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  1. Thanks for your work Rob, glad to see switch it on switch it off still works.
  2. Thanks Barry for the clarification, scrap my previous effort. Glad we are keeping it simple. I will go with 35mins please.
  3. A confused Man In the Pub as I thought we only submitted the first goal scorer time previously . Looks like we are entering 3 times so here we go. 21, 35, 68 mins. Did I miss something on the competition changing. ?
  4. Walsall are a decent side in this division so a draw against them is good point for Harrogate. Still we are a more than decent side ourselves so optimistic for the 3 points.
  5. Only tried to watch Crawley game using free season ticket holder pass , didn't get on till 84 mins . Complained to I follow and have heard nothing. With customer service like this they should expand into the Travel industry.
  6. As a season ticket holder I will continue to try and watch the home games that are free to me. Prospect of paying for any other games absolutely zilch.
  7. Thank goodness the FA have a fit and proper person test. 🤣🤣
  8. That's exactly what happened to me on Saturday, did my head in then all of a sudden on 84 mins started working.
  9. I Follow offering us a free pass to the Exeter game would be suitable compensation. Assuming it works.
  10. Yes a game for squad rotation , next Saturday more important.
  11. Also TylerB unpredictable and that is something we lacked and a good thing to add to our arsenal.
  12. Unbelieveable Jeff, 84 mins and decides to start working.
  13. I seem to be trying to watch the game on I cannot follow.
  14. Im not the most I.T. savy Jacko but doing my head in.
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