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  1. A few good names mentioned above (Alex Jones, Billy Knot) but surely up their with the best loan signings we have made. All too often we have had players on loan from bigger clubs who to be honest have made minimal impact and weren't even good enough to get into a lower league team. A lad who looks like he has a future in the game potentially at a higher level.
  2. Makes sad reading, cant see any way back for them. Yes I thought clubs have been penalised in the past for fielding weakened sides although probably not for this reason.
  3. I thought I would see the DFS sale end before Lorne st got completed.
  4. Can see it be competitively priced i.e. cheap to attract their fans , and obviously our fans benefit too.
  5. Definitely a game for squad rotation and resting key players or anyone who is carrying a knock. All money is welcome but the Man City game takes the financial heat off this competition. We have a decent squad so lets use it with no recriminations.
  6. Even more controversially ( not sure when his contract is up) should he get a new contract ? Certainly when fit was one of the first names on the team sheet and a player who made a difference. However is he fit often enough/just unlucky and is a Jake Taylor type player a better value option. ?
  7. Just watched The Sinner series 1 on Netflix, series 2 is on catch up . Very different Crime thriller.
  8. Loved listening to P &G on Radio Sjoke, after 2 wins fans were seriously talking about making the play offs. Its great that the Coates family dont realise that they are appointing decent managers but they have an Incinerator full of rubbish they call players.
  9. He scored it in 8 mins, take it like me you haven't much hair so weren't in the chair long.
  10. Yes heard it was 1-1 then Blackburn take lead again, gets better.
  11. Wonder how many he could score if he was slim and fit
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