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  1. He got hold of the ball and passed it to someone he knew. I imagine that’s what DC would have asked him to do.
  2. Mckirdy top class today. I thought all 3 subs made a difference and they were hanging on a bit at the end. Keep the faith, UTV!
  3. I’m trying to buy in the Paddock, in the seats I usually sit in. Online they are shaded gray. Does this mean they have been sold?
  4. What a chance for our lads to make themselves PVFC legends. A real test of character. I hope that they’re absolutely buzzing and up for for both games, starting with Monday. UTV!!
  5. What did you think of Louis Dodds Hamilboy? I have a theory that fans who didn’t get Doddsy don’t rate Wilson.
  6. Saturday is the beginning of the Easter hols for lots of folk. Will affect attendance I guess.
  7. Amoo or Worrall as part of a 3? I know this thread is about Amoo, but it would be Woz every time for me.
  8. This is spot on. I don’t think we’ll go up this year. But we shouldn’t go into meltdown if we don’t. This is a brand new squad and management team and it may take longer than one season.
  9. Worrall must be miffed. If we’re playing a wide man as part of a 3 surely Woz should be in ahead of Cooper? ( I will retract this immediately if Cooper is mint tonight).
  10. Bloody happy clappers us lot!😆
  11. Great thread. We’ll done Philmpv.
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