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  1. The 2 goals he has scored for us have both been of the memorable type rather than in the box tap ins. Is this because he isn't in the box often enough, although he has missed the odd close in sitter. Maybe he is the type of striker whose goals will mostly be decent strikes from outside the box.
  2. Not the player we thought we were signing. More to come or did Mansfield know something and that is why they let him go ?
  3. Because its the Crewe team sheet he is reading out.
  4. There is a saying that if you surround yourself with people who agree totally with your opinions then you dont need them around you. Its good to read the opinions of people from across the whole spectrum. RZ has a view that is different than most on here but only the end of the season will prove him right or wrong. Personally man for man ( can you still say that ? ) I believe we have a better team than last season and I hope we get promoted just as I'm sure RZ does. Nagging in the back of my mind is my Walsall mate telling me DC is not the real deal, just talks it. Whereas the forum is interesting its the football that ultimately does the talking that really matters.
  5. Reminds me of the young lad Swann we had on loan last season I think from Forest. He was more of a smaller , nipper type of player who I thought offered something different. As previously mentioned can imagine Lloyd coming on late on in games to buzz around up front with fresh legs.
  6. I prefer them to tell it how it is for those of us who arent there to watch. One Phil played for the club and the other is an avid Vale fan. Im sure both would love to be telling the listeners how brilliant we were playing . However the first half we were dire and got battered, if you read the match thread you will struggle to find anyone who said otherwise.
  7. We need to start next week as we played in the 2nd half and continue at that level all through the match. If not FGR could bury us by halftime. We look short of goals so important next week to get ahead in the game. We need that confidence that going ahead gives you.
  8. Start with those 2 and Wilson to come on as sub with fresh legs
  9. Phil Bowers just said looking at Conlons leg strapping he cant see him coming back anytime soon.
  10. Amazing how many times that happens against the run of play, usually against us.
  11. Fancy us for a 1-0 win, surely one of those hit the posts must go in eventually.
  12. I am going and had bought tickets in advance which seemed the only way. Saw yesterday on Twitter there is now a turn up and pay on the day option. Hope this boosts the attendance and there is a big turnout , very worthwhile cause.
  13. No, but what I am saying is you can have the most creative player in the world putting delightful balls in all day, but if no one wants to make a run, gamble or attack it then we ain't going to score. Our current midfield looks solid but we are missing Conlons midfield runs into the box, and of course his goals. When is he due back, what is the extent of his injury. Rumour circulating around where I sat was that Coventry were after him.
  14. We huffed and we puffed, we look solid. No one is going to hammer us but we are goal shy. Agree its not all down to the strikers, they need more chances. Alan Shearer in his prime might get 2 chances in a game and would score 1 or 2 goals. A league 2 free transfer striker might need 5/6 chances to do the same. It therefore defies logic to put Wozza our best creator of chances and the 2nd best in League 2 last season on defensive duty. Our defence looks sound, let Wozza do what he does best. It would appear that is what we need more of.
  15. Agreed Bomber, didn't create endless amount of chances but a bit more composure Infront of goal would have won it for us. Tranmere had no more/ better chances than us. Wozza to play in a more forward position to give our strikers the additional scoring chances they obviously need.
  16. I thought a promising start against Sunderland and Tranmere, more of the same will surely yield points in this league. Wozza in a more forward position a bonus, the 2nd best creator of chances in the league has got to play in that role. Our midfield was solid just felt we lacked Conlans goal threat. There was a concern about lack of goals discussed to death on OVF preseason but hopefully the forward line will gel quickly. It looks better than last season.
  17. Had more problems parking than getting into Lorne St. However I was early, did think it strange that fewer turnstiles were open than usual. Would have expected at least the usual amount to be open.
  18. Can remember when Graham Poll booked a player twice and didnt send him off, it was a World / European cup finals . Made him look a total idiot. At the time the comment was why didnt his Linesman help him out and give him the nudge? Mentioned this to someone inside the game and he told me it was because Poll was famous for telling his Liners in the pre match chat, " dont flag for anything , I will see it all so just follow my lead" He said he was well known in the game for doing this, his Liners would have been loving it, just desserts. Guess now what comes to mind every time I see the ball go out right in front of a Liner and they look to the Ref before flagging ? Total waste of resource but explains why so, so many poor decisions are made.
  19. Good effort by the team, thought we were more dangerous when Amoo came on and Worrall played in his more normal forward roll. Good to see the players get applauded off despite a defeat. More of the same against lesser opposition should give its rewards.
  20. Interesting to hear the comments from a Walsall mate who went to their game against Tranmere on Saturday. Despite losing 1-0 he said he couldnt see either side scoring. I know its early days but lets hope Tranmere are no different this Saturday.
  21. Whatever the result just looking for a more fluid performance to take into the Tranmere game, whatever the formation.
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