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  1. I thought it was more fans expecting Nicky Maynard and we ended up with Theo Robinson instead and fans got really upset.
  2. In all fairness i'd like Telford but if not someone else. Would be nice to just have a signing or two. The powers that be at PVFC know what best.
  3. Plus as a striker hasn't hit the usual prime age. Could be the few years where he excells.
  4. Another post linking Dom Telford to Port Vale and Mansfield.
  5. For obvious reasons the club is keeping tight wrapped. I believe eho wee needed is largley signed and sealed and the club will release i formation at due time. The 30th is when contracts expire.
  6. Chippy tonight fish chips large sausage and curry sauce
  7. A large number are also the fifa generation. Who only see the logistics of football from that view.
  8. It is always tge same with some fans. They start spitting viral at players. I remember some of the vile things thrown at Constantine. He left and we were down a year later.
  9. It is more likley the case if they let him go it frees up a wage to bring someone else in for that role. I don't doubt Flintcroft and Clarke probably already know who they want potentially may have a replacment lined up.
  10. Years ago they let me transfer one for a small fee.
  11. I like that idea. I however would build it as a two tier stand just as the railway stand/paddock is and have more boxes running central and stick a hotel at the back. There is so much lamd going to waste with the railway and bycars being built in the hills.
  12. Burslem has the most beauitiful architecture in Stoke. It has so much potential and has been neglected. It is a wonderful place. Also as stated there are so many good people in Burslem. Burslem deserves better and should get better.
  13. To be honest I think the Robbie concert has delayed it to be honest.
  14. If what the ticket office has stated is true then it sounds more like a Bratt era kind of decision. We can't do something that is progressive and good for the club 'because'.
  15. This mindset is what holds Burslem back. You have to start with things like the hotel, put more bars, resteraunts coffee shops etc in Burslem. There is already new housing so new people moving in. To give Burslem a chance it needs new ideas. If there is a hotel like a premier in there people will stay people scan hotels like this via prices. If its cheaper people will stay. Stoke on Trent is a small area and people will be able to get around from there. It will help Burslem more than you think. Regeneration needs this.
  16. This is 100 percent needed the land going to waste in the railway paddock/stand area is shocking. The family stand/railway paddock/stand can be bulldozed and a new stand brought closer to the pitch with a hotel at the back.
  17. Which defeats the object of parmi g the coaches right outside the Hamil anyhow.
  18. To be honest the hotel at festival park is close enough for people to stay.
  19. I guess this is one of the problems with using Vale Park as the training facilties aswell as stadium.
  20. I have been to away grounds where the coaches are parked away from the stadium and there is a 10 min walk before getting to the stadium. Never been to a stadium where coaches are parked directly behind the stadium for so called ease of in and out.
  21. Rename the Hamil road stand the John Rudge stand and stick his statue there. Make it a Vale end.
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