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  1. Port Vale considering options for Hamil end after play-off success - Stoke-on-Trent Live WWW.STOKESENTINEL.CO.UK Looks as though the club is still looking at it I stated before that we could even upon switching it to a home end change its name to the John Rudge stand, pop his statue there and eventually even look at safe standing for this end. Just my opinion ofcourse and it is alot to consider.
  2. That set up for Bennings goal at Wembley says it all class player.
  3. Why can't we wait and see who we sign before we complain. We had a mass overhaul last summer and it worked fine. Just needs tweeking this term. We may have already signed player and not know it. Lets wait and see.
  4. Cass has come in from a Premiership academy and also has the potential to play more games.
  5. Who has come in on double. Has there been signings we don't know yet. It confirms alot maybe the clib have someone else lined up.
  6. The money offered to Gibbons can go towards another player now, maybe tiwards a player like a striker or midfield strength.
  7. That is what I was saying he may have seen it as an oppurtunity try living somewhere else. Bristol has alot to offer as a city.
  8. Sometimes people just want go try something different in life. Maybr he eanted to.try life down south. May not bd all the clubs fault. Lets see who we can bring in. There is time yet. They may jave their replacement lined up already.
  9. We don't know we mau have someone else lined up. Lets wait and see.
  10. I thought it was more fans expecting Nicky Maynard and we ended up with Theo Robinson instead and fans got really upset.
  11. In all fairness i'd like Telford but if not someone else. Would be nice to just have a signing or two. The powers that be at PVFC know what best.
  12. Plus as a striker hasn't hit the usual prime age. Could be the few years where he excells.
  13. Another post linking Dom Telford to Port Vale and Mansfield.
  14. For obvious reasons the club is keeping tight wrapped. I believe eho wee needed is largley signed and sealed and the club will release i formation at due time. The 30th is when contracts expire.
  15. Chippy tonight fish chips large sausage and curry sauce
  16. A large number are also the fifa generation. Who only see the logistics of football from that view.
  17. It is always tge same with some fans. They start spitting viral at players. I remember some of the vile things thrown at Constantine. He left and we were down a year later.
  18. It is more likley the case if they let him go it frees up a wage to bring someone else in for that role. I don't doubt Flintcroft and Clarke probably already know who they want potentially may have a replacment lined up.
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