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  1. We took 600 odd to Orient so I'd say 750 ought to be achieveable as an away following with the run we've had. Also with it being 50+ miles less. Appreciate people have xmas coming up as well.
  2. Anyone know the craic with tickets, whether you can pay on the day? Thinking of going, I've seen the prices online but unlikely to be able to get to VP beforehand. How many are we likely to take 750 odd?
  3. Get in! Another with with 2 in 2. Shaky Jake! Let's hope he gets as many as a previous midfielder named Taylor
  4. Was his name Mike Lloyd? He didn't know much either
  5. Indeed I think Boot singlehandedly 'threw' away a chance at a new contract in that game and Hornby made sure he was 2nd choice behind Brown after coming on. Glad Boot got a club though and had a decent season with Solihull.
  6. Wow what a final. I think we got a tad lucky on the day, but England have deserved it for being the best side consistently in 50 over cricket since the last world cup. Obviously it isn't decided on that and sometimes the best side doesn't always win a major tournament that their talent deserves, abd the shorter formats of cricket (world cups wise) are often decided on who is the best side on a given day, especially once you get to the knockout stages, despite us winning the majority of bilateral ODI series over the last few years, so 4 years of being the best can go out of the window in one crappy performance in the semis or final, so nice for a bit of justice in that respect. I don't often feel sorry for the opposition when they lose but New Zealand must be gutted if you take that game in complete solitude the sides couldn't be split based on the tried and tested rules of cricket so a harsh way to lose. Stokes was outstanding and fully vindicated himself of the last over disaster in the T20 final a couple of years ago. It would have been the icing on the cake had he actually got the winning run in normal play so to speak. Deservedly MOTM
  7. True I went to the game at Cambridge and we deserved a draw on balance, after the 3 lads up front their goalie Mitov I think it is? was their best player, but they also gave us the run around at times going forward. Having said that they were one of the poorest sides I saw at VP on the opening day(I probably only saw Yeovil who were worse), and their record away generally was piss poor baring the odd result. We shouldn't particularly be trying to emulate a side who finished below us though as we were hardly any better, 46 games don't lie and Cambridge finished in the bottom 6 for a reason. I do like Amoo as a signing though, I thought he was decent at Carlisle a few years ago and hopefully in a better side he can thrive, we shall see.
  8. I remember Cummings at MK Dons being pretty steady, the amount of games he has played for a 30 year old is not great though, less than 200 with cup games included. I'd expect someone of his age to have pushing up nearer the 300 mark even if you say 8 seasons with 35 games on avg, accounting for a couple missed through injury if players break through at 18-20. That's either a lot of time injured or sat on a bench. Either that or he's had bad luck in that every team he's played for have had a better RB or made bad career choices. Appears to have played little in 6 or 7 years at Reading?
  9. Indeed, they must have a pretty low break even figure on attendances. I've always thought somebody must be digging in their pocket with Accrington to some degree, unless Coleman really is that much of a miracle worker? They never seem to sell too many players for big bucks either(not sure what the Windass lad went for a couple of seasons ago?) or have had any particular stunning cup runs to suggest where money would come from. I still don't think Colemam would be that good a manager elsewhere personally , as his spell at Rochdale attests to. He just seems to have an affinity for Accrington which is admirable in this age of no loyalty amongst players and managers. Fair play to them if they are doing everything above board.
  10. Agree with Andyregs. People are missing the point it's not the size of the club re Accrington that the Shanahans are looking to emulate more the way they are run in terms of operations on/off the pitch I'd imagine. Whilst it's perhaps too simplistic to say if Accy can achieve 3rd tier football with gates of less than 2k on avg why can't we as a bigger club fanbase wise, as there is more to football than that. Yes Accrington have perhaps also got lucky in that they have a manager who seems to have an affinity with the club/has done an excellent job, so they are going through a very good spell in there history(ala us with Rudge in the 80s and 90s). But I'm guessing Holt has built the infrastructure of the club off the pitch whilst they are doing well on it so if they do hit a bad patch football wise they are better equipt to deal with it. All that said I'm sure Andy Holt would give his right arm in a business sense for gates of 4.5k with the potential for between 5-6k+ if the club did well. At Accy he is lucky if they get 3k when they are doing well. They get less than 1.5k sometimes on a Tues night with a bad away following.
  11. One or two lads at Solihull got a few goals Yussuf and Hylton both late 20s. I'd imagine they'd be more in our price range than anyone at Salford or Fylde as I'd guess their better players will be on more money than we pay. Harrogate also had a good season, anyone there worth pinching? Askey made a good buy for Shrewsbury from the National league last season the black lad Okenbirhie(sp?) from Dagenham got 16 goals for them in the end so he certainly has his eye on the league. We shall see!
  12. At least he hasn't dragged it out to the lengths V2001 did and for that I am pleased. But he certainly took us to similar depths (league position wise) and for that alone let's hope the latter part of his tenure can be consigned to history books before anymore damage is done. I won't go in for all the abuse of Norman but I will certainly raise a glass to Carol and Kevin tonight at bowls and wish them all the best.
  13. Agree generally, bit harsh on Yeovil, I thought along with Wycombe they'd been one of the better additions outside of the 'traditional' league sides in the last 25 years. Reasonable home fanbase tbf to them despite it being a bit of an outpost miles from anywhere! As Sage says, sadly money talks in this day and age. Fylde have just put Solihull out too, shame for them they've had a very good season for a very small club and were probably the only one of the last 4 not to be backrolled. Still if Eastleigh go out I'd imagine Vale fans will travel in reasonable numbers to Fylde or Salford.
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