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  1. Yes but Crookes has been deployed at left back thus far, just making the point would rather have someone who could improve and/or develop a bit than someone a heading towards being past their best!
  2. Do we need another 'older' CB with Legge 34/35 and Brisley 30ish? Surely someone around the 25-28 mark should be more the target. I appreciate our full backs are a lot younger(Gibbons, Crookes) but wouldn't want us to be lacking pace in the middle too much!
  3. Rodney's record on the face of it isn't fantastic at league level but a lot of those appearances are as a sub so some could be for barely 5-10 minutes. Goals to actual starts is decent, albeit in the national league mostly. As mentioned we need back up upfront and Askey only plays one out and out striker anyway. A bit of pace never went a miss either against lower league defenders.
  4. Possibly waiting for the league one playoffs and championship seasons to be over. A few teams there who could be interested in Smith but won't be making any decisions yet.
  5. We must have some scouting network in the Welsh leagues as we took Rawlinson(although he turned out relatively average) and if we're now linked with these other 2.
  6. Always surprised Krystian Pearce never pushed on to at least League One perhaps Championship he looked good on loan for us early in his career and was highly rated, yet has spent most of his career at Notts, Torquay and Mansfield in League Two. I guess him, Brisley and Legge could form some sort of partnership should Smith leave(as seems likely).
  7. Yes was a good attacking midfielder/winger in a poor side at Yeovil but has been disappointing by all accounts at Mansfield. I think he was a West Brom youth so could be fairly local based. Is he greatly better than what we have already though?
  8. So sad. I met Mike through this site and then in person through the Griff charity shirts a few years back and then when he was organising the V2001 protests and meetings. Although I knew him by sight as a regular at Vale games home and away. Stood with him on the Crawley protest as the poster mentions above. A great bloke who was Vale to the core. RIP owd Sage/Mike
  9. Koordes I always felt was poor at the time but Guppy was an an extremely hard act to follow and the fact we were championship buys him some leeway just about. He may have been a decent lower league player who knows? Jeff Smith flatter to deceive, yes big style, but worst ever no, he had ability just lazy from what I remember. Edwards and Tudor are about the worst I can think of too have made any significant amount of appearances? Mohammed probably just about gets away with it as he must have played less than 10 games, considering his spell at Cheltenham though prior to us, a big disappointment. Marc Goodfellow former Stoke player we loaned from Bristol, mid 2000s was a shocker although he perhaps could be classed as a striker position wise? Dreadful player but again probably only managed 5 or 6 games if that.
  10. I think Sinnott could spot a player a number of his signings turned out pretty decent under Adams. McCombe, Dodds, Taylor(who scored some cracking goals), Griffith, Collins all did well for us to varying degrees. Unfortunately it was how the team was deployed that let him down coupled with 2 or 3 bad signings, the rubbish Foyle bought in his last summer(Miller, Rocastle(candidate for the worst centre mid ever), Paul 'old one foot' Edwards, Tudor(who barely played) and the board wranglings he was always on to a loser. Rob has summed it up pretty well all told. Howland I always thought was one of the better players in a very poor side, again he scored a couple of crackers one away at Lincoln and another in the miracle comeback at Huddersfield in the cup. When we started to improve under Adams he sort of got found out a a bit/Adams didn't rate him. I think he ended up back in the Irish leagues.
  11. Some strange nominations on the previous page. Lipa for me should be nowhere near it. If you watch the 03/04 highlights that have been posted on youtube during the lockdown he actually plays some very good passes into to McPhee, Brooker and attacking players. He was better than he looked but joining English football at 33/34 can't have been easy. Amoros I thought had one excellent game at home to Scunny played a couple more(wasn't so good) then was never seen again was he injured then as Brown took over from Bruno and didn't fancy him probably so difficult to judge if he'd have been any good. Shalaj never got a chance although he was a winger. Rocastle now there's another who runs MacKenzie and Davidson close!
  12. Defender and I thought he was half decent as we tried to sign him permanently but he chose to go back to Holland. You must be thinking of someone else??
  13. I know what you mean eh up nah, certainly as a player at a higher level(which he played at before joining Vale(I remember him playing against us 2 or 3 times in the 90s) he struck me as a player who did very little but strut around midfield play the odd pass now and again and foul someone and get booked every other game. A bit like Robbie Savage made a career of tbh. However I thought he did a decent job for us by enlarge although I'm sure he'd have passed on the goal line rather than shoot if he ever got in that position(which wasn't often)! Getting back to the thread I'd say Neil MacKenzie and Ross Davidson. No contest. I still have nightmares about Bury away with that central midfield partnership!
  14. Sure the Slater game was Macclesfield at home we lost 4-1 and was the end for Sinnott? He got outpaced by Simon Yeo who although a decent lower league goal scorer must have been 33/34 at the time and wasn't exactly Linford Christie, I think he got a hattrick in that match! I think the Walker match is the same one I've referred to against Donny in the previous post.
  15. Holwyn and Walker for me. Holwyn for the QPR game obviously and I'm sure I remember him putting in another inept display against West Brom the same season? We drew 2-2, Naylor got our 2 and Peschisolido got their goals. I'm sure Holwyn presented him with one of the goals on a plate. He was one of the only players I've seen in a Vale shirt who literally struggled to stand up. Walker had the turning circle of a north sea ferry. He single handedly turned a game in Doncaster's favour on a Sunday once we were 1-0 up at half time and ended up losing 3-1 down to some comic cuts defending.
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