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  1. resisted temptation until now to post. but heres my brief take on things. that first 20 minutes v dale was the best ive seen in years. the remaining 70 + added on time was the worst. obviously a new team that is simply not clicking but will do with game time. the team and players need time. you cannot simply throw 15 new players into a team and expect them to play like theyve been playing together for years. this is a squad in transition and from what ive seen were a mid table team this season.
  2. just a shame he spends more time injured than monty
  3. ive got a feeling clarke wont get rid of as many as we think....that said....my retained list would be as follows..... Brown. Taylor. Gibbo. Monty. Amoo, Hurst. Conlon. Smith. Wozza. Pope . Super Dave however smith and amoo have had very average seasons and they would only make squad players currently. so thats the task facing our new manager.
  4. this may come as bit of a shock to some of you but im happy with the latest announcements. however im staying firmly grounded over them as i dont think this is going to be a quick fix and the problems flutcroft and clarke have to deal with are going to remain for at least another 12 months. fair play to them for taking on this poisoned chalice. they have my full backing/support - lets just hope they can turn this club around. its a mammoth task.
  5. yes but proof the club can achieve if run properly. wycombe lincoln yeovil have all done far better than us in the last 15-20 years and they are no bigger by any sense of the imagination. get a proper manager and let him build a team.
  6. im assuming you never saw them at their peak in the late 80s early 90s? that was truly a great footballing side pushing the likes of liverpool everton and leeds! to the limit. the club is a non league joke at the moment and it needs a MASS clearout. but like most people have said its going to take years to recover from the smurf debacle. hes the cause of all this not carol and kevin.
  7. and until that changes everyones saturdays are going to be ruined every week for the immediate future.
  8. worrall is worth holding onto. but there are a large proportion of this squad which need offloading with haste. the back 4 can get in the bin now.
  9. where do i start with this shambles of a club. from top to bottom its a disgrace. plain amateurism.
  10. laughable comment. just shows you havent got a clue. the moment you start calling names you lose the argument.
  11. not pugh because its just a continuation of the askey dross
  12. im not right all the time. just 99% of it since the michael brown shambles and each time everyone disappears after theyve made themselves look stupid on social media. its ok though i dont wish to rub it in. i hate being right. i want us in the championship playing great football but as long as people on forums such as this put up with the <ovf censored> that is being served then the status quo shall remain.
  13. no youre right . i didnt post but i couldve done. up until we scored they had 3 sitters they missed (1 hit the post) just because yoiure stalking me doesnt mean i dont watch the games and thats from the worst side grimsby have ever had. so yeah thats where we are.
  14. do keep up this isnt new ive said this for god knows how many seasons.
  15. i would hardly say we " battled" that first half was as bad as weve been this season which isnt hard.
  16. smiths always been a non league defender carried by legge until this season which has showed up his shortcomings.
  17. the performance was as bad as mansfield. we got lucky today. i wont back down over this and since the michael brown shambles ive been right EVERY SINGLE TIME. we need a new experienced manager. pugh will take us down. im not going to repeat myself again over this.
  18. youre right apart from the goal we were absolute garbage. pugh out.
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