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  1. Understand mine has come too, currently in New Zealand on holiday but in lockdown. Probably the closest I will ever get to you Barry. Big thank you wave for all you do from man in the pub.
  2. As some one who doesn't understand accounts can someone who does give us an idiots guide breakdown please. [emoji848]
  3. The country cant close down for 6 months as people will need jobs to go back to. Also people need to carry on working or there will definitely be no more loo rolls in the shops. Appreciate it can be fatal for people with pre existing health issues and whilst it has flu like symptoms it is more contagious, but its not the Black Death with a 50% fatality rate. The answer for me is the at risk people to take all the precautions they can , self isolating if necessary. The rest of us take more care with our personal hygiene and Keep calm and carry on.
  4. Just put Radio Sjoke on and its a special on the anniversary of their cup win, 1972 blah blah blah … . Now ok bias apart I get it if its 25 or 50 years but 48 ??? Am I missing something or are things so bad down the Incinerator that they are scraping the barrel for something to celebrate. What next 8 years since they scored a penalty.
  5. Yes heard their last five fixtures couldn't be tougher . If they dont get points soon they are doomed.
  6. Just donated my fivepennyworth online. Would still be happy to chuck a few quid in a bucket each home game. All adds up.
  7. Just read a couple of his books Mario. Happened to pick one up in a charity shop , Brother Odd. A good read very different, glad I stumbled across him.
  8. RR you need to self isolate yourself. Hopefully after Luton have a comfortable win on Saturday suggest you go the Incinerator. Sure to be plenty of wide open, empty spaces with little chance of any human contact.
  9. My thoughts exactly Jacko. I am not a medical person but my wife is. Her comment that this appears to spread more easily but the fatality rates are barely different from a regular winter flu epidemic seems to have eluded the media.
  10. It cant be because of the football.
  11. Must admit I wasn't a big Northern Soul fan but it comes on Saturday at 6pm after radio stokes sports prog finishes. I am now a regular listener.
  12. Would be good to find a ref who realises that Pope does get fouled.
  13. Brown kept us in it, made up for earlier error. Under the cosh.
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