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  1. That’s correct Jean, although what I’ve always found strange is you can see the pitch from the railway whilst you’re having a beer can’t you. The doors are always open.
  2. I was at the top tier for the England games but surprisingly I thought the view was still very good despite looking down into the pitch. It’s amazing how different you view the game sitting at the top. It’s not for everyone though because it is very very high and steep. Thank god for the escalator that takes you up.
  3. I think we will do well sell 7,000 home tickets by the looks of it. Pretty poor effort if this is the case for a huge huge game.
  4. We were poor today no doubt about that. Second half in spells we were better in possession and got a few crosses in particular when benning came on (a left footer) first half was slow and we lost the balls countless times and the mistake for the goal was Sunday league stuff. But somehow despite that the ties very much alive. Every game is different and Thursday it can easily be our night and everything goes for us and we win 2-0. For that to happen the team needs a few changes though. Proctor obviously if he’s fit enough. Benning has to come back in on the left. Garrity had another game where apart from his first half shot I never saw him once and we need him to drive forward and get us a goal. All in all a bad day but one more chance to put it right.
  5. I think we looked well off the pace again today when trying to attack. Very sluggish. Tired legs everywhere. We’ve got to be happy somehow we’re still very much in the tie after the late goal. Goals change games and this one could very much do the same. We certainly miss some legs and pace in the middle of the park for me. We don’t seem to have any midfield men who can break with speed and cause problems. Awful mistake from smith for the goal and I’m never confident when Aaron Martin plays. He looks like he’s going to make a huge mistake every time he’s near the ball. Slightly better second half once a few changes were made but it’ll be a tough night Thursday but I suppose it’s all to play for. We’re due a good performance at home aren’t we.
  6. Its going to be a bit nervy for me, not sure i will be able to sit in the railway second leg without having no fingernails left. Ive not seen many boring play offs games and i doubt this will be any different. There will be some mad ending in this tie for the cameras im certain. lets hope we can get the job done and get ourselves to wembley.
  7. Conlon will do well be back for pre season. I saw him last week and he was still walking with a limp and believe is a fair bit off coming back
  8. Decent number one firstly. I’d keep smith but only if playing in a flat back 4 and proctor. Gibbo - he’s another one how long will he be out for during a season? For a young lad he doesn’t half get some injuries. The others can go for me. We need better in what will be a tough league again. The trouble is if Wilson and proctor miss large chunks again which is very likely the same thing will happen again where we may go a few months not winning. That’s a gamble. I also like the Oldham player kelior dunne. We need some energy and legs in midfield who can go past players. We lack a bit of pace for me in all areas.
  9. He either needs to play in the centre instead of Martin or he plays as a centre in a flat back 4. He struggles when playing wide in a 3 and asking him to distribute the ball to start attacks off. Cass was the ideal one. We cant blame it all on Smith though. The midfield have been poor these last few games and havent excatly got a foot on the ball and made things happen. All in all a very sad end to the season.
  10. I’m exactly the same and I thought after a few hours I would’ve calmed down but I still feel like this. I was thinking to myself this morning, please vale just win we don’t ask for a lot and we certainly haven’t had a lot over these last twenty years. But once again they let us down. I can take not going up if we had finished 12th or whatever but when we’re 5 points clear with four games to go this has been one of the lowest points of supporting vale in a strange way these last few games. The walsall game will always stick in my mind as the one where we blew it. Had we not turned in that performance im certain we would’ve beat Newport today and done the job. The Walsall defeat was the time I thought we aren’t going to do this now. This was a huge chance to get promoted i doubt we will get a better chance. Totally let down.
  11. You play him as a battling centre half in back four not in a 3 and ask him have the ball and start attacks off. Because guess what- he can’t do it. Teams know this and they do let him have the ball because 9/10 he kicks the ball out and the attack ends. I like him in a back four. But please change the system or he needs to be replaced. Cass plays the role perfect. And Jones did the other side.
  12. I agree. We had more against Burton and Northampton. If that’s all our stadium can house now we need serious improvements or let us have the Hamil end all next season.
  13. Next season there will be another twenty teams who fail to bring more than 300 and will be sat in a stand which can house 4,500 and have better facilities than the railway and paddock. The club really need to look at the option of having half and half in the Hamil end for me. Other clubs do it up and down the country so why can’t we? It’s a wasted stand in league two.
  14. Another horror show from a group of players who didn’t look like winning a game of football or more importantly wanting to win the game of football. Quite simply not good enough. The defence is a joke and we look like conceding every time someone runs at us or splits us open with one pass. Very disappointed tonight and won’t say much more as we all think the same. We’ve been let down massively again. The fans have been brilliant shame about the players these last three games. We won’t even make the play offs and I’m probably glad as we would have more heartbreak on tele. Let’s hope with paying Smurf off this side can add much needed quality all over the pitch if we are to have a better season next. 6/7 of that side need replacing. Newport looked far better than us when they had the ball.
