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  1. Probably because they have financial advisers telling them how to earn money on their investments......buying a league 2 club smacks of spunking cash away.......let's ask Robbie to invest.
  2. Why would she pick someone inferior? For the fun of it? If better managers are available but for unaffordable salary then they're technically not available. If a manager doesn't want to come then they're not available. If you go to a shop with a quid to buy fruit, you spend a quid on the best fruit you can get for your quid. Do you think she can afford better?
  3. You can only appoint who's available, who's affordable and who wants the job.
  4. Sam Allardyce was on Talksport a few years ago discussing this. He said that despite what fans think and the press report, most elite football managers get between 6 months to 12 months salary if sacked, irrespective of the length of the initial contract signed.
  5. The shanahans are the only people to dig us out of the current mire.
  6. Askey should go, but let's desist from critising the people who ousted the fat blue smurf please...
  7. Unbelievable. Un effing believable. Take a long, long walk.
  8. On our arses aren't we ? Like when Smurf was at the helm?
  9. Don't be a puddled beggar. I'm not happy but a solid manager will understand that's about fitness, game management and team selection....changing a manager now would cause all that to be ignored on a new manager focusing on his back room staff recruitment, player recruitment and squad training. Keep up.
  10. You can't keep changing our manager....that means new players, new formations and upheaval. Changing manager risks upsetting the season so far. Agreed we've lost today but we're playing a top 6 team, on their own ground. FFS do you think we're entitled to win every match?
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