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  1. I dont think that isn’t what he’s not saying.
  2. I remember that time, many moons ago when John McGrath, who’d done well, then had a bad run of results was sacked. Of course, the board did the lazy thing and gave it to some unknown understudy who proceeded to “lead us” to relegation. Mad decision all those years ago, will we never learn?
  3. Appointing managers is a massive lottery at this level. I’d trying to look at all applications with an open mind and not start with criteria of must be experienced, mustn’t have played for us or mustn’t have an blotches on his CV and therefore “young and hungry”.
  4. I think it’s one game and the result couldn’t have been better. Still too many crosses coming into the box for my liking. If, post “bounce”, we maintain that gap over the danger zone, it’s bought Carol time in selecting a new manager. How far up the table we end up will determine the strength of Pugh’s application if he throws his cap in the ring. It’s one small step.
  5. Not saying as manager but I’d like to see Griff in that dressing room, he’d be throwing a few punches, I suspect. A younger fit version would be just what this team needs although I think Conlon isn’t far off.
  6. Obviously things were heading in the wrong direction but the actual catalyst for his resignation was the Mansfield performance on top of the Barrow performance. Askey’s paid the price and obviously he has some responsibility in there but what we’re left with is a bunch of players with much more ability than they’ve shown and it’s much too easy to scream ‘tactics’ . Tactics a small part of it for me, the problem is lack of taking personal responsibility and lack of character from a number of players ... and they’re still here. Fundamentally, Askey was a good bloke and I’m beside myself with r
  7. We might have to go Mills Smith Brisley Monty at the back. The only other fit defender is Fitz who hasn’t been as bad as three of those but could he do a better job than, say, Mills? Smith - implicated in ? Three of Mansfield’s goals... I don’t get it, has he got some post viral thing? His form this last month has been totally at odds with the years before.
  8. I guess, in the short term, this will be a disincentive to higher paid, underperforming players moving on.
  9. Aspin signed Jamie Vardy when he was at Halifax.
  10. Is that the Worrall who’s second in all four divisions for assists?
  11. He’s made a very steady start. We’re actually well of for personell in those wide positions (Hurst, Monty, Fitz, Amoo, Worrall) bar right fullback, though Gibbons + Smith isn’t too bad.
  12. If he is and remains symptom free, being positive makes the isolation shorter so fingers crossed. It should be 10 days from positive test? Still no-one knows when the test was?
  13. He might be not too disappointed to keep Robinson, it’s just to make changes in over 21s he needs to move someone on before bringing in, you can’t make an omlette without breaking a few eggs. McKirdy was probably an inexpensive longshot and not his first choice, it may be that the main problem in taking him on was giving no >21 wriggle room but if someone else takes him on now, we get the space back and McKirdy was worth a look but didn’t come off.
  14. Assuming no complications, when is Tom Conlon back from Covid?
  15. Well that was... - Back to basics - Stopped the rot - Things to build on - Will take a point! - One or two positives - Solid My motto is Want. Need. Expect Glad I could help out. 😇😇😇
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