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  1. Thought it was just Policemen who were getting younger.
  2. Hopefully Warren with the smaller squad rules the same kitty can be spread over fewer players, meaning we could pay higher wages. After several years of saying it, maybe this will be the season when we actually get Quality over Quantity.
  3. Agreed , tell the player the truth. As regards the press then a general statement along the lines of need better quality, different skills/ blend etc...
  4. Tell a player what he wants to hear when you release him or tell him the truth, which might actually do him some good at his next club. Clarke believes in the truth , you werent good enough because ....... and if you always do what you have always done you will always get what you have always got. A favourite of mine would be to point out that very, very few players who get released by the Vale then go on to do better things. There is a reason for that, and that reason sits firmly with the player.
  5. In the real work world if half your team consistently under performed they would be gone, no luxury of a contract. Now the season ends and players lose their contract safety net then fully expect the same result. OK these players arent on massive wages but most on here would swap with them salary wise, so little sympathy.
  6. I'm sure the EFL will make Clarke Manager of the Month.
  7. Not good enough for League 2. Man City player 🤣
  8. At one point in the season the only thing I thought the players were trying really hard to do was get us relegated.
  9. Thank them for the last 10 games but would like to know what the hell they were doing prior to that. Certainly werent playing for the shirt. Agreed they are working men , unfortunately most of them seemed to have downed tools.
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