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  1. how is the fund razing going not seen it for a while
  2. Advertising, Does it work. I have some jobs I would like done i.e brickwork below damp course also floor boards upstairs .put job on My Builder, Checkatrade, Right People. Reply's None but they say you will get reply's from trades I know this is off the cuff but small firms used to advertise at grounds also taken mobile numbers off builders vans sent message some reply you give your address and they don't turn up. Rant over.
  3. How many flexi tickets have the club sold since they went back on sale and the man city cup draw so you could use to get tickets for the game.
  4. Anybody not using their season ticket in the Chell Heath area for the man city game need two tickets so I can take granddaughter and friend with me please P M me if you can help as I am away when they go on general sale thank you.
  5. Do the flex 10 tickets count as season ticket
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