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  1. Started very well didn’t we. Some exciting stuff first 15 mins and Conlon was instrumental. We prob started too well if that makes sense. Then for some reason, was it they altered something? I didn’t see. We started to lose a grip on the game and started to play those long balls that go nowhere. We conceded some bad goals today and we still always let crosses come into the box far too often for me. Pleased with proctor. He looks a very good player. All that hard work last week seems for nothing. It was a big game for me today in terms of getting two wins on the bounce and in front of a good vocal crowd again and moving up the table. It’s a shame we couldn’t do this. I also wish Clarke would stop thinking he’s some kind of tactical genius in keep changing systems all the time. We’re prob better than last seasons side but we’re still short of a top 7 side. and don’t get me started on devante Rodney.
  2. How flat and long was the throw from Jones to set garrity on his way 🙂 it’s such a great weapon for us.
  3. Not watched it or listened to it as went down Kidsgrove athletic. Shocked when had the score updates! Wow. What a fantastic win down there against a free scoring side. Fair play to all the lads involved and Clarke. Massive win
  4. I saw talk of the Millwall striker Isaac Olaofe being linked. Gary rowett just confirmed earlier he will be leaving to join a club before the deadline. Maybe it’s us. Scored 15 for Sutton last season.
  5. Bruno once his off the field issues are sorted perhaps?
  6. Harsh on montano in my opinion that is. When he played at wing back he drove forward very well and got up and down the pitch very well and crated goals. And he chipped in with a fair few as well. Something benning won’t do. When we had that great run towards the end of last season it was when he was back fit and playing every week.
  7. Strange one benning is. From when we signed him I thought we were getting a potential top league one player (that’s what the Mansfield fans said) or do they just like him because he scored against Chesterfield and he’s a bit of an hero there? He’s certainly nothing to shout about early days is he. I’d choose montano over him put it that way if he was still at the club. we have to keep plugging away whether that’s a formation change or not, but we have to have some luck soon surely abs when we do those chances go in last night. Disappointed in Worrall so far. He works his socks off but in key areas he really needs to sharpen up. We had a couple of times last night where if sharper then we probably score and it’s a different game. Rodney is another. He burst past the fullback a few times last night then stopped and let their players get back. Key decisions are letting us down. I also don’t think Pett Walker or garrity (if he plays) won’t ever get goals with what I’ve seen of them. Garrity burst into the box last night once and should’ve planted that header away but that was all he did for me. We desperately need Conlon back to give us the spark higher up the pitch. The forwards will need to score 35 goals between them if we are to have any chance of a decent finish. And I can’t see that happening. Early days I know so fingers crossed things change soon. The longer we go without scoring never mind winning becomes a problem and puts pressure on everyone.
  8. Legge was very good again tonight. He was first to every ball and win his aerial battles all night. He’s as good as anything in this league if that’s what he as to do all game. We’re desperate for conlon. Worrall fluffed his lines two or three time tonight when he got down the wing and he was slow to pick a pass. We also never got the rub of the green like the Amoo effort and the Smith one. Things will pick up sometime, they have to but I still think we will be a fair bit behind the play off pack with our goal scoring.
  9. You’d imagine he may be on the bench instead of hurst. He’s played 32 mins of pre season football so he’s not going to start. Maybe he won’t even make the bench tonight and they’ll want to get him a bit fitter for another week.?
  10. Why isn’t he staying at Bolton then if he’s that good? Surely he would be worthy of a spot on the their bench. ?
  11. Yes it was very good. Not sure if it was that good because it was the first league back and the buzz was about the place or could it be that good each home game? I enjoyed it and would sooner go up there for an hour and have a drink and see the buzz than sitting inside the ground like you said. I had three girls with me and they loved it also. If it did take off I know it’s all extra cost but a marquee type covering would be great. Screen up showing goals, music on..
