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  1. I see this as a game to benchmark where we are at. Having got to the edge of the play offs a win will put is in the mix , a defeat sends you back to mid table. No games are easy but surely its got to be easier playing a team at the bottom rather than the top. They are at the bottom for a reason and while its still early days winning is a good habit to get into and keeps confidence high.
  2. We have a strong bench when everyone is fit. Happy for DC to use them to bring on fresh legs or different options.
  3. The 2 goals he has scored for us have both been of the memorable type rather than in the box tap ins. Is this because he isn't in the box often enough, although he has missed the odd close in sitter. Maybe he is the type of striker whose goals will mostly be decent strikes from outside the box.
  4. Not the player we thought we were signing. More to come or did Mansfield know something and that is why they let him go ?
  5. Because its the Crewe team sheet he is reading out.
  6. There is a saying that if you surround yourself with people who agree totally with your opinions then you dont need them around you. Its good to read the opinions of people from across the whole spectrum. RZ has a view that is different than most on here but only the end of the season will prove him right or wrong. Personally man for man ( can you still say that ? ) I believe we have a better team than last season and I hope we get promoted just as I'm sure RZ does. Nagging in the back of my mind is my Walsall mate telling me DC is not the real deal, just talks it. Whereas the forum is interesting its the football that ultimately does the talking that really matters.
  7. Reminds me of the young lad Swann we had on loan last season I think from Forest. He was more of a smaller , nipper type of player who I thought offered something different. As previously mentioned can imagine Lloyd coming on late on in games to buzz around up front with fresh legs.
  8. I prefer them to tell it how it is for those of us who arent there to watch. One Phil played for the club and the other is an avid Vale fan. Im sure both would love to be telling the listeners how brilliant we were playing . However the first half we were dire and got battered, if you read the match thread you will struggle to find anyone who said otherwise.
  9. We need to start next week as we played in the 2nd half and continue at that level all through the match. If not FGR could bury us by halftime. We look short of goals so important next week to get ahead in the game. We need that confidence that going ahead gives you.
  10. Start with those 2 and Wilson to come on as sub with fresh legs
  11. Phil Bowers just said looking at Conlons leg strapping he cant see him coming back anytime soon.
  12. Amazing how many times that happens against the run of play, usually against us.
  13. Fancy us for a 1-0 win, surely one of those hit the posts must go in eventually.
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