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  1. Mansfield seem to have >30k tickets, just saying.
  2. Can we stop shaming the casual supporter who so far only comes for the big ones - do we want big crowds or what.
  3. For me we was the sort of luxury we cant afford in playing terms. Scored one or two important spectacular goals and was able to be a magic transformative agent on occasions but not enough overall contribution. Being honest, I wouldn’t really want him permanently.
  4. Nw to be fair, depending on your point of view….
  5. To be fair, he’s got a very good lawyer.
  6. On balance, I’d probably go but his parting comments do muddy the waters somewhat.
  7. I’m guessing it’s a token of having made a significant contribution to the statue. So, it isn’t really about value for money for the mug itself.
  8. Bearing in mind we may still go up, as gutted as I am at the moment, we aren’t too far off a very competitive league two squad. That said, I think we have a number of players who are more suited to 442: Worrall, Amoo on the wing, Hussey, Smith, Martin. For me Gibbo is too injury prone and Worrall is struggling through a long term problem. I think the available personell the last few games would have made 442 a better option. Anyway, I think preseason we need to have a proper look at Robinson and maybe start with him in August, I think if Hurst is still under contract we need a proper look at him as wingback. We need alternatives to both those of course. Benning has had 5-6 arguably MOTM performances but across the season, not enough. I think Hall and Charsley have been good additions. Proctor I’d keep on, Garrity vies with him for POTY. I like Walker, Pett has blown hot and cold. Wilson, mmmm not entirely sure. Conlon, not quite a given due to injury record. i think Brown was a better keeper than any of his replacements though Stone has been unspectacularly reliable. When we finished in decent shape under Askey, we made the mistake of not keeping on moving forward, so, as well as we’ve done, still some surgery needed. As others have said, more pace throughout wouldn’t go amiss but especially at the back.
  9. Had my name in the hat for this, very envious, looks like a grand day out. Congrats to the winners.
  10. Horton, Sammy Morgan, Mick Morris, Tommy Mac… what others, the old memory letting me down.
  11. Some heads need to settle for this one (mine as much as anyone’s!). The likes of Garrity who’s heading for player of the season but hasn’t been in this situation before - when he’s at it Vale are at it, the Petts and Husseys of the squad who’ve done this thing need to talk him through it. Two Salford away type performances and I think we’ll get there automatically.
  12. I’m too upset atm. I know you’re right but it’s just not there from me this evening, I’m afraid. I’m stomping round like a bear with a sore head. I’d love to give this swear filter a good battering.
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