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  1. Thanks thought i heard the forrest vs sheffield game last night had the same ref as there first game
  2. Is it the same ref and liners as sunday
  3. Why not try this for big ticket games next season railway stand/paddock ticket office bycars/hamil depending which end we are using window where they sell tickets to away fans on match day lorne street old ticket office by the entrance that way three small queues in stead of one long one
  4. My time as a Vale fan started about 1960 aged 10 looking after cars on land between the Vale cafe and church on match days then got a job selling programmes outside the ground moved on to car park attendant onto turnstile opp some of you will remember the ones at the bottom corners of the Hamil & Bycars so you could transfer in to the railway paddock then moved on to the main turnstiles from there helping with the JVs then running the the JV club from the old gym on Hamil road question how many of you old JVs have still got the badge which was part of the membership package I still have one then did other thing at the vale still go to watch had a ten match ticket this season Hope Carol still carrys this on next season .
  5. I have a flexi ten ticket which as one game left on it which i wont for the bristol rovers game so i have brought a ticket for tomorrows game which mean my seat will not be sold as it is classed as a season ticket the ticket i have got for tomorrow is the seat next to my flexi ticket seat and they could not sell it even though i had my flexi card with me also told vale not selling flexi tickets next season i'm 72 in june and because of ill heath do not go night games so the flexi is very helpfull. as i don't have to buy a full season ticket.
  6. This came from the ticket office
  7. Been told this morning Vale will not be selling 10 match flexi tickets for next season.
  8. had a problem with steward on the door at back of bycars said he could not close the door for safety reasons but when told door had been closed all season he closed the door.
  9. Does it matter how many they bring. Its what happens on the pitch that counts.
  10. In two games time we will have two keepers so why do we need a third two won't get game time as we don't have any reserve matches each week. unless one is being let go.
  11. Why do we give the other team so much room its like watching prem teams at times let them keep the ball and pass it around no pressing wait for them to make a mistake and give us the ball free kick /corners every man back in the box keep one or two player up the pitch so when the ball is cleared it could find one of those players it looks like we play zonal football mix it up a bit.
  12. the efl are being asked to put a winter break in, then players respond like today after a break we have just had i don't think so.
  13. but the tannoy is a safety issue if you can not hear what is being said.
  14. Don't they have to pay Vat on the attendance so if you say your crowd is 15,000 but there is only 10,000 why claim the higher figure and pay vat also match days is extra and cash only.
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