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  1. That’s a fair point we’re 25 points… 25 POINTS off safety!
  2. We’re only 14 points off the relegation places… need to be really up for this one!
  3. Certification of death is a bit of a complex measure, if you’ve got damaged blood vessels relating to Diabetes and you have covid making your blood cells stickier and you have a heart attack from a massive clot in your coronary arteries… what did you die of? Sure, you were going to die anyway, we all are but covid has to be worth a mention in that scenario.
  4. I must admit, as good as we were and credit for our high press, if I was a Colchester fan, I’d be livid at the frequency their defenders just passed it to us, suicidal stuff.
  5. That was the very smart black woman’s starting point. I find Peterson someone I possibly disagree with more often than not but when he’s involved in a collegiate discussion or debate with someone smart I find it a very useful way of examining my own echo chamber to be honest. I’m not a fan of some of his lecture tour stuff where he can lapse into narcicisstic tribal language about “the radical left”, all the same he usually challenges me and makes me think which I like. Not that I’d classify this particular clip as a debate really.
  6. I thought this conversation between a very smart young black woman and a very smart older white man was interesting enough for me to listen through an hour plus vat and some irritating ads. That’s my offering:
  7. Connelly wasn’t strictly speaking in the IRA. The Citzens’ Army was an international socialist organisation which came about after the Dublin lockouts where strikers and their families were kept from starving by the donations from trade unionists from England, noteably Manchester and Liverpool. Connelly was actually born in Edinburgh (Cowgate) and spent much of his youth organising Italian dockers in New York. He was fluent in Italian. He had no formal education but his wife was an intellectual and wrote his speeches for him. There was considerable support for Irish home rule at the time in Britain. Of course, the Easter Rising occurred during the First World War where 86,000 Unionists and 210,000 nationalists lost their lives fighting for “the freedom of small nations”. Hard line Unionists make great play of the blood sacrifice of their community, understanably so, but it tends to be forgotten that Lloyd George had promised home rule (to Redmond) a promise that was later broken of course.
  8. Well, I think it’s difficult as a fan to know how you’d react to finding out about the child abuse behind the development of (in footballing terms) a successful academy that has underpinned a very successful period at the club and still leaves a legacy in terms of structures for player development. The ex Crewe fan I know just completely stopped following them, more based on the lack of contrition or taking responsibility by the club as an establishment. I can’t really express myself more fully than that. Nothing against Crewe fans per se, unless they also try to defend the club’s record on that matter. On a tangental note, I’ve never considered them local rivals.
  9. Nothing against you as an individual, mate, but your club should no longer exist. It’s success has been built on abuse and has shown no contrition.
  10. Should be a good game but other teams would have given us a better chance of progressing. Third round and above are the holy grail. Still, I think we have a decent chance at home and it gives us an opportunity to test the water with this squad with a view to League One next season. (Usual disclaimers apply)
  11. Just seen the highlights. Mistake fom Cov for the first on though he will have seen it late. I had appreciated the skill from Denis for his excellent equaliser but hadn’t appreciated fully the quality, first of the shot from Mal and more importantly his “switched on-ness” to net the rebound for the third- that was superb.
  12. The British Army was sent in in the late sixties to protect the Nationalist population in the wake of escalating atrocities being committed by the RUC - a British Unionist establishment including the B specials who were to say the least not very professional. This escalation was in relation to the peaceful civil rights movement modelled on that in the US. When the army arrived they were met in Nationalist areas with sandwiches and flasks of tea. This protective role was not sustainable because of the unionists’ importance in UK elections so the role changed and atrocities such as Bloody Sunday and more general measures to lean on the Nationalist population revived a pretty well defunct IRA.
  13. Need a draught excluder when we play them away.
  14. I cooked up a theory before the match that the “malfunctioning” of the sprinklers was in fact an elaborate JohnBeckesque fine margin advantage gain organised by Clarke that depended on the outcome of the toss.
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