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  1. Interesting film worth thinking about as business as usual pauses:
  2. As an Irish person, firstly I’m sorry you had that experience. As with your current problems I wish you nothing but health and happiness. The Manchester bombing was not done in my name and there’s a world of difference between the provisional IRA and ‘the Irish’.
  3. Bit of a sweeping statement that. About 180k Irish nationalists fought with the British Army in WW 1 compared with about 18k Unionists.
  4. A G.P. Would tell you to drink it, a virologist would tell you to inhale it but a chest physician might disagree!
  5. Valiant62

    Good news thread

    Much as I hated Man Poo, you’ve gotta hand it to Neville with the hotel thing, absolute class.
  6. Valiant62


    All the best toyah.
  7. Valiant62


    I have a bit of a conundrum, I have offered and older neighbour to do shopping for him. He hasn't taken me up as of yet but if he did - how could I demonstrate that I was shopping for him as well as us and maybe getting 2x the number of a restricted item. I think they might have to bring in ration books if people carry on taking the mickey and profiteering.
  8. Valiant62


    “Spanish Flu” is thought to have started in the USA, it was termed Spanish because they were the first to admit having it due to their neutrality in WW1. I concur with JRC’s experience of China and Chinese people.
  9. Valiant62


    Useful online course, no prior experience necessary - will take a while but many have some time on their hands these days!
  10. Valiant62


    Brufen is not a good drug for older people for a number of reasons, shouldn’t be so readily available in my view. Don’t for goodness sake stop taking ACEi if you’re prescribed them. Whatever we might find out in the future the benefits far outweigh the risks unless you have a history of falls.
  11. Agreed if players are having to self isolate. My point is that the aspect re being in a crowd as a risk of contracting it is a bit of a diversion from the focus on the measures we need to take now along with planning for when other measures come into play like thinking through who the vulnerable people are in your family and neighbourhood and how you can contribute to their safety. I appreciate this is a football discussion but feel it’s expedient to reinforce the current evidence based public health messages.
  12. Not heard that one but Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance yesterday and Jenny Harries today very clear and coherent and with world class CVs to back them up. I’ve pretty well disregarded everything Boris has said about anything to this point but in the last 24 hours he’s discovered the art of shutting the eff up and deferring to experts. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day as they say.
  13. This is a much less effective measure than frequent hand washing and self isolating for 7 days if you have a new persistent cough and /or temp >37.8 C (it’s ok to guess your temperature if you have no thermometer). #concentrateonwhatworksthebest
  14. Valiant62


    Up to date rationale pragmatic advice from two trustworthy scientists separated only by a dipstick. It’s a long watch but says where we’re up to and measures that are likely to be introduced at the right time in the future....https://youtu.be/xRadMzCKnCU
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