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  1. Rodney is going on to better things. Just hope we make something from him in the process.
  2. I'll believe he is signed when we see it. Just rumours atm.
  3. No fancy videos this year as we haven't the players to model it.[emoji1787]. Looking forward to seeing the new kit. The players will arrive in good time.
  4. We have had 20 goal strikers before and not gone up. Infact Mcphee was around 27.
  5. That is correct. If he was truley awful they would have been relieved, laughed and forgotten by now. They were only 6 points off the play offs when he left them. They could have been up instead of Morcombe had he remained.
  6. It is possible he is another that was already agreed if he is to come.
  7. Thank you for the correction. For some reason I had that impression.
  8. Who is to say we won't sign any of those. We got rid of fifteen and have signed two.
  9. Thats it less experiance doesn't mean poorer quality.
  10. Thing is we are going for a younger squad. We are going to have less experience.
  11. If he was as rubbish as they are saying they, wouldn't be making so much effort to post on other sites.
  12. Him orginating from Birmingham also adds more to it.
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