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  1. If we get the whole team at 90% plus then we will do ok ! Once one or two drop there standards we are in trouble. We cannot carry passengers all need to perform to there best if we are going to have success.
  2. I would like to think we can get something from this game however as always we need to be at our best for the 90 mins . We have been very dissapointing against Morcambe in the past so let's hope we are well up for it !
  3. I think because I purchase presidents season ticket. I just wanted to support the club ! Did not expect anything just so happy to help us get through the difficult times.
  4. Received yesterday from our fantastic owners. To say I am choked surprised and absolutely delighted is an understatement I feel so proud to be a Valiant not only have Carol and Kevin given us credibility but a fantastic caring community club . I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for our club. UTV
  5. The gospel according to St John ! 20 clean sheets = promotion. 18 to ho then !
  6. Great news totally delighted well done all involved getting this over the line
  7. Well over previous seasons we have certainly lack leaders! Be good to get somebody like that
  8. I intended to donate a bit more often but been out of mind for a while . So it needs to be pushed a bit ! Looking to donate once a month so let's keep it in the forefront of things .
  9. I think its fantastic that we have players who WANT to play for us ! Not just a load of journey men and chancers . The turn around in our club in just twelve months is nothing short of remarkable ! U TV
  10. First game this year for me due to an op! So heres hoping we can get stuck in and get the three points. Make no mistake this is no easy match we need all eleven to be at 100% to get the three points. This is a very tight league everybody seems to be able beat anybody, I think if we play at our best then we can do it.
  11. Clean sheet a point keeps us in the mix ! UTV
  12. I have donated ! But will still raid the piggy to give a bit more ! I would really like us to do this !
  13. Without doubt a real tough test. I would take a point now! If all our eleven are at 100% then maybe we can dream. Not very confident as they seem to have developed a knack for pinching it but heres hoping UTV
  14. Our game management is so poor! Very disappointing to drop points again. But still a points a point and it keeps the pot boiling. Tough match at Cheltenham coming up they seem to have the nouse for winning anything there will be a bonus . Fingers crossed for something .
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