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  1. Over the past few years under Smurf I have dreaded drawing a full strength Sjoke side in a cup competition. not now. They must be dreading drawing us , as every confidence this Vale team would beat Sjokes strongest 11. If they have such a thing.
  2. Very true Pennywise, it is all about opinions. My mate is a proper football fan whose views I have come to trust. Like on OVF i'm sure we all have posters whose opinions we value more than others. He looks like a project, work in progress. I do have every confidence that Askey is the man to do just that.
  3. Reminds me of the Beatles lyrics only in reverse You say goodbye and I say hello, Hello, hello, I dont know why you say goodbye I say hello
  4. Let's hope Wigan don't get points deducted. Going into administration 4 weeks after a takeover must even get the FA s attention.
  5. Football is a short career . Gave his all for us and cannot complain if he moves for more money to a higher league. One who if he ever returned as an opponent I would happily rise to my feet to applaud.
  6. I have a mate who is a long term Stockport season ticket holder . I asked him his opinion on Rodney and quote as below. Rodney only played about a dozen games for us but made a bit of an impact. I would say for us he was a luxury player who can be a world beater for 10 mins and then disappears for the rest of the game. In our league you need players who give 100% for all the game. I think he will do well at a higher level, certainly got the skills. Then asked him if he played upfront or out wide. Out wide when he runs at defenders they have no idea what he is going to do. The problem is he didn't know either. Always interesting to hear fans opinions from a players previous club. Sounds like one for Askey to work on but something there to polish. Askey seems good at doing that.
  7. Stealing a living. People who are on furlough due to Covid are doing more work.
  8. Just need Barnsley to win on Saturday and P & G should be Comedy gold.
  9. The rate that Butland keeps throwing balls into his own net he could end the season as joint top scorer.
  10. A great picture to model the statue on. If Sjoke go down and Luton stay up would love us to draw Luton in the cup. Vale Park would rise as one to give Agent Jones a hero's welcome.
  11. Remember going into his snooker club in the 80s in Leicester . Went with a business colleague who was a member. I was a big snooker fan so chuffed to see Willie there. Even got to play on the tables, unfortunately like a monkey with a stick.
  12. Worrall then Smith, and Joyce for most improved.
  13. We would love to have him back, excellent at our level. Can play at a higher level not sure if he would make Premier level. That would be down to him . However I am the man who thought Hughill would never make it.
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