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  1. We have a poor selection of strikers agreed with none of them looking likely to score a bag full. But bearing this in mind surely 2 poor strikers are better and more likely to score than 1 poor striker ?
  2. You are right, I am trying not to be emotional, but rational and in fairness they werent much better than us. However they outscored us, and thats the important part. I have seen us in the past outplayed but still win games because we have had the firepower upfront to win games. Not now, our forward line is like a box of damp fireworks, spluttering and misfiring. Every team in our league wants and needs a 20 goal a season striker. Unfortunately they dont come cheap and if you take someone like Guthrie, a Bradford cast off, then you pretty much know what you are getting. Rodney has raw ta
  3. He may be , we arent. His relegation concerns are valid.
  4. I know people have said our strikers have been working hard but the reality is their first job is to score. Thats why they exist. A midfielder can get away with a hardworking performance but strikers are judged by the goals scored column. That is their primary role, good strikers score goals. Ones who arent play in the striking positions but dont do their day job and score.
  5. why with the ball with Hurst out on the wing does the ball end upback with Brown
  6. Cant we kick a ball down the line, just seem to kick into touch. Footballers or Rugby players ?
  7. A striker who doesnt score goals, not opinion its his record.
  8. True 1 fan isnt representative but he also said his opinion was representative of the fan base . See what I mean about Page, awful according to you. Cannot quote the exact stat but if memory serves me correct we were mid table in the division above when he left. That seems along time ago, seen a lot of rubbish football in the meantime.
  9. Have a mate who is a level headed Walsall fan, they are genuinely not bothered at losing their manager. I dont think its sour grapes. Just remember how we felt about Page leaving, most only came to regret it later. Lets hope thats how Walsall fans end up feeling.
  10. Having kept the bulk of the team which finished last season strongly, and started this season well, should the current squad be performing better than it is ? Do we judge a manager when he has had a Summer clear out and its his team, which seems the way ? Or is a good manager one who can get a current poor bunch playing better ?
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