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    There where extra stewards in the bycars they did have masks and gloves but they stood on the bottom step of the upper tier and would not move making it difficult to get past them even their supivsor came and stood by them and would not move out of the way
  2. You could say the same about the BBC no final score on saturdays when the money bag clubs don't play because of international matches
  3. I have a ten game card with just the seat number on the club do not have my name or address or phone number as they did not ask for it when i brought the card so if a report comes in that the area i was in somebody had covid how do they inform me that i need to isolate.
  4. I think you will find it was the scanners not working went in bycars at 2pm first turnstile would not except card went in the second turnstile card excepted i've got a 10 game card but heard it was not working for some season tickets aswell.
  5. was that a marketing ploy D C having AUTONET on is top
  6. Tinman could keep the record and england could still win the final all it needs is an own goal or two.
  7. Trouble is fans will not no if they can attend till the goverment say yes or no on July 19th because of Delta covid 19. And may be are holding back from buying season tickets till they know they can attend matches.
  8. Think it is Bradley new drainage put in changing rooms already there two pitches
  9. If our old keepers from last season are under contract till 1st July can they play in the friendly games till there contract run out as vale are paying there wages.
  10. Don't we only have two friendly lined up
  11. If you think there pitch was bad wait till you see Barrow's on tuesday more potholes than stoke-on-trent roads.
  12. smurf said when he sold the club that we would be non-league after this season will he be right was something going on before Carol took over but never came out
  13. Walsall 0 Barrow 0 H/T barrow have had the the better chance
  14. Have the players had a clear the air meeting cause by browns statement it seems players don't get on with each other is rodney's and taylor's long contracts a problem some of the players might not like that to young players have these and there's are running out and they may not get a new one why will they not play for port vale they are on a contract to play not just turn up and pick a wage if they are going down do it with a fight not a whime can not keep blaming managers when the players cross the white line it up to each one to do there level best.
  15. As Guthrie touched the ball in his last two sub outings
  16. if your car radio is FM you will only get stoke game vale game on DAB unless joke and crewe don,t have a game then it on then its on all bands of RS.
  17. But do the currant players want to play for the vale, because they are not doing it a the moment
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