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OVF Archive: the origin of Port Vale's Valiants nickname


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I'm doing some work reviewing the OVF blog (i.e. the articles from the front page). There are over 10,000 articles now so I guess a lot of them may have passed some of you by. I therefore thought it may be a nice idea to pull some features out and highlight them in the forum.

This is the first one...

1. The origins of Port Vale's 'Valiants' nickname


Nine years ago, back in 2012, I published a post about how the club's nickname came about and how, if the Sentinel newspaper had had its way, the club would have been called the Colliers.

Read that article herehttps://www.onevalefan.co.uk/2012/05/valiants-1876-sorry-43-years-out/


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Kind of wish we had stuck with the wanderers idea, The Colliers has a nice ring to it.

I guess it's in keeping with one of the only teams not named after a place, to have a nickname that has nothing to do with the area either .

The Colliers vs The Potters in the Derby?

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