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  1. I'd take Politic back in a heartbeat(I can't see it due to the wages, although should we go up and he's not playing a loan would be good?) for the reasons PV4Life mentions above. He's young enough to be coached and improve as well.
  2. I got through in the end online for the home tickets. It was stuck on zero after the countdown for about 30 mins, just after 9.30. I gave up went back in on Firefox at around 10ish and it worked although slow loading each page.
  3. Directly, Colchester at home Martin's goal was one? I'm not sure if Smith against Scunthorpe may have been 2nd phase from a free kick or corner as well? Garrity at Rochdale was a header too can't recall the build up to it though.
  4. I agree I was glad when a team with Barrow's history of previous league football got back in the league, as I'm a traditionalist at heart. They also have a better fanbase than a few teams to visit Vale in league two. Sadly their ground is poor beyond belief, I guess its the major hangover they've suffered from having nearly 50 years in non league football without looking like getting back for most it. Back to the salient point though we definitely need to go up sooner rather than later. Teams like Portsmouth and Ipswich to name just two will be far better for the clubs economy than most of the opposition we currently face.
  5. Indeed, there's a stat that needs putting right! If you ever meet a Chelsea fan, tell them the last time Vale played them we won(the fact that it was 1929 doesn't matter!)😁
  6. Agree re Cass I said that the other week we miss him more than we think. Like Walker, Smith is similar when he drifts to Right back and we try and go forward his distribution is poor. Not a criticism as he's a CB but sadly he's no attacking right back. Will be good if we can get a few games out of Gibbons towards the end as having him one side Benning the other we are more mobile!
  7. It wouldn't surprise me! Players will have forgotten what to do if we get one! It's not like we've even had many shouts, 1 at Burton and I think there was one other?
  8. Indeed. I think Workington were more Barrow's local rivals in their old league days if you read their history and even that's 50 odd miles! I hate the word but Soccer Outpost is probably a good term for Barrow! Morecambe's probably the closest as the crow flies but to drive you have to go all the way round! Perhaps they should put on a supporters boat when they play each other?😁
  9. Thanks, so next to zero chance of us getting anymore. I guess from Barrow's point of view, 90% of teams the allocation is enough in league two, due to location, just Carlisle and any teams towards the end of the season in a promotion battle it causes a problem. I doubt they'll get much higher in the league pyramid but they simply wouldn't cope in league one with their current set up. A shame as traditionally it was great to see them back in the league.
  10. Out of interest what was Carlisle's allocation there on Saturday? Is 575 the absolute most they can give?
  11. Just when you didn't dislike Stevenage as a team on the pitch as much as they'd started to come away from the tactics of the Westley days they appoint Steve Evans!😁 Joking aside if anyone can give them a chance of stopping the poor results you'd imagine it's Evans. No fan of the man but generally he's not a bad manager and usually gets a reaction. Stevenage do seem to be getting through the managers though. Tisdale's stock really has gone down the pan since Exeter, shows the grass isn't always greener although in his defence he probably thought he'd taken them as far as he could so couldn't blame him trying the MK Dons job at the time.
  12. I think a couple of bad injuries Cullen had before his time at Vale have taken their toll. Blackpool and Luton fans have nothing but praise for him. I think we saw in fits and starts he could finish but was too injury prone sadly!
  13. Great effort! I log mine on the 92 club website. Out of interest are they all with Vale? I'm on 73 watching Vale, 78 in total(5 have been as a neutral).
  14. My first visit to the Manor Ground was our rare win in 1996/97! When Darren Purse headbutted one of our players and got sent off! I must have got lucky as our record at Oxford is pretty poor to say the least! It certainly had "character" that place!
  15. If he gets 3 or 4 more goals worth a punt certainly. Holds it up pretty well and has decent pace for a lad his size.
  16. Yes Harratt was just offside unfortunately, had the ball come slightly earlier/or he'd held his run a split second more he may then have been on but hey ho. Decent performance all told, very good first half we pressed them and created some good openings. Nice to see us score from a corner again and I thought Wilson was unlucky the one the keeper tipped away for a corner. 2nd half as Clarke said the intensity/final ball wasn't quite there and they got on top for periods without really creating a great deal and unfortunately one mistake cost us the equaliser. It's a good point if we win Saturday. The lack of goals is perhaps a worry for me though since we came back from the "covid" break. Hopefully it's a blip and the injuries have played a big part in that but scoring 1 and 0 in most games won't cut it for a playoff place come April/May. Unless that changes that nagging feeling that we are a (decent)striker short will come to the fore unfortunately!
