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    Vale fan since 1987 took a break during our "poor" period when the club almost went bust but Sandyford valiant got me back interested and now I just cant get enough!


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  1. laughable comment. just shows you havent got a clue. the moment you start calling names you lose the argument.
  2. not pugh because its just a continuation of the askey dross
  3. im not right all the time. just 99% of it since the michael brown shambles and each time everyone disappears after theyve made themselves look stupid on social media. its ok though i dont wish to rub it in. i hate being right. i want us in the championship playing great football but as long as people on forums such as this put up with the <ovf censored> that is being served then the status quo shall remain.
  4. no youre right . i didnt post but i couldve done. up until we scored they had 3 sitters they missed (1 hit the post) just because yoiure stalking me doesnt mean i dont watch the games and thats from the worst side grimsby have ever had. so yeah thats where we are.
  5. do keep up this isnt new ive said this for god knows how many seasons.
  6. i would hardly say we " battled" that first half was as bad as weve been this season which isnt hard.
  7. smiths always been a non league defender carried by legge until this season which has showed up his shortcomings.
  8. the performance was as bad as mansfield. we got lucky today. i wont back down over this and since the michael brown shambles ive been right EVERY SINGLE TIME. we need a new experienced manager. pugh will take us down. im not going to repeat myself again over this.
  9. youre right apart from the goal we were absolute garbage. pugh out.
  10. man of the match. scott brown. FGR shouldve won by a mile today. we got lucky and its papering over HUGE cracks.
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