lot about our prdicament. Jepo had a fantastic career after Vale!! Staggered how poor we are up top. Rodney the one shining light of the whole season plus the emergence of Alex Hurst.
  12. I'd say the words '"Cow's ar*e and banjo come to mind personally! League 2 is a poor league this season imo and we areclinging on to it....
  13. It's sad that we have to think this TJH. I hope your'e right because I see no cutting edge and a lot of bluster at present. We are now sound defensively again, this will be tested at Salford and Cheltenham. We do not have a final third, only Rodney as a threat and a half-fit or not fit Tom Pope to look toward for goals. It's ataggering how we have been miss-managed, perhaps 3 wins may do it, personally I think we will be near to the bottom 2 in 8/9 games time. A mess, Clarke and Flitcroft are talking a good game, League 2 status requires much more than bravado and bullsh*t.
  14. 0-0 would have been a fair result today, Tuesday I thought Stevenage were better than us. It's worrying, we look decent again defensively at a cost - that cost is play in the final third. We have only Devante Rodney up top, Pope may still have to play as in my opinion Cullen, robinson and Guthrie offer little or nothing. The 8 point gap can and will possibly disappear in the next 8-10 games meaning that at game 40 we may well be in the sh8t big time. Who signed these awful players, was it Askey? If we were shelling out the big bucks on Flitcroft and Clarke it should have been done much earlier with the view to trying to sort something transfer wise in and out. Both Flitcroft and Clarke talk a good game, let's not hope it is merely that. gentleman you may have to make a silk purse from a sows ear.....
  15. I do hope so but this is Port Vale!!! Just glad I didn't run into the bookies!!
  16. I can't and won't defend this seasons showing to date, no one should but we move on with hope that finally things will move forward on the pitch. This is going to cost money, it already has. However, signing Taylor permanently, Rodney's improvement and the return of Gibbo are the positives. And lets be honest, if we perform on the pitch the way Clarke and Flitcroft talk the game, enjoy the ride! We deserve it folks.
  17. I agree but I'm not going to defend poor recruitment during which hopes were so high. We could see the frailties and dependence on Brown, Legge, Smith, Joyce, Worrall and Pope. Muddling through was not at the forefront of my mind and I'm sure not the owners. Wins against Grimsby and Southend have given us some space and yes we are 'muddling' through which is a big disappointment to many and may well reflect in ST's and gates next season. I go and have gone for what will be my 46th season next season but many won't and will need to be sold 'the dream' again
  18. We can only hope things will change, I'm sure they will. otherwise there will soon be a lot of very disappointed people, starting with the Shanahan's.
  19. left back will be one of the first positions addressed in the summer.
  20. I'm with you Tyler. We have recruited mediocre dross on the whole for years. We are 19th in league 2 for a reason. Recruitment on the whole with a few exceptions has been poor.
  21. It seems like some have lost perspective of the game. You score goals to win games, if you don't score goals it puts pressure on the defensive side of the game. Not since Tom Pope was firing could we say we have a goalscorer. Look at Vaughan at Tranmere for example. We need to address this
  22. I for one am not content and I'm pretty sure the new management 'dream team' won't be.
  23. I may as well say it: " The poor sods playing on it haven't been much better in recent times tbh"!
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