  17. Not denying it, it will certainly be the case with some, however your making the assumption all these people wouldn't have gone in hospital had they taken the vaccine(you don't know that for certain). Like I said my Dad's cousin caught covid and was triple vaccinated and required hospital treatment still(a man in his early 70s). In his case I honestly believe it wouldn't have mattered whether he'd had the vaccines or not(he ultimately still died not from covid but it certainly didn't help his cause). Like leedsvaliant I'd pretty much advise anyone over 60 or 70 to get vaccinated but again it's personal choice. Some NHS resource is also being taken up by vaccinated people because of reactions to the vaccine, but that's never mentioned. Are they also tying-up valuable resource as a result of their decisions? The backlog of operations is also down to the historical damage lockdowns did not just unvaccinated people. I just don't think the figures are as cut and dried as you're making out(the BMJ article alludes to that at the bottom, difficult to piece together). Plus it's very easy to make statistics/figures suite an agenda(we've all done it), I'm a civil servant and see the govt do it regularly believe me.
  18. The 70% figure has been called out as rubbish by various sources since that fool Dr Hillary came out with it on Good Morning Britain. As the below show it varies from hospital to hospital. "A separate report published by the UKHSA showed that, although unvaccinated individuals made up only a small proportion of the overall population, they accounted for 27% of those with a confirmed case of omicron admitted to hospital in England and for 39% in London." Covid-19: Fact checkβ€”how many patients in hospital are unvaccinated? WWW.BMJ.COM
  19. Disgusting unbalanced reporting again from the BBC again but that's no surprise. I appreciate it's a difficult balancing act in terms of the NHS but it's a very small minority of people, but they chose to pick one ward in one hospital. This certainly isn't the case nationwide. The fact the vaccine can cause bad side affects means no one should be coerced or forced into taking it and lose access to something as a result. I've personally got 2 extended family members(distant cousins) who've been badly affected by the vaccine, 1 to the point where it will affect them for the rest of their lives(massive stroke at the age of 33 and now can't look after their children) and the 2nd is currently fighting for his life in Stoke hospital(41 and has a blood clot and fluid on lungs). That's not scaremongering or misinformation it's fact, yes they have probably both been seriously unlucky but the same applies to anyone who gets covid when you look at the data. Why don't the BBC go around and interview a doctor and shove a mic in the face of these people as there are plenty of them believe me!? When I see people post you'd feel differently if a family member had suffered or died from covid I could just as easily counter that with people who have family members who've taken the vaccine in good faith and been affected. My Dad also has a cousin who passed away within 28 days of having covid and would probably still be here had it not been for it(he picked it up in hospital after going in with a chest infection, he did beat the covid but it left him so weak he died from pneumonia a few weeks later) so I can see both sides of the argument. However he was also triple jabbed so the vax perhaps doesn't work for everyone.
  20. I'd tend to agree, I can't condone the sending off(2nd one especially) and who would but I thought the blokes command of his area and speed of distribution is generally excellent. His shot stopping had improved too. The problem is if he's a bit arrogant and has shown no signs of learning from this mistakes perhaps it hasn't gone down well with Clarke
  21. Was going to say looks like he was **** hot in the Northern Irish Prem but not quite had the chances at Oxford so far?
  22. Czech Mate! Sorry someone had to do it!😁
  23. Sounds like the opposite to Covolan in that respect as he does command his area pretty well and I'd say his distribution by enlarge has been good, obviously the downsides are rashness(potential sending offs as we know) and the odd shot that has beaten him from distance if I was being ultra critical. I guess it depends if Lucas has learnt his lesson or not or which do we prefer?
  24. The George Hotel is called the Dragon as well in AB's books!
  25. I believe the Swan is thinly disguised as the Duck(or at least Duck square for Swan square)😁 can't remember if the actual pub is mentioned it's a while since I read the Card.
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