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  1. There is a saying about luck and regarding when the same thing keeps happening, Once is unlucky, twice is careless, three times its you.
  2. Equally I feel when our opposition make errors we dont punish them often enough.
  3. Farce. Looks like the sort of thing that happens with struggling sides
  4. Ben on radio Sjoke made a few good points saying that Askey would not be sacked. Carol is still paying the Blue one on a payment schedule, no extra match day income and length of Askeys contract all make it unlikely.
  5. Rodney tried to change a poor game and his goal gave us half a chance. Must start for me, but with one of Pope/ Cullen/Theo alongside him. Lets create chances and threaten their goal. Cant be any worse.
  6. We start with a lone striker , create no chances and offer no goal threat. When we then go behind we change tactics and bring on an additional striker and are more lively. By this time we are chasing the game. Bearing in mind the above and our lack of goals scored how about starting with 2 strikers. We just might create more chances and score more goals. Whats the worst than can happen , we are no better than what we have been. At least we will have tried something different as Plan A obviously isnt working.
  7. Whatever team Askey picks, whatever formation he plays can we please , please ensure we finish the game with 11 players. Lets hope the 2 recent sending offs and their negative effect on the result has sunk in. Experienced players need to start showing that their years in the game has added more to them than just years , intelligence and game management is whats required.
  8. Football , a game of 2 halves played by 2 teams of 11 players. Ah so thats the problem. Oh well get our most experienced players to explain that to the younger lads. Oops forgot its the experienced ones getting sent off. Yes but there are times when you have to take one for the team, or in these cases stupid mid pitch ,pointless incidents. Yes but they will learn from their mistakes . Seems not in our Captains case. So there we go, whilst Askeys team selection and tactics can be up for debate the reckless action of the players ( Joyce and Legg respectively) cost us the Tranm
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