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  1. I've lost a family member very soon after taking the vaccine, admittedly elderly but she was on medication to control seizures. The seizures came back closely followed by a stroke from which she didn't recover. I appreciate the vaccine may have saved lives and covid is dangerous to some but you'll perhaps forgive me for being sceptical of how it reacts with other medications people might be on. I won't say anymore on the matter as we'll probably have to agree to disagree, but everyone should have a choice when it comes to issues like this.
  2. Not daft at all, he makes a fair point, scientists have hardly covered themselves in glory throughout any of this. It also says in the splurge a fever can heighten the risk of a seizure. It may be a small risk but if generally he is fit and well, why would you potentially bring that upon yourself when like most people his age he's extremely low risk to Covid?
  3. Why is he daft if he has a medical condition and doesn't know how it might react with medication he's already on? Plenty of other people in his shoes I'd imagine, I don't blame him.
  4. Agree re Whitehead national league standard at best. My only hope was big spending Stockport or maybe Wrexham with their investment might take him off our hands but I'm guessing he was on a silly amount(for league two) at Salford and Vale took a sizeable chunk of that on!?
  5. I notice Tshimanga(linked with us at the start of the close season and several others since) turned out for Boreham Wood in their friendly at the weekend. Really surprised that lad hasn't secured a league club yet with his goals in the NL last couple of seasons. I don't expect it to be us btw with Bolton and Plymouth linked in league one.
  6. Neat and tidy for the most part in midfield and there is some quality there but we definitely need more upfront if we are to challenge at the right end of the table consistently. Forest were good and very hot day so not easy but plenty to work on. Guess that just shows the gulf between the top 2 divisions (and even their academy graduates) and the lower leagues these days.
  7. Dave Hibbert had an immediate impact didn't he(2 goals in that Luton game), which earned him the Preston move. Was he still on YTS when that happened or was he first year pro? We didn't really get to see much of him in a Vale shirt in the end. Think he ended up at Shrews and then Telford before calling it a day due to injuries.
  8. I really think Quigley, like many others before and since him, has been subject to the instant judgment typical of some Vale fans. He was given a grand total of minutes equivalent to around 5 games for us, all in what most will agree was one of the worst Vale sides ever. Fact is that when given an actual chance he has performed well, scoring 35 goals in 73 appearances, including 15 last season. We've had a few in recent times. Harness was another during that season, looked nothing more than an average League Two player yet has gone on to be decent League One player(at least) who scores goals from midfield. Admitedlly loan spells some players react differently to others but it could also suggest something about the coaching at VP wasn't right in the past?
  9. Simply the best Vale performance in my lifetime, played a decent Premiership side off the park and it could/should have been more than 2. Wonderful memories of a fantastic side and era!
  10. His family are from Oswestry originally so Shrewsbury would seem the likely destination.
  11. I'd agree, I was just commenting the only new items if you do a google search on him link him to Preston and Huddersfield and they aren't concrete or even newspaper rumours just fans websites speculating. I think he's spent a fair chunk of the summer playing/training with Sierra Leone so perhaps hasn't spent much time looking tbh
  12. Kaikai would be excellent but surely will be League One or potentially even Championship bound, I've seen links with Preston and Huddersfield(only fan site rumours). Surprised he hasn't got fixed up though as he was more than steady for Blackpool in league one.
  13. That's the lad. I see he's playing in Europe now.... for Bala Town!😁
  14. Didn't we have a Molyneux play for us a few years back? I say play I think he was one of those who was either on loan or short term deal and barely got on the pitch.
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