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  1. I agree…but…he’s not beyond criticism. He should have saved it. And no point blaming the wall. The wall was protecting the other side of the goal.
  2. I’d love to be unconcerned about the lack of new strikers. Pretty concerned though tbh. Anyone else? (Wind up merchants need not reply)
  3. Did you think we’d just keep on winning?
  4. Post hoc ergo proctor hoc. Again.
  5. Given our defence is now watertight, I’m assuming we’ll be keeping both Legge and Bris??
  6. It does matter if we want to evolve into a mature modern democracy but it’s probably not the time for this discussion. Don’t want to appear disrespectful at this time!
  7. Yeah, perhaps that’s what bugs me so much!
  8. Mmm...it has nothing to do with a lack of respect. Lots of people have served the country, millions in fact. But we tend to get their service in some kind of proper perspective (most of the time). I’ve been a civil servant myself for over 30 years. I wouldn’t really expect a two minute silence at a football ground I had nothing to do with. Neither was he a head of state btw.
  9. Good question. I’ve no idea why. I’m not sure what HRH has to do with the Vale, or football in general tbh. I do know 150k have died in the last twelve months due to COVID, without a two minute silence. I know my old man who went to the Vale for 60 odd years didn’t get one. And I know that we gave Lee Collins a minute last week. So, good question.
  10. A TWO minute silence today. TWO minutes. Ridiculous.
  11. My opinion about which players should be offered new contracts changes game by game!
  12. I think Devante is the man to get 25 next season.
  13. Both Mills and Crooks were playing well before injury.
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