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  1. DC said judge him after 10 games, here's my assessment (for what its worth). Keep on doing what your doing. I know a league has never been won in October but the football is better and getting better than it has been for a few seasons. UTV
  2. If we sell this allocation of 960 there is an option for another 300 + if needed. In tonight Seni GC said not rule out additional tickets if required.
  3. Does this mean that for the Northampton game it will be a free for all on tickets for that match I wonder, which I would expect to sell out pretty quick.
  4. Anti climax only for those who dont trust in the matrix. All will come good, I for one will be disappointed with anything less than the payoffs this season.
  5. Maybe, but in the absence of nothing as per thread title.
  6. Yes they did and hes been released by Newport.
  7. Just seen a post on Face Ache, Thomas King congratulating our Tom on his fans PFA award, and also quote "positive week".
  8. I'm so confident I've had cheeky fiver @ 16/1 to win the league.
  9. If you read the full article in the Sentinel sure it says this figure 1200, does not include the easy payment option amount.
  10. I've watched every game home and away to date, and the only issue I get is when I try to watch via the Port Vale app. I would prefer to watch the game via the PV app cus I can then chrome cast onto the TV. The EFL app has some sort of security built in that does not let you use chrome cast. Only managed to watch 3 games so far via the PV app using chrome cast. As like many last night was struggling on the PV app just the dreaded spinning wheel, so I switched to the EFL app 5 mins before kick off and had no issues no buffering one of the lucky ones to be able watch the whole game albeit on my tablet not the TV. Just a tip to all that the EFL app seems more successful than the PV app for me anyway.
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