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  1. I’d describe our “short right back” as pretty physical tbh! That said the little get from NUFC does come over as a bit overconfident in their quality of passing. We can play a passing game no problem. I think we deserve a reputation for pressing when we don’t have the ball but I wouldn’t say dirty if that’s the implication. I still can’t be @ršëd with this competition until the latter stages. It’s beneath us playing against these children and I don’t much care if we let them win the little dears.
  2. I like O’Neill and Irish (including diaspora) players of both traditions. I hate it when they go to sJoke.
  3. Settled starting line up with 3 at the front - I like it. UTV.
  4. Intrigued by comments with sectarian undertones (great Derry band btw). I’ve just found via google that Pulis is Catholic, Lambert and Jones definitely not, Boskamp, Mark Hughes and Gary Rowett difficult to say either way. Bizarre .
  5. Yes, but apart from that what have the Romans e=er done for us?
  6. I await a transcript of Fartell’s interview, likely to be comedy gold.
  7. I don’t think I can manage another one at my age, perhaps a bit of a cuddle would do instead?
  8. Comedy gold, we were poor but they were way beyond poor.
  9. Minimal changes called for in personell but it all rests on a) replicating the pressing game from Tuesday and b) breaking down a more defencive set up I imagine. An early goal would certainly help with b) but a) seems more difficult to maintain at present.
  10. To be fair, the standard of officiating was shocking even before these Collina-esque refs from last season were poached by the premiership.
  11. I thought the starting eleven looked right but I’d have gone Archer for Crookes and put Monty at leftback after 55-60 mins. that said, too many weren’t performing today and we can’t let bizarre refereeing decisions knock us so far off balance because there are going to be a lot more of them to come in this league.
  12. Maybe korsakoff’s - shame, great entertainer and character.
  13. Agree with all bar the unrelated Oyeleke point. Manny’s just getting over a big operation and I guess the intention is to solve a problem that has been niggling for a couple of years. Apart from wanting to support the lad it’s crazy to make that investment and not see how he goes on after recovery. If we could get Manny playing regularly that would be massive.
  14. Just wondering where eff the pope, songs celebrating WW2 and trashing other countries’ capitals feature in this discussion.
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