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  1. Let's hope they empty the tank to beat Bristol Rovers tonight - doing us a favour in the process and turn up knackered on Saturday. Win tonight and they've still got a sneak of the play-offs!
  2. I was with a couple of neutrals last night and they couldn't believe how big we were compared to Harrogate. We really should've taken advantage of that superiority more than we did but too often the final ball was lacking quality. Unpopular opinion but Pett was our weak link last night and I thought was at fault for their goal. I'd be moving Walker into the middle for him with Garrity and sticking Martin (or preferably Hussey) in at LCB - with Gibbo and Wozza at WBs. Seen one or two negative comments about Cooper, but he was a bright spark and caused them loads of trouble especially in the 2nd half. Only frustration was his rush of blood to the head when he was presented with a great opportunity in the 2nd half and perhaps one or two of his final balls lacked quality. But in a period where we are lacking guile, he certainly has a trick or two that could open up defences. One final point - would've liked to have seen Harratt off the bench last night but I suspect a (forced?) change at CB at HT left us with less wriggle room and Charsley and Wozza were safer options given the circumstances. Edmo scored and occupied their defence fairly well but was flagging badly (as many were) towards the end and would've been nice to give them something different to think about. Frustrating to come away with only a point but 2-7 are up for grabs and we're one of the teams in the mix. I wouldn't rule anything out yet.
  3. Any idea if you need a ticket or if I can just turn up and get in?
  4. Good post. In short, I think Jones could be that overlapping CB that you talk about and I especially think him and Hussey could work well down that left hand side. I don't think we should be leaving out a fully fit Brad Walker when we're talking about not being able to unlock teams. We just move him forward. The team posted by Mellor earlier in the thread is how we should approach this, with Gibbo, Hussey and Jones attacking more than they defend, Garrity supporting the front two and Walker and Pett adding quality in the middle. If it doesn't work, then we have Amoo, Wozza, Cooper, Edmo and Harratt on the bench.
  5. If we don't go for the kill from the first minute against a side who is low on confidence and got hammered last time out, then I despair. None of this 'let's stay in the game for 60 mins and then have a go' nonsense. It's Stevenage at home and we're trying to get promoted.
  6. Saturday felt like a win, last night felt like a defeat. It's lovely to keep the unbeaten run going, but I'd rather have won one and lost one than drawn two. We've turned the corner since the bleak mid-winter, but we're drawing far too many games. We're still setting up 'not to lose' rather than 'win' and that leaves you open to throwing away points in games like last night. At this point, I'd much rather finish 12th losing 3-2 most weeks than finish 9th because we're too scared to go and destroy teams. It was almost like it was too easy last night and we couldn't be arsed to finish them off. I thought before last night we needed a minimum of 10 points from the next 5 games. So, that makes it 9 from the next 4 - so we need to win both home games and one of the away games. Then we go into the final 12 matches - 7 of which are against teams who will still fancy their chances of finishing in the top 7. Potentially seven six-pointers. I've given up on finishing 3rd, but I'll still be incredibly disappointed if we don't finish in the top 7. Let's go for the kill from the off on Saturday and give Stevenage a good hammering.
  7. Hampden gets some stick (and rightly so) but I was lucky enough to have been in attendance when Scotland beat France back in 2006 and the atmosphere was simply unbelievable. Some place when it's rocking. Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador, Brazil will stick in my memory forever. Was fortunate enough to see two games at that venue at the 2014 WC (including that RVP header in Holland's demolition of Spain). Uniquely the 'back' of the stand behind the goal offers a window into the 'real Brazil' ie. the slums of Salvador, with the stadium plonked in the middle of it. Incredible, thought provoking design. With Vale. 2006 was a strong year starting and ending with trips to proper grounds - Villa Park and White Hart Lane. On the other end of the spectrum, always had a soft spot for Saltergate (especially our last trip there!). Of the new grounds, I remember thinking the KC was pretty smart on my only visit (Lee Matthews 35 yarder) and Rotherham's new ground is at least a bit different from the identikit efforts of Chesterfield, Shrewsbury etc.
  8. Considering he was part of what was essentially a two man midfield on Tuesday, his contributions were excellent. It was him playing a neat one-two with Edmonson, breaking through the lines and providing a great cut back for Wilson for the 2nd goal. It was also him playing a neat lofted ball through to Wozza who squared it to Harratt for a huge chance to seal the game. Not bad for a lad who is often said to lack quality.
