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  1. Awful news, my heart goes out to the family.
  2. Just seen Westley’s interview, comedy gold, claims we had a clear week in the run up to this game while they had two games.
  3. The pope’s going to say mass tomorrow. Don’t press me on my source for this you’re just going to have to believe me and marvel at my amazing network of connections when it happens.
  4. I’d maybe rest a couple more than the above if rules allow.
  5. Starting to get bored with his twitter wind ups however people are or aren’t entitled to react. He’s been unavailable for one game already, just be pragmatic and close down the account it’s not actually funny and it’s not worth the aggro. People have this self righteous determination to exercising their right to “banter” . I love Popey, he’s a legend but he’s not that funny. With all due respect.
  6. I do actually like City and traditionally think of their long suffering fans as having a good, grounded sense of humour, if I was a City fan I’d also be like a pig in muck about the current quality of football and level of success.. however the following would make me more than a little conflicted... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/nov/10/manchester-city-amnesty-international-football-leaks?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  7. I think the issues around potential signing of Jake are so complex we can’t make meaningful judgements yay or nay I basically trust Carol and Arthur’s judgement whatever they decide but it would be a shame to see him go.
  8. I reckon per capita of home support, our away support must be one of the best, if not the best in the country. Not sure why but historically it seems to have included more than our share of naughty boys as well.
  9. Or in my case a size ratio of prostate gland to bladder that is the inverse of what it was 30 years ago. I didn’t have a drink at the ground but still had to go for a pee twice which was rather time consuming!
  10. I suppose the opportunity to put a bit more cash in the bank account should be valued but I find it difficult to get worked up about a competitions I can still never remember the name of since it’s been infected by the Prem.
  11. deeply unimpressed with my first experience of VAR, first VAR looked completely unneccessary as it was clearly onside. Second one the ref was right in the first place and it was never a goal. From the scoring team’s point of view it completely destroys the celebration. great performance from Vale and great goal from the pontiff in any event.
  12. Whatever the benefits or lack thereof to other clubs the main sadness here is employees not getting paid and secondary to that, a club looking over the precipice.
  13. Both Burglor and Tayess have played a lot for youngsters, which ever one it was came off we want him fresh for the Citeh game.
  14. Whatever Macc’s league position and circumstances they were worthy of a draw and our own performance wasn’t that far off the Swindon one. Not a lot in this league.
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