  15. I Again which will require beating us last day. I’ll take beating Newport Monday now and at least secure a play off spot. I’d never have said this after the Hartlepool emotions.
  16. There was a massive chance all the four sides were going to win tonight. That’s what we should’ve done Saturday but we put in that awful performance. Exeter now promoted as it stands and possibly not too bothered about Northampton Saturday now as long as they finish with a win against us. It’s looking a bit grim for us. We could well be out the top 7 by Monday kick off as well. What would do that to the nerves 😟.I hope carols cancelled that big screen request now and save a few quid for next season
  17. Oh I thought we were up with 6 points. Goal difference far better than Mansfield isn’t ?
  18. We’ve got a lot of tired legs out there and it’s showing in the performances now these last few games. We need some fresh legs and I’d try gibbo Monday and hussey back in. I’m not sure we’ve got the fitness to go another two games then two more play off games. It’s a step too far.
  19. That was very poor. Not one player can come out of that with any credit at all for me. Benning had an awful game and didn’t give us anything at all attacking and for how well (ok) he’s been I’d bring hussey back in for the last two games just for the set piece threat. Four games left and we had a five point gap now we need to get a point to secure a play off spot. That’s some doing to balls this up. Only hope is Exeter beat Northampton Saturday and we win mknday and climb back to third then Exeter will be up and may take the foot of the gas. Play offs normally go with the side in form and that certainly won’t be us. I reckon Mansfield and Bristol would have too much for us over two games currently. Typical vale
  20. Think the main thing tonight was not to lose. A win would’ve been brilliant but I’m happy with a point against a very good side. Our game relies on the running of garrity and some high energy play and I think we looked flat tonight from the first whistle. Wilson is the key for me. If we get him in the box and he’s shooting he’s going to score goals. He had a couple of decent efforts tonight all sadly from outside the area and didn’t trouble the keeper too much. Sutton will be a big horrible side bit they score goals and perhaps will be happy for a point here so it’s important we attack them and get that high tempo and crowd behind us to roar us to a massive win. We’ve done well stay in the mix I thought it was all over a month ago. Charsely and garrity tonight didn’t offer much running forward and thought we lacked a bit tonight in terms of driving on up the pitch. Proctor is needed for the run in and if him and Wilson stay fit then there’s no reason why we can’t get into the play offs. Saturday is a huge game. I’ll take ten points from the last four games though. Get them rested now and ready to go again Saturday. And a bit of luck on the injury front would be nice. I can’t believe how many injuries we’ve had to players this season.
  21. The formation needs to change and quickly. We’ve got Dave Worrall who’s ran his knackers off for us for five seasons (in a more forward role) and we’ve got a 33 year old playing the other side. That role requires you to bomb on forward and support the attacks and get into the box and create yet neither really are. That’s why we aren’t scoring many. Gibbo did it against Stevenage and again on Tuesday with the ball into the box and he’s the one who should play that role every game when fit. If you want to play Dave Worrall then play him further forward or not at all. We seem stubborn to only play this way and it’s no longer working with these players. It was great earlier in season when Worrall and gibbo were filling these roles because they got up the pitch far more partly because we had the two wide centre halfs in cass and Jones driving them forward and bringing the ball out themselves. Another big factor in why we scored a lot. Not to mention the skill of politic. Cooper was meant to be that impact player who could do this and create some magic but he hasn’t got a clue the lad he’s very poor. Same for charsely although I’ve only seen him start todays game but he didn’t impress me one bit as a footballer. We need better players next season if we want to play this system.
  22. Snapped your hand off for a point? So will you expect us to beat Colchester Saturday or will you be happy with another point against poor opposition?
  23. Decent player shame he’s been plagued by injuries for a few year. We should’ve known that before we signed him though it was always a gamble as was Wilson in keeping them both fit. We’ve missed both for large chunks of the season and it’s hurt us.
  24. You’re right. And the worrying thing is, we don’t look a good side at the moment. I think we’re also where we’re at in terms of squad capabilities. We will win a few more before the end of season but we will finish a bit short of the top 7 for me. We’ve got no spark, flair, skill, anything to get me off seat. We look a mid table plodder who hasn’t got much to play for and considering where we are that’s alarming. Yes we’re on this unbeaten run but not winning games which we need to do. Tonight was very poor again, just like Saturday was and Rochdale was. the recruitment in January wasnt great (which isn’t strange because all I’ve heard all season is trust the process rubbish. We’ve got a huge team of recruiting staff who haven’t got it right.) . We’ve got three keepers who aren’t much good, Charsley? What a waste of a signing, so is cooper who I think is as bad as I’ve seen for a while. What’s he actually do? Hall is decent for this level and prob one of the best in the league. Hussey is decent but he’s not going win us games in that position so was he worth the big wage to take a decent corner? who knows but we will be in league two again next season and it must get a lot better or a few will start to get a bit pissed off with this again.
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