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  1. He got hold of the ball and passed it to someone he knew. I imagine that’s what DC would have asked him to do.
  2. Mckirdy top class today. I thought all 3 subs made a difference and they were hanging on a bit at the end. Keep the faith, UTV!
  3. I’m trying to buy in the Paddock, in the seats I usually sit in. Online they are shaded gray. Does this mean they have been sold?
  4. What a chance for our lads to make themselves PVFC legends. A real test of character. I hope that they’re absolutely buzzing and up for for both games, starting with Monday. UTV!!
  5. What did you think of Louis Dodds Hamilboy? I have a theory that fans who didn’t get Doddsy don’t rate Wilson.
  6. Saturday is the beginning of the Easter hols for lots of folk. Will affect attendance I guess.
  7. Amoo or Worrall as part of a 3? I know this thread is about Amoo, but it would be Woz every time for me.
  8. This is spot on. I don’t think we’ll go up this year. But we shouldn’t go into meltdown if we don’t. This is a brand new squad and management team and it may take longer than one season.
  9. Worrall must be miffed. If we’re playing a wide man as part of a 3 surely Woz should be in ahead of Cooper? ( I will retract this immediately if Cooper is mint tonight).
  10. Bloody happy clappers us lot!😆
  11. Great thread. We’ll done Philmpv.
  12. I’d rather we had kept Devante. He is frustrating and unpredictable, but that also made him dangerous. When he played, the opposition had to be awake, his speed alone meant they couldn’t adopt a high defensive line against us. I think we’ll miss him.
  13. To get a play off place with these injuries will be a fantastic achievement. I think it’s beyond us.
  14. He shoots, he misses, it must be Colin Tartt!
  15. Given our injuries it’s amazing that we’re still in the too 3. UTV!
  16. I agree…but…he’s not beyond criticism. He should have saved it. And no point blaming the wall. The wall was protecting the other side of the goal.
  17. Not sure where to start with this one. Could have? Twice? Really? And whether he was addicted to drugs or unemployed or a big unit or not…you know?
  18. The mins silence on rememberence day.or when one of our fans has died is to show respect. The taking a knee is political.All lives mater so why qualify it with black... Taking the knee is a protest designed to draw attention to the fact the black lives are regularly not treated as being equal to some other lives. But you knew this.
  19. I’d love to be unconcerned about the lack of new strikers. Pretty concerned though tbh. Anyone else? (Wind up merchants need not reply)
  20. Post hoc ergo proctor hoc. Again.
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