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  1. I feel sorry for anyone losing their job but it's been coming, if true. 1 win in 13 isn't just bad it's into embarrassing and atrocious levels. Something simply had to give. Grayson would be someone I'd look to for managers out of a job. Experience is needed in this situation IMHO.
  2. If that's the case what I don't get is why doesn't Askey say something if he doesn't like it? He was there before Sinclair. Although I can probably guess if he walked away(especially now) there is no way he'll get another league job and no pay off(if he resigned). Poor form from the owners to allow it to happen though, but Carol clearly thinks the sun shines out of Sinclair's arse too from reading her twitter posts but yet if they like Askey as a person too I just don't get it?
  3. I've been reading some posts on social media re the Sinclair situation/involvement and one poster seemed to allude on the match thread(on here) yesterday that Askey had signed two players he didn't really want. I can probably guess who. Why has Askey allowed this to happen/continue? Did he want Sinclair involved? Why did he agree to signing the players? Whether he takes his assistants advice or not surely he sinks or swims based on the decisions? If its having a negative impact, nip it in the bud. All stinks of poor management to me suggesting we perhaps need to clear the decks from the
  4. As bad as anything I've seen that first half was. Sinnott, Glover, Brown all paid the price for this sort of dross in the 4th tier. Getting indefensible now for Askey.🥺
  5. Decent(ish) performance for a first competitive game as Biddulph says above both sides gave the ball away a lot and as a result although we tried to put some good passing moves together we lacked that final pass a lot of the time. But we still created a few openings. Cullen seems a little ineffective away from home, although it's perhaps the system we play with the 1 forward and 2 wingers he gets isolated at times but Rodney and Worrall both played well and supported him as best they could. 2 good crosses I think from Worrall led to both goals, and he was his usual industrious self along wit
  6. I'd back signing someone like McLean if we could get him loaned out to National League for 6 months(at least). Big jump from Newcastle Town's level to League Two, yes the talent may be there but some experience a bit higher up would be useful to see if he can cut it against better players/defenders.
  7. If we can utilise the Hamil we should be allowed 5500-6000 surely. Lets be honest the fans in the Bycars look socially distanced a lot of the time anyway I'd say normally the vast majority of our regular 4-4.5k frequent Lorne Street and the Railway(stand and paddock) obviously because the view is better
  8. I must have dreamt the Morecambe home game then, could swear both Pope's goals were from open play that day?
  9. Whilst the 'churn' stats are interesting. I think a lot more comes into play with all the teams mentioned. Plymouth I would always class as a big club when at league two level(history and fanbase wise) and would by enlarge expect them to do well when in the 4th tier, especially with the budget they had. Plus you are always going to have a reasonable turnover of players after relegation and also having a new manager which they did. Swindon and Northampton both underachieved the season previous to some extent if I remember rightly as they are again clubs I'd expect to see in the top 10 when in l
  10. Rather a nomadic career in recent times Robinson, his League Two record is certainly pretty decent if not league one so much. He did OK for Derby in the championship a probably going back to his early/mid 20s but hasn't quite hit the heights or settled anywhere longer than a season or so since.
  11. Was thinking my Tutonda(left back from Barnet) mention might not be far off but looks like whoever it is has a bit of facial hair going on and he looks clean shaven in most photos. Osadebe and Robinson would fit the profile more looking at that image 🤔
  12. I don't have anything to link him to us BA I just noticed Sinclair was one of the first to like the tweet. He may just know him from a previous club or he coached him somewhere? He's linked with Notts county a bit on their forum earlier in the week which I guess is why a number of their fans latched on to it. If we are in for a left back we could do far worse though if Clark isn't available, one of the better ones in the conference last season I believe. More the attacking left wing back sort too
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