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  1. Reading the managers interview I think a lot of players will not be here next season. I am sure no other club of our status can carry so many injury prone players. At our level we need a squad of players who can play thirty plus games a season. I am sure we will see a massive turn over of players this summer, sadly its needed !
  2. Stopped shipping goals ! Yes we need to be better but not conceding is the first step. So I take a positive from this. Hopefully we can be a bit better going forward.
  3. A very suprising appointment, but I am very happy with it ! Welcome to Vale Park Mr Clarke thank you to our great owners who are trying to turn our shambles of a club into a truly proffesional outfit.
  4. We could easily get dragged in to a relegation scrap if we continue to ship goals at a alarming rate. We need a few wins and start to get some scrappy draws here and there .
  5. Well after watching the Tranmere game you can be sure nobody will be marking Maynard !
  6. The defence is a real worry! I am sure you could pick four defenders up from the top half of the national league who would do better than we are at the moment. We real are conceding goals for fun I cant remember us conceding three and four goals a game so often. The manner of a lot of these defeats is of great concern, I wish I had some answers, I am really annoyed and concerned at our current plight.
  7. As said keep shipping two and three goals a game you are going nowhere except non league! Sort out this effing defence its embarrassing to say the least
  8. Why oh why cant we mark James Vaugan how many had he scored against us ? For heavens sake pants
  9. If we are to get anything from this game we have to score a few! Because without a shadow of doubt Vaughan will score against us, if I was a betting man I would put a few quid on him.
  10. We could do with getting one or two players off the books, surprised Robinson has not been taken.
  11. Well done lads about time we were up for a game! Completely controlled the game from start to finish. First time I could relax and enjoy the game for a while. Onward and upwards . Very happy bunny here!
  12. Just hope for once we can be up for a game! Really struggling to watch at the moment as some of the efforts make me so angry .
  13. Remember my last visit to Scunny we lost 3 nil Billy Sharpe scored a couple for them, we were luck to get nil totally out played. I just hope we can be up little more up for a game of football and at least put a bit of effort in . I can’t help but wonder if some of these home performances were in front of a crowd, just what would happen!!
  14. We have been a soft side for sometime. These harder players need a bit of managing many of the previous managers we have had could not tolerate them. Its left us short of back bone, who do you want next to you in the trenches ? Andy Porter Aspo and the like.
  15. I know its a bit controversial but the clubs in the lower leagues that generally do well have a rather direct style of play. Its all well and good trying to play like Manchester City but if you don't have the players you are wasting your time. A lot of national league clubs doing well have quite a few six footers. I suppose Cheltenham have a good approach play a bit of football then mix it up with long throws and set pieces, Toser has quite a few assists.
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