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  1. why hasnt our beloved official site done same as Mansfields & put this important info out there, or have I missed it some where in the aftermath of orginising tickets and travel
  2. If you go / can get to Crewe station £31 return to Euston which is cheaper and quicker than by coach. If 3 or more of you travelling together, as you are then classed for group discount. 8 of us have booked this way to get to Wembley. I think the ticket also includes bus, train & underground travel as well.
  3. ST 1st then they have what is called a 6 game membership scheme, they have 1st dabs along with the ST holders then general sale
  4. And you can count on your fingers how many times since the MC game it has been an issue for those that want it to be an issue. It will not matter what / which method will be introduced it will not suit all.
  5. Ive just got home from work and still so dissapointed thought I would have gotten over it by now. Let me just remind everybody of the results of the 6 games prior to the Bristol game; 15th March 3-1 beat Mansfield 19th 1-2 beat Bradford 26th 2-1 beat Sutton 2nd Apr 1-0 beat Barrow 5th 0-1 beat Salford 9th 3-2 beat Oldham 15th 0-1 beat Harlepool Then we played Bristol and the rest is history. Coincidence or maybe not but the emotion of Mr C at Hartlepool and I was there and I had a tear in my eyes, but ever since then we have not been the same. I'm sure others have seen the pictures of Mr C wired up to the team on the bench from yesterday, and I also know he was in the dressing before the last player left the field at halftime. And before anybody starts to slate me I have nothing against DC or AC but I just wonder if 2 many cook's as the saying goes.
  6. Just got in and to say I'm dissapointed is an understatement. I've not missed a home game and been 18 away games this season and we've bottled the last 3 games no if's but's or maybe's, brill season and to be so close and yet end up so far away makes it even worse. I will be at Exeter and as usual be 100% behind the team its just a pitty it couldn't be replicated by the team.
  7. I know stats don't count for much at this stage of the season, but Exeter's record at Northampton is about as good as ours at Walsall
  8. Exeter's record V's Northamton lost 56 drawn 34 won 30 but you never know, let's hope footy funny has a part to play.
  9. What factual evidence do you base x 4 not being fit? Them not playing as well as should be or have been.
  10. The result hurt, the performance really hurt. Enough said.
  11. hers the unbiased report to back it up as well
  12. 16 fouls according to who? let me think about that one was it the ref that you had in your pocket by any chance, fouls that the player went down at any sign of a tickle or should that be tackle.....mmm
  13. Surprised nobody mentioned the Dave (Rodney) effect, or do we all think he will not even play for them?
  14. There was a few wet eyes around d me in the crowd yesterday at the end when DC came on, and not ashamed in admitting, mine including.
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