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  1. All for incentives to increase the gate. I am a season ticket holder and its been said above 2/3 offers per season for the right game is ok by me. Its a shame its on the back of a poor Morecambe display which I feel will negate any positive expected by dropping the price.
  2. If only she had waited , she could have landed the bigger job at the Vale
  3. Got what we deserved, nothing. Gibbo tried to drag us back into it. Sproson just saying we should have been 3-0 down , we were dead and buried. Poor fair 67 mins before we had a strike on goal against 2nd from bottom Morecambe. He said play offs you are having a laugh. Only Brown, smith and Gibbo come out of the game with any credit.
  4. Listening on the radio Jacko, is it as bad as it sounds ?
  5. Think we are short of goals throughout the team, time to prove me wrong Vale.
  6. Yes I too expected our fringe players to really take the Salford game as a chance to impress the manager and push for a first team place. Didn't happen. Was that because they aren't good enough or not up for it ? Leave that to Askey. Strange one in that we are well into the season and surely fringe players are fit by now. If they are lacking match sharpness, and I do get that, if when you come into the first team you dont grab your chance then the hard truth is it slips away. Possibly a hard one to do but if you dont come in make an impact and bust a gut then you will be out of the side sitting on your butt.
  7. I think lack of goals are our achilles heel. I go into our games thinking we have 1 goal in us, never feel we are going to go 2-0 up. Because of our lack of firepower when we go 1-0 down I never feel that is a game we can still win , just hoping for a draw. Relating this back to the Morecambe game not expecting us to convincingly put them to the sword. Would happily accept another 1-0 win but can see it being a low scoring game either way with my money on 0-0.
  8. Agreed Jacko and a good 3 points it was, especially satisfying considering who their manager is. I suppose the point I was trying to make and probably doing so badly was that we aren't a promotion side. After the 3 seasons we have just had we can hardly expect to be . This season mid table is an improvement. Of course I would be chuffed if we got promoted but just think its unrealistic to beat the manager, the players and ourselves up if we dont achieve it this season. Perhaps the lacklustre performance against Stevenage shouldn't be taken in isolation. Games like Walsall at home, Mac away perhaps illustrate that our inconsistent performances and lack of goals scored will keep us in this division for this season. But we also know we are capable of a Swindon like performance but not week in, week out. As Greavsie used to say " Its a funny old game Saint "
  9. Agreed its 3 points in the bag , mission accomplished. However think you also have to reflect on your performance against a team at the bottom of our league who are there for one reason only they are one of the worst sides in this league. Particularly so if you have aspirations of getting promoted , away at Stevenage has to be regarded as place to go and get 3 points. So we scraped a win and that's good enough isn't it ? Yes but to get promoted you also have to put teams in the top 7 to the sword and the same performance would not have done that. If you are old enough you will have seen good Vale teams from the past who have been promoted, this side does not look like one of them yet. This game we would have lost under recent managers and Askey is moving us forward, we look what we are a decent mid table side. After the last few years that's good progress, still think Askey needs a Summer transfer period to make us something better. Success before has been built on a reasonable season followed by retaining the spine of the team with the addition of 3 or 4 really good signings.
  10. Scrappy game, good 3 points won. We are a midtable team this season and after the turmoil of the last 3 seasons I am content with that. Yes I would love us to go up but think it is too early for this squad. Askey needs to ship some players out in the Summer and bring better in, confident he can do that. We are light on goals and cannot see us scoring enough this season to get promoted. Possible flirtation around the play offs will make us more attractive to players looking for clubs in the Summer and mean Askey wont be buying dented tins/ damaged goods when he next goes shopping.
  11. Would like to think JJ that our first team would have done better, however none of our fringe players really covered themselves in glory. Surprised me as thought they would be chomping at the bit with a point to prove having been frozen out of the first team squad. Makes it easy for Askey as cant see many of those players coming knocking at his door for a first team shirt. Can imagine several will be released / moved on.
  12. Think it was 9000, great match. We gave them a game.
  13. Would have thought the fringe players would be doing more to press for first team places.
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