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  1. Agree with you on Gibbo, options already at the Vale. Do wonder if because of budget constraints our midfield might just stay as it is.
  2. Would be interesting to hear a statement from the club on Rodneys position.
  3. Good question V62, sorry dont know the answer. What I do know is whilst an injured player isnt on the pitch he is still on the wage bill. DC has a budget to work to probably with a bit of wriggle room. Problem comes when a significant proportion of your key players are on the treatment table. There may be decent options out there to bring in on decent money, unfortunately money DC has already spent.
  4. Agreed Jacko we have a better team, same level of injuries though which was the point I was making.
  5. Askey must have a wry smile on his face after DC criticised his unacceptable injury record.
  6. Wozza wasted if he isnt played in his attacking role. He was one of the top chance creators in our league. When we arent scoring goals why wouldnt he start in his prefered role.
  7. Positive , ends the run of 4 defeats on the trot. Negative , didnt really look like the performance of a promotion side. A draw away is never a disaster but we need to go on a winning streak.
  8. Bad news Gibbo injured. DC comment about Askeys Vale team having too many injuries hasnt aged well.
  9. Wozza not travelled according to Phil Bowers, no mentioned why. Apparently they have only conceded 7 goals at home.
  10. It's not instinctive though is it? It's come from years of playing together so is learned. Agree about the decision though After the Salford game I felt whilst we showed plenty of endeavour we didnt seem to be the nailed on promotion team we had looked 6/8 weeks ago. Must agree with the above in that there arent enough Gibbo/Wozza partnerships, its almost telepathic. OK there has been Covid, unprecedented injuries all out of DCs hands. Obviously he has also made his own team changes. We just didnt seem to be the flowing team we were previously, plenty of huff and puff but not quite gelling.
  11. Wasnt at the game due to Covid but listened on the radio. Yatesy made a good point when he said that if Cov was worried about getting clattered he could have jumped up with his knees out in front of him. This would have protected him, done Mckirdy more damage if he had kept on coming and importantly Cov would have still been on the pitch. The old saying you have to be a bit mad to play in goal, you dont however have to be stupid.
  12. Cov has firmly cemented the No 2 goalie position.
  13. Im sure DC will shake it up at halftime. Gibbo on ?
  14. Surely DC is going to sideline Cov now, loses his head to often.
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