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  1. Nice to see him get something right for a change.
  2. It's going to be a great occasion. Its now time to worry as to whether we'll get the result.
  3. It's a solid effort, and the bottom two tiers will be packed. Anything in the top tier is irrelevant.
  4. I thought we'd touch 20,000. Probably going to be 18,000 once the clubs internal allocation has been taken into account and another 6 or 700 get sold on Friday.
  5. Bromley took 10K, every adult ticket was £25 and there wasn't any need to go on a coach.
  6. What's annoyed me is that 141 to 143 haven't gone on general sale. These are some of the best seats in the house, and are on the side that the cameras face. This seems bizarre to me. Seats on the side of the pitch have been a tiny percentage of our overall release.
  7. Yep. Don't know why they bothered to say anything differently. The allocation for the bottom two tiers for both clubs is just over 19,000. Top tier was never getting opened for either club unless they sold that many first.
  8. We sold all the cat 5 on the bottom tier within a few hours. They won't be opening the top unless all bottom and middle tickets go. That won't happen. Anyone waiting on cheaper tickets won't be getting one unless we miraculously sell another 4,500 tickets in the next few days.
  9. 104 tickets left in total. Hardly any together now. It's getting stupid. This isn't anything to do with "keeping the fans together". Open up another block or two on the second tier, blocks on the side of the pitch opposite where they've been released now, and open up a block in tier 3 where there are more cat 5s & 6s.
  10. Good work Rory. Mansfield are being treated differently and I hate discrimination. It's ridiculous that there are 60,000 empty seats available in Wembley for this match, but if you're 3 Vale fans who want to sit together It's £50 each. If you're a Manfield fan you can do the same for pretty much half the price.
  11. There's also 1/3 off on the slower train from Crewe or Stafford with a group saver (no need for a railcard). If there's 3 or more you're looking at less than £34 with London travel card from crewe, and £31 from Stafford. Otherwise it's £50 and £46.50. You don't even have to buy online. Buy the tickets on the day from the ticket office. It's a shame West Midlands Trains don't go direct to London from Stoke on Trent anymore. Avant can shove their £80 return tickets where the sun don't shine.
  12. I'm sure people are hanging on for the release of cheaper tickets. They're in reserve because not close to 25,000 have been released for sale.
  13. Ticketmaster need to get their act together. There's about 300 tickets left in the Vale end, all £50 ones apart from the odd single seat here and there. It's time to release more blocks, in particular blocks priced which will encourage the type of fan who's not purchased a ticket as of yet. You've got far more choice in the Mansfield end. They've had more blocks available throughout, despite selling more slowly.
  14. I think the website is broken. Surely it'd just kick in when availability gets low. This isn't a problem in the Mansfield end. Blocks have been getting released steadily before availability gets as low as this. Having no availability on the evening of the day of release is ridiculous. Prime time for ticket sames now.
  15. Why is everyone banging on about a cost of living crisis? Cost of living is lower in Stoke on Trent than almost anywhere in the country. That's not the reason people aren't going. It's geography, the time, and the fact that half these "poor" people you refer to pay hundreds every year on sky sports.
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