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  1. Why do we give the other team so much room its like watching prem teams at times let them keep the ball and pass it around no pressing wait for them to make a mistake and give us the ball free kick /corners every man back in the box keep one or two player up the pitch so when the ball is cleared it could find one of those players it looks like we play zonal football mix it up a bit.
  2. the efl are being asked to put a winter break in, then players respond like today after a break we have just had i don't think so.
  3. but the tannoy is a safety issue if you can not hear what is being said.
  4. Don't they have to pay Vat on the attendance so if you say your crowd is 15,000 but there is only 10,000 why claim the higher figure and pay vat also match days is extra and cash only.
  5. My Daughter brought me two tickets for yesterdays game as a xmas present in the bycars could not remember my flexi ten row and seat number the ticket office found my name and address but could not find my seat so sold her two tickets for the back row of the bycars the tickets where for season ticket holders seats like i said they sold these tickets before xmas.
  6. there are turnstiles by the old family stand why can they not be used
  7. why have you stopped selling them at the bycars end don't go High lane news or bulls head used to get one by the exit gate.
  8. george andrews does a spot on fridays for hitmix radio m-u-l.
  9. Have the bookies put odds on both manager getting sent off to night if the game goes ahead
  10. I think he did it sliding to celebration the goal got up limping why do they drop on their knees as they could pick up other knee injuries as well.
  11. I massey bycars your season ticket handed to female steward
  12. May be in for Hurst if he has a long term injury as he only lasted a few minutes in his last two games.
  13. Nice to see the score board giving the teams out for todays game.
  14. Anybody know why the teams are not put on the Scoreboard before the kickoff also half time scores as the person that did the scoreboard left and taken the disc with them only asking because the tannoy is so norman collier ln the bycars
  15. Saw the steward come on and pick it up but didn't see it thrown on It was mentioned by the commentators on ifollow the ref ask the steward to come on the pitch and remove it.
  16. freddy and the dreamer You where made for me ( us ) everybody tells us so.
  17. Freddy and the dreamers song You where made for ( us ) me everybody knows.
  18. rsb


    Well its no good sending a message over the speakers in bycars play music and they work fine put a message out and its hit and miss if you can work whats being said.
  19. rsb


    There where extra stewards in the bycars they did have masks and gloves but they stood on the bottom step of the upper tier and would not move making it difficult to get past them even their supivsor came and stood by them and would not move out of the way
  20. You could say the same about the BBC no final score on saturdays when the money bag clubs don't play because of international matches
  21. I have a ten game card with just the seat number on the club do not have my name or address or phone number as they did not ask for it when i brought the card so if a report comes in that the area i was in somebody had covid how do they inform me that i need to isolate.
  22. I think you will find it was the scanners not working went in bycars at 2pm first turnstile would not except card went in the second turnstile card excepted i've got a 10 game card but heard it was not working for some season tickets aswell.
  23. was that a marketing ploy D C having AUTONET on is top
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