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  1. There is one thing for certain you are going to find it very difficult to football your way out of this division. It’s all about height and pumping long balls into the box, we did not press enough yesterday to stop the barrage of long balls. Yesterday is a little reality check hope we can learn from it and push on, not too despondent but Barrow will be a good yard stick.
  2. Well very disappointing result! It does seem the way to get out of the national league is have a team of over six footers ! It also seems to work in league two! Could have really done with Leggy yesterday. Still lessons learned got to stop the crosses coming in when we play these teams ! We didn’t have the rub of the green this week onwards and upwards good test again against Barrow .. Got watch out for there antics !
  3. Love that vid of DC great to see some passion. Interesting to note all our three goals came from pull backs! Been such a good few weeks putting two away bogies to bed then doing the top sides. Another good test next week if we can get something there happy days!
  4. Without doubt should have been three or four up at half time. Lost our way a bit second half jammy first goal for them then a defensive mistake for the second. Amoo had a glorious chance to equalise but put it over the hamil road! Not to worry the next time he set it up perfectly. Well done DC and the lads top marks to the fans who cheered the lads off . Happy happy Days!
  5. Looks like the weather is going to ruin the chance of a decent gate. I just hope we can adapt better to the conditions than the southern softies, and get the three points. Any way a good test for us today to see where we are I really hope all the lads are up for it. Come on you mighty whites!
  6. We are quickly becoming a difficult team to play! Who are you going to mark? A number of players are potential goal scorers. I am sure DC will pick a team to win , again if we are all at 7 of 8 out of 10 we will win. Come on you whites !
  7. Absolutely fantastic result. Well done you mighty whites credit to DC respect to all the travelling Valiants. An other fantastic weekend things are really starting to happen can we dream? A good test next week but we should not be afraid of anyone.
  8. Without doubt consistency is going to be the key for us. We have a good enough squad to challenge at the top end, however we cannot carry players all have to be on there game. If all eleven are at 7 or 8 out of 10 then we will win anything less we will be in trouble. I would really like us to win up there last time I went to scunny we lost three nil Billy Sharp scored twice. We are due a win here’s hoping .
  9. Very noticeable yesterday not dwelling to much on the ball! As you move up the league players are quicker and sharper you will not get the time you had in the lower league. He is learning fast and his handling so far is impressive, got high hopes for the guy.
  10. The general quality all over the park is evident! Some of the passes played were exceptional, just over elaborate a little in the second half. We are really beginning to play some very nice football, if we continue like this then the future could be very exciting.
  11. Great result very accomplished performance, two of the finest goals you will see in the football league. Very happy today made my weekend again. Things are beginning to look much better all round. We have now set the bar I hope we can really push on from here. Well done to DC and the boys put an other shift in again today.
  12. Yes really hoping we can kick on, and keep the interest in the season going until the end. Throw in a good cup run and we could really have something to shout about.
  13. Oh for an other Micky Cummings! Gutted when he left! Scored so many goals at the back post. If Garrity can be as good then happy days!
  14. Just a thought it does seem that there is quite a gulf between first and second division players, more than in the past! We have quite a good squad now but as last Saturday showed we cannot carry players, all need to on there game , hopefully with our squad we can get the consistency we will need to be up top.
  15. Goals come from all over the team! Which is nice surely won’t be long before Ton Conlon chips in with a few.
  16. Fantastic! Made my weekend. Love it when we win! Great to do one over these!
  17. Come on you whites . Concentrate we can do this
  18. Let’s hope so ! We need something. from this game,
  19. Why do we get completely on top then let the opposition take over ? Weird!
  20. We have a team largely built up of inconsistent second division players. If as last week a large proportion were not at it then we are in trouble. If all are firing then we will be OK we are just not good enough to carry anyone. Let’s hope last week was a blip and we can be a bit more up for it Saturday, after many disappointments at Swindon I would love to give them a going over. After all Swindon’s problems you have to give them respect for how well they have done so far. Come on Vale let’s get at them for 90 mins plus and bring home the three points.
  21. Real bad day at the office. A good kick in the teeth! For the fans. The players need to realise that unless all give 100% then we will always struggle. Bitterly disappointed but we go again let's hope for a good responce
  22. Rudgie rarely changed a winning team ! However times have changed it’s more and more a squad game. The manager lives and dies by his decisions so we have to support DC and trust he gets it right.
  23. I was a little worried with the amount of changes before the FGR game but hey it worked! It does seem as a club we can make the changes without disrupting the system, I suppose now more than ever it’s truly a squad game. I would not like to have to pick the team but as said very difficult to change much after last week.The old ethos of got the shirt then keep it!
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