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  1. Having had 3 very poor seasons mid table would be a major improvement. As we are there already then the urge is to push on and aim higher. Good to remember that the season isn't over yet and mid table will still be a significant improvement.
  2. Better side won , no argument despite half the Mac team not being paid.
  3. Phil Sproson said Mac have run over us like a freight train.
  4. In fairness Sproson critical of Gibbo. No quality from us.
  5. Butland is making a good case too.
  6. I suppose Tom is a living legend. I find it hard when we voted on the best Vale 11 players ever to judge someone I never saw play. From some one who only started watching the team in the early 80s my perspective is biased. Obviously Roy Sprosons league appearances speak for themselves and are there as a hard fact not open to different peoples interpretation. Just like the 54 Iron Curtain team , we have never got further in a major cup competition and therefore that team holds our record. Often felt about Tom that his achievements are more relevant as they are in our lifetime. No one currently living or attending the Vale ever saw Wilf Kirkhams goals, and of course probably never will as they were pre video era. He still scored them so if we are erecting a statue to any forward then there is your man. Fortunate enough to see both Martin Foyle and Tony Naylor play who personally I felt were more skilful and pleasant on the eye to watch. However if you are looking for a forward who will always give his all, played when he wasn't fit but was needed, led the team by example and dragged them up by their bootstraps then the man for you is the legend that is Tom Pope. On the erecting a statue front remember to leave a space for Agent Jones .
  7. The smaller the place of employment the harder it is to conceal any wrong doing and keep it hidden from those at the top. Crewe are a small organisation, that is no slur but a fact just as Vale are. Dario had daily involvement at the club. It has often been stated that was one of the reasons for his success was his total control over all aspects. I find it impossible to believe that senior club officials in a small organisation didn't know this abuse was going on ? Vale fans even sang about it for God sake for many years everytime we played Crewe. Was no one listening, or did no one want to hear because of the dreadful implications for the club. Was money more important than the children involved ? I know what I believe and I would like to think that if it had happened at the Vale and I knew I would be shouting my indignation from the rooftops. The silence is deafening.
  8. Sorry In Italy on holiday, is it Bryn crying again? He blubbs that much and that often I'm never sure whether they've won or lost. Great result by Agent Jones, saved his job. Keep up the good work Nathan, there is nothing like giving them hope only to have it dashed.
  9. Pie sales are down at the Brit, empty seats don't eat or drink much.
  10. I've just turned the job down just checked with Bet 365 and my wife is now 2 /1 favourite. On a serious note when do you stop sacking managers and put the spotlight on where it rightly belongs the players.
  11. Latest communique to special agent Jones. Another successful week, hope your tactic of not conceding until the 82 minute pays off. You are probably right, Peter Coates will have nodded off by then. Agreed with your idea of turning the league upside down and convincing the chairmen Sjoke are top. Recommend when he mentions Bryn always crying on the radio you tell him it's tears of joy at being top. Good idea to drop Butland it was becoming too obvious you had turned him. Anyway keep up the good work onward and downward, funds flooding in for your statue. Keep the faith.
  12. Inside the Incinerator. My nephew who is a Vale fan was given free tickets to the Brit via his school but had to take an adult. He is a vale fan but wanted to go as his classmates were all going, mum and dad couldn't take him so I volunteered. We sat with headphones in listening to the Vale away, we won and scored 2 goals. We jumped up giving it the big Come on. Proud to say he is 31 now , a season ticket holder and sits by my side in Lorne st.
  13. Its obvious that a leaky defence is their problem. I think they ought to revert to a flat back 4 with a sweeper sitting in front, something like this. Pugh Pugh Barney Mcgrew Cuthbert Dibble Grubb
  14. Their central defence sounds shaky , need some decent balls to Popey inside the box
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