  9. We were excellent last night. They scored a goal against the run of play and we let them have a 5 minute spell in the second half where they huffed and puffed but produced nowt. Otherwise, it was total control. Main positives: - Hussey is a very good footballer. He's much more than his dead balls. A couple of cross field passes last night were beyond L2 level and on a couple of occasions where he was isolated in the 2nd half he managed to retain possession or win a throw. His game management is also excellent - he was taking a ridiculous amount of time taking corners in the 2nd half when we were protecting a lead. Saw a couple of glimpses of him linking up with Wilson, which is exciting. - Wilson back to close to his best. They just couldn't live with him in that first half especially. Dropping into the hole, supporting the wing backs, shooting on sight. Got his second wind midway through the 2nd half and drove us onto victory. Such a strong performance deserving of his standing ovation when he came off the pitch. - Brad Walker looked the real deal at CB. Not only that, but Hall and Smith looked very comfortable next to him. Ok, we'll have stronger tests than last night but how nice was it to have a ball playing centre half. Maybe we have stumbled upon the winning combination there? - Smiles are back. Amoo was beaming at the end in front of the fans, and DC gave it the big fist pump. The race isn't run for this group. They look very hungry.
  10. Absolutely no chance the game will be off. They're a proper club unlike that tinpot shower we were scheduled to play at the weekend.
  11. Hoping poor Gary can sell enough 'Class of 92' NFTs to fund some improvements to the playing surface. Tinpot <ovf censored>. Another reason we need to get out of this hell-hole of a league.
  12. Reading between the lines from the tweets, but there's more than one comment about 'consultations on the stadium' and things (like the turnstiles) not being used because they're not fit for purpose. Has Carol realised that even maintaining Vale Park requires a bottomless pit of cash and moving to a more modern stadium may be a better long term solution than attempting to modernise the old place? That's not me saying we should, but when you see a tannoy system costing 250k then it does make you wonder.
  13. I think it would cost that much just to properly dispose of the contents of the slag heap that the Railway is built on.
  14. Everyone had already got their tickets for the Autoglass before it was known we'd be in the play off final. People weren't going to go down twice in a week - even though I totally agree that the 2nd game was a million miles more important than the first. I believe it's why they changed the final of the EFL Trophy to prevent it 'clashing' with the PO's like it did for us?
  15. Best 45 mins of the season, possibly best all-round performance of the season taking into account the opposition. Everyone hungry on and off the pitch. Atmosphere sounded excellent on the stream. FGR were totally rattled by it. A turning point in the season. Top 7 is there if we want it with this squad of players. Let's avenge that Salford defeat on Saturday.
  16. Calm down lad. I'm talking about in a dream world where we spend 30m+ redeveloping the Railway and Bycars rather than plonking a little gantry on top of the Railway roof.
  17. That's the capacity of their main stand. I'd imagine it just means replacing the existing 'pink' seats with red ones, as they did with the other three stands in recent years. I guess they left it til last because it's the only stand you don't see from the TV cameras. Unrelated but that makes me think how much better our stadium would look on TV if the camera gantry was moved to the Railway, facing the Lorne Street.
  18. I know. It's not like we have over 20 games and 60 points to play for after. Oh, wait...... They're the whipping boys of the division. They've won 3 times all season. They've lost their last five, failing to score in four of those games. They've won once in their past 22 L2 away games - and that was at Oldham ffs. The current bookies odds imply they have an 89% of being relegated out of the EFL this season. They are - on most metrics - the worst side in the entire EFL and I'd have them in the bottom half of the National League with their current side. So, I repeat. If we can't do them over we've got zero chance of getting promotion.
  19. Quite simply if we can't turn over a truly awful, out of sorts, goal-shy Scunthorpe United on Saturday then we can say goodbye to any hopes we have of promotion this season.
  20. The poster said we didn't sign an experienced striker in the summer. We clearly did. Right now we should be looking to move on Rodney for the sake of all parties involved and use the fee and wage on a replacement who can (at the very least) fill in for Wilson and Proctor until they're fit enough to properly contribute. I really like the signings of Harratt and Edmonson (Harratt in particular) but to put a promotion bid on their shoulders is asking for trouble.
  21. We did sign Jamie Proctor, a guy who has 11 seasons in the EFL for 15 different clubs. I'd say that's pretty experienced.
  22. I don't think there's too much wrong with what you've said here, RZ. The ideal situation is that players who aren't guaranteed a future beyond May (whether they're contracted for longer or not) step up a gear to make sure they're on the retained list. After all, they're probably the type of players you'd want around the club as oppose to those that would let it impact their performance negatively.
  23. Pace scares teams in this league (at any level actually!) and we don't have enough of it. This is one of the reasons why we've only won 5 of 12 home games in the league, we haven't had enough to unlock teams. So, if Rodney is finished we should be desperately trying to offload him and replacing with someone who we actually will use. Preferably a 'wildcard' - a hybrid of Rodney and Politic who can give us something different.
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