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  1. no ive been thinking this for a few weeks. its got nothing to do with one match pal.
  2. i dont post as much anymore but i feel the need to offlad some stuff that is really getting to me now. 1) i dont rate askey. poor manager whose had some lucky results. 2) we are garbage away and we keep the same tactics and shape every game 3) we have no plan b see number 2. 4) what is happening to the man city money is it being invested next season or swallowed up by the repayments to sexman. 5) the squad aside from the first 11 is awful - plain to see with the changes made for the leasing.com trophy game against salford. 6) why does amoo go missing in away games? 7) why do we insist on 1 up front at home.....aspin did that and ended up going...things havent changed (answer to this one is askey knws we arent gonna score many goals so wants to keep it tight every game) if i think of anymore ill post again but promotion? youre having a laugh. sproson was right on radio. if this lot went up we would have to replace 9 and start again. but in the words of the great rob page....we go again. /sigh
  3. poor game. against a poor side who will finish in the bottom 5 guaranteed. a game we wouldve lost last year. still not clicking as a team but a good result. if we can get 2 wins from the next 3 games then the crewe away fixture will be interesting......
  4. please be aware people . ruth smeeth voted to block no deal last night. i refuse to vote labour anymore until all these cronies are voted out including her. she is another deluded politician who needs a swift trip to the local job centre. very angry this morning. seems like if you want brexit now its either boris or nigel.
  5. im sorry i dont agree with that. aspin had to do the same thing playing 1 up top simply because the players he had werent good enough and for the most part playing 1 up is papering over cracks. great win today though.
  6. dull turgid affair. but amoo was threatening throughout. almost let them in with a free header at the end but i think justifiably won think we edged it for large parts of the game. but one question still needs answering. why 3 forwards on the bench if youre only playing 1 up top at home askey? why are we playing 1 up top all the time at home ITS BORING ZZZZZZZZZZ.
  7. i havent posted for a while because i refused to buy a season ticket while mr clueless was in charge of the club. budgets are a bit of a red herring. yes spending a bit of money to help get better players in on the whole helps. BUT NOT ALWAYS. the trick is to spend what moneyt you have wisely and not spend as much as possible. that way you can build a good foundation and head back in the right direction. i now feel we are heading in the right direction but it wont happen overnight folks. the new owners need our full support as does the team starting with the first league game, UTV
  8. makes perfect sense to me anything to make the games more affordable surely has to be a good thing.
  9. i would really like us to implement a new 9 month payment option like the shower down the a50 do to help people who struggle to front the ST money in one go.
  10. looks like askeys got them looking a bit fitter. wasnt it nice to see miller celebrating like that. anyone who says the players dont care needs give it a wobble. yes some are not good enough. but i reckon we were full value for 3 points today even though we made it a tight finish again. browns save earned us 3 vital points. well done vale
  11. well youve failed norman. you said years ago when you first bought the club that you never leave a business in a worse state than you bought it. well congratulations you will do. its time to sell up and disappear and do the right thing now. youve pretty much upset the whole fan base. 1000s are staying away. even having a complete idiot like oyston mentoring you shows everyone where were at. so you now have 2 choices. accept defeat and take vale into a worse position than you when you bought it. or accept defeat and spend millions trying to get them back into league 1. either way you will not win. over to you.
  12. well its been a while since i last posted on here. mainly due to the vast amount of happy clappers and norman lovers who frequented this forum and by the sheer number of times that whenever i posted an opnion it was shot down in flames. i was right about michael brown. and i was right about the owner. im useless at lots of things. but the one thing im good at is im a good judge of character and i knew then as i know now how right i was about smurf. Norman its time to sell up. youve recouped a large portion of what you deemed to have been "owed" by the club. i still dont know how that works but hey. You said many years ago you never leave a business wirthout it being better off than it was before. well im sorry mate but this time youve been well and truly beaten. the club is in dire straits and only new owners can take it forward. AND I STAND BY THAT VIEW regardless of whether you trip out and it ends up on the back of the biased rag that is the sentinel.
  13. i think he will go now the hugill moneys lining his pockets. no one wants to deal with norman anymore and who was it who once said only a fool repeats the same mistakes time and again expecting things to change.only signed rudge and aspin to get himself off the hook. Out for me 100%
  14. mismanagement. poor marketing and we have a chairman who knows more about quantum mechanics than football and its fans... if the product isnt on the pitch the flock will stay away. it happened recently at a big club - sheffield united. i went there with a friend 4 seasons back in the cup on a cold november night. 33k stadium had 5k fans in. they are not stupid norm. you pay peanuts. you get monkeys. and you also get a dwindling gate. end of.
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