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  1. I'd agree, I was just commenting the only new items if you do a google search on him link him to Preston and Huddersfield and they aren't concrete or even newspaper rumours just fans websites speculating. I think he's spent a fair chunk of the summer playing/training with Sierra Leone so perhaps hasn't spent much time looking tbh
  2. Kaikai would be excellent but surely will be League One or potentially even Championship bound, I've seen links with Preston and Huddersfield(only fan site rumours). Surprised he hasn't got fixed up though as he was more than steady for Blackpool in league one.
  3. That's the lad. I see he's playing in Europe now.... for Bala Town!😁
  4. Didn't we have a Molyneux play for us a few years back? I say play I think he was one of those who was either on loan or short term deal and barely got on the pitch.
  5. Agree I'd say the striker ought to be the priority of the 3.
  6. I always said it should have been 2 legs in the final! Should have had a game in Rome! We could have turned it round!😁
  7. I thought Vale Genoa was the last year it was hosted? Could be wrong. County were the last English winners but sure ours was the last final.
  8. Can't remember us playing Italy(internationally) at least that often in recent times(at Wembley)? I can recall Zola scoring when we lost 1-0 late 90s in a qualifier, I think that was the same group when we drew 0-0 in Rome to qualify when Ian Wright hit the post near the end.
  9. Yes Orient losing their front 2(the other lad Wilkinson who scored 12+ as well went to Walsall) and McAnuff who was still decent hanging up his boots could be blow to them.
  10. Good stat but has there been many(if any) English v Italian club games specifically at Wembley and in a final since?
  11. I'm guessing he must be pretty erratic, talent alone he should be better than National League/a bottom end League Two team(no disrespect to Sutton but I'm guessing their budget will be at the lower end of League Two all things consider despite it being a reasonably affluent area). I suspect he thought the move to County would work out better than going down then 2 seasons in a lower division though. That's football I guess!
  12. I notice(suprisingly) Sullay Kaikai hasn't got a club yet? Released by Blackpool, out of our league most likely but was superb at Shrews on loan a few years ago and decent for B'pool last 2 seasons.
  13. Surely the settlement goes to Guthrie in that situation as Bradford have bought out the rest of his contract for a fee? Nothing to do with Vale, whatever Vale then chose to offer him is extra. Guthrie may decide to take less wages as he's had a lump sum but it's up to him? Could be talking rubbish but I'd imagine that's how it work.
  14. Yes I'd have thought so too but worth asking the question on that sort of player. He does seem to be based in the Bucks/Oxfordshire area though so you'd think he'd be more inclined to stay in darn sarf as they say unless it's a really good offer.
  15. I think we may need a couple of strikers to cover for Wilson's potential injuries. Tshimanga from Boreham Wood would be a great signing(he was linked a few weeks back amongst with other clubs) if he could be persuaded up north and would cost a fee assuming B/Wood have offered him a new deal. 23 and scored 40 goals last 2 seasons in the National league.
  16. Is this the first time we've had 2 players with the same name who play/played in the same position?😁
  17. Yes Tudor barely played again after leaving Vale(if at all professionally?) yet was decent for Orient, that was perhaps a bit of bad luck as my neighbour who is a big Orient fan can't speak highly enough of him as a player. The other signings that summer were diabolical though. Old one foot Paul Edwards🤦 and Rocastle especially would probably get into my worst ever Vale midfield. The writing was on the wall when we sold Sodje and the replacement was Callum Willock though😬 Hopefully happier times ahead.
  18. To be fair the majority of players who make the step up from non-league aren't going to be the most technically gifted as in all likelihood they'd have been on the books at a pro club at some point if they were. Unless they completely fell through the scouting net as a youngster? We've had a few who've done a steady job for us over the years, Rob Taylor had his faults but scored some decent goals for us. If the effort and commitment are there and some ability they should make a go of it in Leagues Two and One you'd hope!
  19. Or perhaps his comments might save some of their careers? If they realise once released they've been going about things the wrong way and need to change their attitude to succeed as a pro footballer? Criticism isn't always a negative thing, it's how you react to and improve from it. I'm sure if all successful football managers went through life worrying about hurting a few peoples feeling they wouldnt achieve anything.
  20. Clarke is spot on, when push comes to shove a number of these players have proved over 3 or 4 years they simply aren't good enough. They collectively don't have the mentality and or ability to get out of this league the right way. For a club of Vale's potential and size that simply isn't good enough at league two level. We need better players and Clarke knows that.
  21. Plenty of the ball 2nd half but we literally did bugger all with it. The worrying thing is, Salford would have 3 or 4 passes of it and look more dangerous than 10 to 15 passes for us. We are in serious trouble with this squad!
  22. It's Buckinghamshire I'd call that South. If you draw a line through the middle of England it would be below it😉
  23. True, they have a very good budget for league two normally. Seem to struggle in league one however. Not saying he's a bad manager far from it but I can't see him managing up north so to speak.
  24. Southern based I'd imagine looking at his previous clubs? He's a west country bloke couldn't see him moving this far north. Not really pulled up any trees since Exeter either at MK and Bristol
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