  12. The trouble is People don’t want to sit inside the stadium for 45 mins when you’ve got kids with you. It’s not exactly a great experience inside the ground is it going in that early? We had a fanzone which was fantastic, people should be able to enjoy that, then at 2:30pm go queue up and get in comfortable for kick off. We’re talking 5,500 fans here not 25,000. There should be no problem whatsoever
  13. You will be in for kick off. Trouble is it’ll be the Rochdale game
  14. Can’t the club use an agency? Plenty of people looking for work. The place where I work have agency staff a lot. I know it’s only a couple of hours work but surely someone on an agency would do it.
  15. I doubt we will find many more teams in the league with a better pairing than spearing and foley. We dug in deep against these and in other games you’d expect the likes of Pett Conlon and Walker to get more time on the ball and be able to dictate the game a bit more. I’d settle for a point yesterday as they’ll be above us in the league come the end of the season. Carlisle will be just as tough Tuesday but we need to put a win on the board very soon and at least score a goal in the league. We don’t want to be playing catch up after ten games.
  16. I thought the exact same. I’m certain there was more than 1,300 fans behind the goal. I thought there was a good 1,700 or so. Great crowd today and the atmosphere in the railway was very good. Also I hope they sort it out for the Robbie Williams concert or they’ll be still waiting get in the year after 🤣
  17. Fairly even game for me. Just glad to be back at Vale Park and watching the lads. First half we gave their right back far too much space in bombing forward and he looked a threat every time he went but they were as bad as us in front of goal Thought Wilson had the chance first half where if he’d had slotted it wide of the keeper he would’ve scored and then he blazed one high and wide. We had a few half chances where on another day Rodney finds the net with the two chances towards the end. Hopefully he will come good just like the rest of the team. First time watching them this season so won’t comment to much about what and where we will go wrong this season untill I’ve seen 10/15 games. I do think Carlisle will be another game just like today though and we will need to play well to get something out of the game. A win will be great. Without stating the obvious I Think we missed Conlon massively today.
  18. Yes agree with that. Conlon will need to be at his best again along with Pett and hopefully the goals will come again in Wilson and Rodney. Tricky start on paper so important if we have a bad start to keep their heads up.
  19. That’s all very well saying that but where we end up in the table will decide that. If we’re pushing for promotion then you’d be correct. Also where do you think Worrall fits in with this formation and the players he’s signed to fill these roles? At the moment i prob have us finishing around 10th.
  20. The key penalty miss for me was the rashford one. If that had gone In it was pressure back on the Italians. What I was surprised by is that Rashfords no stranger to important last minute spot kicks. The one stands out for me is the one he took against PSG in injury time in the champions league. He smashed it high and with lots of power. Not sure why he did that awful fancy stutter and tried to roll it in last night. I suppose it’s easy to say that now I know. But he missed a key penalty. We weren’t very good last night and the early goal was incredible but sadly we didn’t look like scoring again. Massive chance gone in lifting a major tournament with all bar one game at Wembley. I’m not bothered about next World Cup or the Euros after, this was the chance not then. We had a relatively easy passage to the trophy and we couldn’t do it. All other top nations will come again next tournament And Brazil and Argentina. ive had a good time watching these England games though and the country and younger kids all got on board and supported the team.
  21. Cat 2 academy status would be fantastic. If and when we do apply for this, then the coaching staff would have to increase a fair bit like youve rightly said. Also the facilities are not good enough yet in just having a couple of pitches behind the Bycars which are shared with first team players. We would also be required to have an indoor dome built for training purposes. Not sure where that would be built? But when you get better status and better coaches at academy level and the facilities, then the better players who are out there playing local sunday lads n dads would possibly come to us rather than choosing the likes of stoke Shrewsbury Burton etc…
  22. Probably really wants to play at an higher level and had offers but he’s decided to give us a year to see if he can achieve that here if not he will try his luck elsewhere. Another good signing. A forward now please. And a decent one and the squad is taking shape rather nicely.
  23. Sorry I thought you were on about the number 3. Apologies
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