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  1. 😂 wow mate Have u seen the video of them young men fleeing war as u say it chucking mobile phones into the sea just as the coast guards pick them up
  2. 40 quid official parking😳 What’s that all about
  3. 8000 for a play off semi final 2nd leg is a bit concerning for me
  4. They are, it's been talked about at numerous supporters club meetings and Mark porter talked about it on the Ale and Vale podcast. Testimonial to be played one Sunday near to or just after the start of the season. Sound 👍
  5. So why ain’t the club or supporters club giving him a proper send off that will surely only help both parties involved after all he is one of us
  6. He is pissed off with the way he left the and to be fair I can understand Perhaps a bit of a send off for him would heal the tensions it’s not rocket science supporters club?? without Tom we would not have had the last promotion and quite possibly could of gone out the league But yeah he should keep quiet a bit
  7. 2000 plus is a decent following anyone know how many them **** have sold?
  8. We won’t sell out cause we are not big enough 1 fan in there end though so blame the club 👍
  9. There just being internet bullies calling u out jacko don’t listen to them fans like u deserve better treatment in my opinion
  10. So your saying whoever did the videoing knew they were filming fans sleeping outside on the floor for nothing as they knew no tickets were left??? Exeter are in league 1 so the same problems will be there next season wether we go up or not I’m trusting the club to sort it im still not sure how they could of made it better this season bearing in mind we had 6k fans tops 2 months ago
  11. Either way mate do u and Doha think the club is filming fans queuing up who they know ain’t going get a ticket? All of a sudden every vale fan wants be treated the same as a fan who has travelled to most parts of this country this season it’s <ovf censored>
  12. What the <ovf censored> has filming long queue's making the club look good got to do with less tickets than the initial allocation was 🤷‍♂️ 99% of the people who wanted tickets today have them
  13. Well I can confirm that the box holder that I’m friends with has had no tickets for the Swindon game home or away offered to him or any of his business partners 👍
  14. You going fetch your own tickets today has shut a few up 👍
  15. Your comment ain’t above criticism either
  16. It was not directly aimed at joe How do u know there is huge bundles of tickets being handed out to fans?? What do u want them to do better at the end of the season at such short notice we were getting 6000 couple months ago unless u want them use Smurf’s fan database Give them chance we are not going get the perfect club straight away I’m pretty sure u know the owners will address this in time no doubt the club will get 100s of emails/Twitter messages <ovf censored> moaning at them so they will be aware Believe me I’m not very disappointed at the club I would love go Swindon but once I decided I’m going pay on the day and not get a season ticket I’m not going try get one so it’s pub with a few lads and a pint for me
  17. Nice sensible post mate A small number of people would prefer to bitch about the club though rather than understand a bit
  18. Keep calm mate u will get one like Rob says it’s busy for good reasons
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