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  1. The Rules state that you have to have 10 of the same players as the previous matchday squad. Scunthorpe did this. I had a feeling they'd field a weakened team that's why I had 20 quid on BR to score 5+ goals
  2. re ; Aziz -Think he'll be playing championship or Sunderland/Sheff Wed etc rather than us
  3. What I don't get is Proctor. He was unplayable at times until the Bristol game. Since then he 's looked like the still hungover mate who was good as kid who you drafted in at short notice for your Sunday morning team. Hussey is a waste of a place. Gibbo plays 100% Saturday and boy did we miss Connor Hall today.
  4. Yes ,you can Home - DefibWarehouse - Wide range of defibrillators DEFIBWAREHOUSE.CO.UK
  5. I assume we were saving Dave Worrall for Monday and Jake Taylor looked class. Really ground out a result there. Proper team performance
  6. When was the last time that happened on a regular basis?
  7. A f**ker for me.Living abroad it's not on IFollow and it's Monday afternoon.Luckily I'm self-employed and can rearrange my work
  8. Two things I've being saying for quite a while now. 1)Andy Crosby was our best signing of the summer 2) How our goal difference will help us come the end of the season +23 vs Mansfield + 9 and 10 better than Northampton. Fantastic performance tonight .3-0 would have been a fairer reflection. Win the next 2 and the dream is really on
  9. Walsall will be the one,It's always them.I think we play better against the better teams,it's the glorified Non-League teams we have problems with. We missed Garrity today and be great to have Pett ,Gibbo,Jones etc back and great to see Jake Taylor,He'll be like a new signing and all this without Tom Conlon
  10. Keep looking at the League table and A)got this horrible feeling about Salford sneaking into the Play-offs and B) How our goal difference is worth an extra point
  11. Money doesn't launder itself
  12. Is he that winger who always has a blinder against us ?
  13. We've played the top 3 in the last 4 games and not lost. Should have beaten FGR. All this with injuries. Need Conlon back asap but overall things looking ok. two wins against poor opposition this week and we are right back in it
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