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  1. I'd tend to agree, I can't condone the sending off(2nd one especially) and who would but I thought the blokes command of his area and speed of distribution is generally excellent. His shot stopping had improved too. The problem is if he's a bit arrogant and has shown no signs of learning from this mistakes perhaps it hasn't gone down well with Clarke
  2. Was going to say looks like he was **** hot in the Northern Irish Prem but not quite had the chances at Oxford so far?
  3. Sounds like the opposite to Covolan in that respect as he does command his area pretty well and I'd say his distribution by enlarge has been good, obviously the downsides are rashness(potential sending offs as we know) and the odd shot that has beaten him from distance if I was being ultra critical. I guess it depends if Lucas has learnt his lesson or not or which do we prefer?
  4. The George Hotel is called the Dragon as well in AB's books!
  5. I believe the Swan is thinly disguised as the Duck(or at least Duck square for Swan square)😁 can't remember if the actual pub is mentioned it's a while since I read the Card.
  6. I thought he'd have been a good signing in the summer when at Boreham Wood, and we were linked with him along with Bolton briefly, was surprised he stayed in the national league tbh.
  7. Indeed I suspect we already know the answer to that as you say. The lack of science and logic applied to covid worldwide has been criminal and it doesn't take doing a lot of research to see that.
  8. Fair point(if indeed that was the case, I've heard arguments from some that it was others that it wasn't perhaps depends which hospital they worked in?) however that shouldnt be a reason to largely ignore something that could help. Why haven't antibody or t cell tests been rolled out especially to the working age population to test immunity? They've been readily available for over a year to pay for. Giving a vaccine to someone with pre-existing immunity can be dangerous in some cases and I suspect that is why there have been adverse reactions to it(however small the nos maybe).
  9. You could potentially say that about any virus though? The question we ought to be asking is why has natural immunity been largely ignored with covid by the powers that be as a form of defence?
  10. I think we've been unlucky too, that said I seem to remember a few years back 3 or 4 players having issues after leaving VP(around 03/04- 06/07). Both Brooker and McPhee ended their careers relatively prematurely due to injuries(McPhee more so) but I'm sure I read once VP was known amongst pros for being on the heavy side as pitch and if you played it regularly over a few seasons perhaps it had some effect on more injury prone players? Obviously the training ground would come into that too as they are probably on that more than the actual pitch thinking about it. Of course it's probably been relaid in the 15-18 years since but as I say sure I remember it being mentioned at some point(could be wrong?)
  11. Disappointing performance the sending off aside we just didn't look in it or up for it(apart from the odd fleeting moment), credit to Harratt easily our MOTM for effort alone and lovely goal again. He certainly look to have the knack of knowing where the onion bag is so that was probably the only positive from a poor afternoon. It was up there with Walsall for the standard(from Vale) but Swindon were a better team than Walsall and thoroughly deserved the win. That said 2 of their goals were a penalty and a deflected own goal, who knows on another day as bad as we were and but for Covolan's sending off it could have been a different 2nd half? Lets forget it and move on hopefully, plenty of games to go.
  12. I guess it depends how long it was suspended for? If they commit any more misdemenours in that period then they'd be slapped with it.
  13. Didn't Rodney have covid pretty early on in the pandemic? He seemed to dip a bit after that(after a good start) then came back in form towards the end(scored against Newport and Col U in that 6 game winning streak) so I'd be surprised if it's a big issue with that although you never know. I'd still like to see a half decent fee if he did go(18 months left on deal) as he's one of those players who has moments of brilliance in him(a little like Sodje used to) but the lack of consistency and the fact his form has fell off a cliff I'd be surprised if he goes much above League One in his career unless there's a dramatic improvement.
  14. Ah fair enough, could be why his goal output has increased dramatically as it was pretty modest before he dropped to non-league. Seems like Wrexham bound though for about 100k!
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