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  1. Decent(ish) performance for a first competitive game as Biddulph says above both sides gave the ball away a lot and as a result although we tried to put some good passing moves together we lacked that final pass a lot of the time. But we still created a few openings. Cullen seems a little ineffective away from home, although it's perhaps the system we play with the 1 forward and 2 wingers he gets isolated at times but Rodney and Worrall both played well and supported him as best they could. 2 good crosses I think from Worrall led to both goals, and he was his usual industrious self along wit
  2. I'd back signing someone like McLean if we could get him loaned out to National League for 6 months(at least). Big jump from Newcastle Town's level to League Two, yes the talent may be there but some experience a bit higher up would be useful to see if he can cut it against better players/defenders.
  3. If we can utilise the Hamil we should be allowed 5500-6000 surely. Lets be honest the fans in the Bycars look socially distanced a lot of the time anyway I'd say normally the vast majority of our regular 4-4.5k frequent Lorne Street and the Railway(stand and paddock) obviously because the view is better
  4. I must have dreamt the Morecambe home game then, could swear both Pope's goals were from open play that day?
  5. Whilst the 'churn' stats are interesting. I think a lot more comes into play with all the teams mentioned. Plymouth I would always class as a big club when at league two level(history and fanbase wise) and would by enlarge expect them to do well when in the 4th tier, especially with the budget they had. Plus you are always going to have a reasonable turnover of players after relegation and also having a new manager which they did. Swindon and Northampton both underachieved the season previous to some extent if I remember rightly as they are again clubs I'd expect to see in the top 10 when in l
  6. Rather a nomadic career in recent times Robinson, his League Two record is certainly pretty decent if not league one so much. He did OK for Derby in the championship a probably going back to his early/mid 20s but hasn't quite hit the heights or settled anywhere longer than a season or so since.
  7. Was thinking my Tutonda(left back from Barnet) mention might not be far off but looks like whoever it is has a bit of facial hair going on and he looks clean shaven in most photos. Osadebe and Robinson would fit the profile more looking at that image 🤔
  8. I don't have anything to link him to us BA I just noticed Sinclair was one of the first to like the tweet. He may just know him from a previous club or he coached him somewhere? He's linked with Notts county a bit on their forum earlier in the week which I guess is why a number of their fans latched on to it. If we are in for a left back we could do far worse though if Clark isn't available, one of the better ones in the conference last season I believe. More the attacking left wing back sort too
  9. Are we in the market for a left back? I see Barnet's left back Tutonda has said he's leaving and Frank Sinclair liked it. Probably nothing in it but just shows you can read what you like into twitter and jump to conclusions😉
  10. True that would be my only slight worry although I'm a big believer in if you have that knack as a goalscorer you always have it. Lee Hughes for example was just a natural at it. About 3 or 4 years after he'd left Vale, I went to my local social club on a Monday night. The football club who play there happened to be playing Telford in a friendly game who Lee Hughes was with as a coach. To cut a long story short he brought himself on for the 2nd half probably to give the younger lads in the team some help and guess what, he scored. Admittedly this was against West Midlands premier s
  11. If it is Maynard, he could be the Lee Hughes piece of the jigsaw that saw us over the line 7 years ago. Of course Popey got 33 that season but Hughes' 10 goals from January onwards were a big help too. Without doubt Maynard is a goal scorer in a similar ilk My only slight worry would be having two strikers 34 and Pope being 35 during the campaign but I'd hope the younger legs of Cullen and more so Rodney could take the pressure off in that sense. We also have goals across the midfield(only really Joyce who has never scored many in his career) plus wingers Worrall and Amoo.
  12. Was gonna say Uche went down hill after the Burton game where he got sent off. Shame as he held it up well at times and had moments where he was unplayable, albeit he flattered to deceive as well. Certainly has talent though.
  13. Tbf today is probably not that hot for Visser if he's used to South African summers
  14. I believe a number of national league teams could be struggling to make ends meets before much longer and like Dover have already would not stand in some players way, even if they are under contract and they could get a contract in say league one or two. They may also have to listen to slightly lesser offers for their better players as well as a result. Not saying we'd necessarily pay a fee for a striker but if a team would normally demand 100-150k they might be forced to accept 50-75k?
  15. It has been mentioned before but Askey seems to base his teams around a squad/team where goals can come from a variety of sources and not necessarily 1 or 2 players being prolific. I think Whitehead probably adds to this whether he is 100% first choice or not. If we have an injury or 2 in midfield there is someone there who can score goals who will play instead. Like last season pretty much everyone weighed in with at least 1 goal(oddly Montano aside but we know he has a few in him too). It's a stretch but if we could add a 15+ a season striker I'd be very confident of us doing wel
  16. He was the lad who was banging them in for fun in pre-season then did nothing once we started the season, admittedly as others have said we weren't a very good side at the time and he must have been only 18/19. His loan record aside from a spell at Wrexham in the NL is shocking though(for a striker who is supposed to be young and promising), Huddersfield must have seen something in him to keep him until age 22 though, I'll be interested to see what Shrews get out of him(if anything)
  17. Well done to Harrogate. If any of us get to do there and Barrow this coming season, I'll be surprised but it's two new sides in the FL
  18. Are there any strikers in the National League who scored a few we could tempt with the step up? Say at any of the losing playoff sides.
  19. Yes but Crookes has been deployed at left back thus far, just making the point would rather have someone who could improve and/or develop a bit than someone a heading towards being past their best!
  20. Do we need another 'older' CB with Legge 34/35 and Brisley 30ish? Surely someone around the 25-28 mark should be more the target. I appreciate our full backs are a lot younger(Gibbons, Crookes) but wouldn't want us to be lacking pace in the middle too much!
  21. Rodney's record on the face of it isn't fantastic at league level but a lot of those appearances are as a sub so some could be for barely 5-10 minutes. Goals to actual starts is decent, albeit in the national league mostly. As mentioned we need back up upfront and Askey only plays one out and out striker anyway. A bit of pace never went a miss either against lower league defenders.
  22. Possibly waiting for the league one playoffs and championship seasons to be over. A few teams there who could be interested in Smith but won't be making any decisions yet.
  23. We must have some scouting network in the Welsh leagues as we took Rawlinson(although he turned out relatively average) and if we're now linked with these other 2.
  24. Always surprised Krystian Pearce never pushed on to at least League One perhaps Championship he looked good on loan for us early in his career and was highly rated, yet has spent most of his career at Notts, Torquay and Mansfield in League Two. I guess him, Brisley and Legge could form some sort of partnership should Smith leave(as seems likely).
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