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  1. Just sums up our luck this season! Still it could change things could go for us! Come on u whites
  2. Well done all you traveling Valiants respect! I was thinking I have only just recovered from loosing to West Brom at Wembley! Was it that long ago?
  3. So absolutely nervous its untrue ! I can't say how much I want us to win this ! If we could win in some style so much the better ! Please please lads be up for it Come on you mighty whites!
  4. Loved watching Forest v Sheffield got to praise Sheffield for there never say die attitude even though they went a goal down they never gave up and bar some unbelievable goalkeeping would have won. Lessons to be taken from that game! We can do it we have to believe we have to give our all ! If we go down then at the very least go down fighting. Come on u mighty whites!
  5. With out doubt trying to be fair to all has back fired a bit. Maybe should have been all on general sale from the off or just give the season ticket holders one day to claim ! We have made it harder than it needs to be to get a ticket, and disadvantaged the worker and out of area fans. All I suppose a learning curve.
  6. Our fans were not as vocal as usual but this is understandable! Soaking wet having to queue for ever for food or go the loo. A very depressing experience to say the least . Then took forever to get out of Swindon then twenty odd miles along the cart track to get to the M5 .
  7. I think we should even things up for the second leg ! Let install sprinklers in the Bycars and see how their fans like sitting in the soaking wet for two hours.
  8. It’s going to interesting how this plays out over two legs ! Certainly going to test the managers awareness! Let’s hope we can take a positive result back to VP and the players do us proud. Exeter aside the performances have been way off the mark the last three games. A long trek Sunday so come on u whites give us something to shout about.
  9. Got my away ticket and two for grandson and his girl friend ! Not a big queue if you want one get down .
  10. I need an away ticket for my grandson! Does anyone know if it's worth me queuing in the morning .
  11. I think my days of camping out are long gone!
  12. Would like to get an away ticket for g/son ! Could do with knowing if it's worth going up in the morning.
  13. I went online for home tickets took me all of two minutes!
  14. Anyway I can have a lie in tomorrow! Get my away ticket Thursday and hope I can get my grandsons Friday!
  15. As far as aware season ticket holders tomorrow. General sale Thurday as I read it! Stand to be corrected
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