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    Vale fan since 1987 took a break during our "poor" period when the club almost went bust but Sandyford valiant got me back interested and now I just cant get enough!


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  1. another horror show in front of a big crowd and on tv as well. embarrassing.
  2. it is when we have dan jones gibbo and mal benning who all offer much more. yes hes an experienced player who has played at a higher level but he offers nothing bar the odd decent cross in to the box. and even that was missing today. so yes its a wasted wage.
  3. Here we go again. Lose, we're awful. Draw, we're awful. Win, we're awful. Sick to the back teeth of the constant moaning of some. We're 7 points off the top 2. 7. With games in hand. We're unbeaten in 8. Yet still the moaning continues. Unbelievable maybe youd rather people didnt have a view and we all just kept quiet ?
  4. no it isnt attention seeking much as you point out . i guess youre in that class of person that spends all his/her time on social media virtue signalling huh?
  5. injuries have really taken their toll on our side this year havent they. im just curious as to whats happened to dan jones? IMO hussey is a wasted wage and looks like hes on a stroll a thon every game he plays. its a good job srevenage were woeful today because although we scored two goals there was nothing between the sides.
  6. not blown my frock up. seems a wasted wage. strolled up and down the pitch today *again* am i missing something? we have mal benning and dan jones (and if you want to be pedantic gibbo) who can sit in that position when its glaringly obvious we needed a striker in the lee hughes mould who can bag us 15 goals between now and the end of the season? /discuss
  7. as ive said before im not hitting the panic button. were doing okay certainly not as bad as people would say. the phone call on grumble and grumble regarding wanting pope back was an absolute joke. that time has been and gone. tom has been an excellent servant but hes moved on now and we need to be looking at better. we were flying until injuries struck all in the same position. something ive never seen happen before. we will be ok. maybe the automatics are out of reach but certainly not the play offs and we seem to have stopped the rot. keep the faith.
  8. having watched the clip of the sending off incident . it seems very wishy washy to me but ive yet to find anything that was " dangerous" in the said incident. covolan made 2 outstanding saves prior to the incident and while his antics in early games (trying to take players on etc) has largely vanished from his game he needs to learn from this. and quickly. back the lad. hes a foreign keeper in a foreign country and he deserves a chance. ive seen loads of people saying on social media he should never play for the club again. i disagree. people make mistakes whether he learns from them will make or break his career at vale park. the last thing he wants is the fans turning on him when he does play again. as for the rest of the team they never left the dressing room. shows we havent played a league game since december 11. and it showed. im not hitting the panic button over one game.
  9. i knew DC was the perfect fit for us last season. some people just fit into a club some dont. Yesterday was a great win and to come back after that first half shows some guts. Officials were their usual substandard selves. and yes that was a blatant pen we were denied but hey ho. Would love a tie at home this time but ill settle for liverpool away. Side note. anyone else noticed Lee Blakeman hasnt been commentating on vale games since weve been doing so well. what an utter UTTER c0ckw0mble. Man i despise that stain on the blanket of creation.
  10. that was definately one game to forget at VP today. we are desperate for a striker in the window. im just glad we stopped the rot setting in against a very poor side ( we werent much better ) but its as vital a 3 points as we will get this season. next.
  11. i think tin pot is quite light i would call them much worse. and definately in my top 10 sh1thouse sides of the decade. right near the top too.
  12. just a day to forget. we will win more than we lose this year. and i hope we smash those tin potters in the home game. im sure theyll bring 4 fans with them. and dont get me started on that awful ref. in the words of the great Rob Page. We dust ourselves down and go again .
  13. resisted temptation until now to post. but heres my brief take on things. that first 20 minutes v dale was the best ive seen in years. the remaining 70 + added on time was the worst. obviously a new team that is simply not clicking but will do with game time. the team and players need time. you cannot simply throw 15 new players into a team and expect them to play like theyve been playing together for years. this is a squad in transition and from what ive seen were a mid table team this season.
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