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  1. Mixed bag for me. On the down side, his first touch is not good. On the plus side, he’s strong as an ox, very quick and his goal return last season was decent. All in all, if it’s possible to work on his first touch and add a bit more flexibility to his game re his position he’ll go from just above avarage to very good.
  2. I thought Hurst was decent last season, best crosser of a ball at the club at that time.
  3. I believe his hairstyle is known as a Brazilian.
  4. I like all three keeper kits and the third kit…. Other than that, it’s training gear I’ll be looking at I’m afraid.
  5. Not sure why this has popped up on my feed now as last post was some time ago. As someone has said terminology changes. When I speak to black colleagues they regard “coloured” as a failed attempt to tiptoe round an easier term, coloured also channels a historic Apartheid thing and suggests they have some sort of kaleidoscopic skin. I know “black” isn’t accurate but neither is “white” for me.
  6. Lovely guy, I’ve met him, done lots of good community work in Moss Side.
  7. Sad to hear of his demise though I guess there was a certain amount of suffering in his condition. R.I.P. big fella.
  8. Well done, England on getting so far, a team and set up that was easy for the neutral to warm to. From the beginning of the tournament Italy were my favourites, another team that was greater than the sum of its parts with much to play for to lift the mood of their nation. I know people are disappointed but the speed with which the team and manager come in for vitriolic abuse on various platforms is headspinning. It reminds me of the bad old days when England’s support assumed a divine right to win things with an assumption they had the best raw materials. In this tournament they’ve been excelllent but there were two or three better teams in the other half of the draw.
  9. Can’t be related to Terry Bailey with that hair… in fact with any hair.
  10. I’m yet to be convinced too… but how can you be convinced until the season’s well under way? “The plan” makes sense to me, it may be fur coat and no knickers but the time to arrive at that conclusion is about December and even then there’s the issue of how these lads fair on heavy pitches and how injury resistent they are relative to other squads. It’s an interesting time and I’m happy to see how a clear out works out. Part of the equation is the coaching and development of the group on top of the individual CVs as they stand in July. Lots of unknowns and ‘cant be known yets’. Enjoy it for what it is and by all means speculate, that’s what the forum’s for but no-one will end up being able to sustain grandiose “I told you so” statements as it pans out because there are so many unknowns.
  11. I’m sure Theo’s a good pro and all that but we’re a side that’s not really got anywhere near promotion for a number of seasons, if there was any controversy over any players we’re looking to move on, he’d be quite far down the list of ‘would like to keep ons’. while Pope has represented the soul of the club through some difficult times, I also think it’s time to move on from him if for no other reason than his big name is keeping us back from radical change which is what’s needed.
  12. Done, I’m in and I vote for the crazzy keeper too! Maybe the Biddulph Bomber if we get enough for two!
  13. Good article on keeping it local. Amoo in the picture as well. Compare and contrast to Carol. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jun/29/grimsby-town-fc-financial-civic-value?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  14. Ón paper tough last two games.
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