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  1. Quite liked Oxford’s away kit for the Wycombe game...
  2. Irish for “in our hearts forever”
  3. I’m still in shock, is this confirmed, I want pictorial evidence, BBC andCNN live reports and a bottle of champagne. If it was a new signing from another club, that would be an incredible statement.
  4. Brummy porn on OVF! Where’s the report button?
  5. Jim Gannon is probably a Marmite manager as well.
  6. Got to be the Man City goal, irrespectively of the context, the way we moved the ball from left side of defence, five passes before Amoo’s run and cross, Pope’s movement to get on the end of it... classic.
  7. Valiant62

    Are we not men?

    We are Devo....
  8. Strange rationale, I’m wondering if going up has been dangerously costly for Northampton - taking the players off furlough and nt getting crowds through the gates.
  9. Marmite player but I liked him. Not sure what’s gone wrong or if he’s lost his mojo - should really be playing at league two level if raw ability was the only factor.
  10. I asked about Titanic a few years ago, apparently the league have deals with Carlsberg or whoever it is and they thus have a monopoly on sales at all grounds.
  11. Valiant62


  12. People can manage for a couple of hours with less alcohol. Drinking on the terraces leads to more overconsumption and consequently more poor behaviour. Any financial benefit from sales would be cancelled out by this.
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