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  1. Well I hope we start a lot better than we did against Barrow we were very lethargic first half. After last nights showing we need to be much better all over the park. Not sure on the team could Amoo make an appearance ? he really needs to show what he can do, as Rodders seems a little off the boil. I am sure DC will come up with the answer and hopefully three points.
  2. Well very happy we got a point, a little concerned we played so poorly as I think performances set the tone. Were they that much better or were we just having an off day, I really hope we see a much improved performance on Saturday from the off. After all the micro analysis of Covlan against Barrow why not after Mansfield!
  3. You can never tell with the Vale I just hope we are up for it and all eleven firing on all cylinders. After last season double spanking it would be nice to extract some revenge. I take nothing for granted with this game they are no mugs, however another good test for us to see where we are. Come on you whites!
  4. I suppose it’s good analysing the little negative things after a good win. Still think the defensive wall business needs a little work, never mind turning your back keep your eye on the ball all the time. Goalkeeping is a very much a confidence thing, would I change things ? Not sure would Politic and Benning start so glad we have a manager to sort this out. Now we have lads on the bench to change a game which has to be a big plus.
  5. Great first strike even better second one.
  6. Still think the wall should have been better definitely need to improve on that . Could we have a player lying down as is the case now. Anyway we won that’s the most important thing then iron out these little weakness as we go
  7. No it was in the corner! The wall was at fault just as much!
  8. To the few slagging off the goalie ! What about the defensive wall! very poor took there eye of the ball , should we have had a player lying down? We defend as a team the wall did not do there job.
  9. What ever you think of Wilson the lad ran his socks off , plus he has a bit of quality . First half we were very flat but certainly responded in the second. Very happy bunny well done to DC and the lads
  10. There is one thing for certain you are going to find it very difficult to football your way out of this division. It’s all about height and pumping long balls into the box, we did not press enough yesterday to stop the barrage of long balls. Yesterday is a little reality check hope we can learn from it and push on, not too despondent but Barrow will be a good yard stick.
  11. Well very disappointing result! It does seem the way to get out of the national league is have a team of over six footers ! It also seems to work in league two! Could have really done with Leggy yesterday. Still lessons learned got to stop the crosses coming in when we play these teams ! We didn’t have the rub of the green this week onwards and upwards good test again against Barrow .. Got watch out for there antics !
  12. Love that vid of DC great to see some passion. Interesting to note all our three goals came from pull backs! Been such a good few weeks putting two away bogies to bed then doing the top sides. Another good test next week if we can get something there happy days!
  13. Without doubt should have been three or four up at half time. Lost our way a bit second half jammy first goal for them then a defensive mistake for the second. Amoo had a glorious chance to equalise but put it over the hamil road! Not to worry the next time he set it up perfectly. Well done DC and the lads top marks to the fans who cheered the lads off . Happy happy Days!
  14. Looks like the weather is going to ruin the chance of a decent gate. I just hope we can adapt better to the conditions than the southern softies, and get the three points. Any way a good test for us today to see where we are I really hope all the lads are up for it. Come on you mighty whites!
  15. We are quickly becoming a difficult team to play! Who are you going to mark? A number of players are potential goal scorers. I am sure DC will pick a team to win , again if we are all at 7 of 8 out of 10 we will win. Come on you whites !
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