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  1. Unless we up the tempo considerably from Saturday we will be in trouble. What was it at half time we had less than 40% possession that’s bad for the home team! A massive improvement is required from Saturday! I just hope we have been taught a lesson and learn from it.
  2. There’s a lot of ifs and buts! However we were poor very fortunate to get the game back to one all with a wonder strike. Could we have turned it around second half with eleven men ? I don’t know we were so far off the pace I doubt it. We were given a real footballing lesson, the only positive I can take if anyone was watching our players with a view to buying would be very disappointed. Williams for them was by far and away better than anyone we have. How Swindon have turned around there start of season mayhem and problems to be up there is truly an unbelievable achievement. All credit to there management and players. Let’s hope this game is a kick up the pants and we can start performing for 90 minutes and not 45
  3. Got to agree with most! Just not at it slow from start to finish we have been taught a real lesson today the stats say it all . At half time we only had 30% possession! I just hope today was a real wake up call , Williams was by far and away better than anything we have, all in all they could pass a ball to there own men. We were far to slow far to lethargic must do much better.
  4. How many bench warmers and journey men have we had over the past few years! Now at least we have guys on the bench who can make a difference. Nothing is sure in football but we have a manager who can make decisions and we are at least trying in improve the squad
  5. I hope no key players leave it just sends out the wrong message!
  6. Well done lads made a good effort just not to be! They always seem to have one over on us. Beaten but not disgraced with our injuries this was a good performance! Disappointed but not to unhappy three points from two difficult away matches would have took that every day.
  7. Going to hide behind the sofa until 5 ! This is without doubt a real test for us let’s hope we are as prepared as possible. Come on you whites.
  8. I would have taken a point at Bristol as I would on Saturday. Our best hope is we can keep it as tight at the back possible and maybe nick a goal. Not particularly hopeful but the lads keep confounding me. Anything from this game would be fantastic just hope they don’t score in time added like they have a nack of doing
  9. Absolutely delighted with this result I was not expecting anything! What great character we have in our squad well done lads and the management. Credit to the travelling valiants hats off to you all.
  10. this without doubt is a real test both physically and mentally. Any positive result here would be a real statement. I am just hoping we can get something from the next two away games anything like three or four points would be fantastic .
  11. Chuffed to bits with this win! What a squad we have no matter who comes in they all seem to contribute. No more journey men and bench warmers a top squad well done the lads and the management team. So happy we have a bit extra cash let’s hope we can get a favourable draw in the next round.
  12. The FA cups great to watch! Both Gateshead and Stockport did really well last night the standard of some of these non league sides is very good. I hope we can rise to the challenge of this one and sneak a result then get a plum draw in the next round.
  13. Well just got in ! Frozen stiff! Very happy with three points ultimately with probably five of our top players out this was not a bad performance. A game of football played in atrocious conditions so well done to both teams , I doff my cap to the travelling Hartlepool fans credit to you .
  14. We have a good second division squad and if they are all playing at 7/10 we will win most games, however if they are at 5/10 we are going to be in trouble. I really hope and pray for a response running chasing down and generally up for it. I hope the last few results are a kick up the butt we need to push on.
  15. The last two performances have been worrying to say the least. How can this suddenly happen ? I just hope we can turn this around quickly. So dissapointed with last night's attitude and comitment enough said.
  16. So sad we have returned to type! Thought we had turned the corner with stupidity and predictable performances.
  17. I think and hope we will really up for this game, to make up for Saturdays disappointing performance. If we are at it I think we should win but it’s not going to be easy.
  18. Yes what a great man always time for you. Sadly another great Valiant slips away loved the pictures of him on his Lambretta . Rest in peace Tone !
  19. In the past Walsall never really had to send a team they just hung eleven shirts on a washing line and beat us two nil. Let’s hope we have well and truly turned this corner and we are well up for it.
  20. After sleeping on it. Despondent no disappointed yes I thought after putting a few bogeys to bed we would be up for this! but no reverted to type big crowd epic fail . You would have thought that after a week off and them playing Tuesday we would have had more energy. All teams now are just going to lump high balls into the box knowing we cannot defend them for toffee. It’s got to be hammered home we are not good enough to just turn up we all need to be at 7 or 8 out of 10 yesterday there were far to many 5 ! Must do better!
  21. First away match for sometime, very disappointing just not at it ! How to beat Port Vale lump high balls into the box you will score every time. Apart Gibbo nobody deserved more than 5 out of 10 . We will need to play much better with a little more effort.
  22. First away match for sometime! Grandson and his friend are really excited and looking forward to this one. Please please Vale turn up for this one! even with a few of our best players out we are more than capable of three points if we are not complacent . Come on you whites !
  23. Really hope the lads don't disappoint the traveling Valiants tomorrow. Going up myself with grandson will have to have a pre match couple in the Rifle Ramge .Not expecting this to be easy so hope we are firing on all cylinders
  24. Gordon Bennet there are a lot of what ifs and he should have done this and that. If Lloyd had of been a bit more composed and put the chance away we would all be singing a different tune. We were not at our best we did not have the rub of the green we made a lot of very silly mistakes. Bradford have a decent squad and a top manager but there were no better than us we had by far the best chances. Yes would have liked 3points but we still got 1 on to Oldham for an other tough match ! And it’s not going to be a walk in the park ! If we are back to our best we can get three points anything less and we could be embarrassed.
  25. Oldham are not going to be a nailed on three points! We need to get back to basics and play at 7 or 8 out of 10 . Hope we can quickly get back on track and get the next winning run under way.Today has not been the best but it’s another point there’s nobody in there squad an better than ours..
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