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  1. Outmuscling Hall a bit too often for my liking.
  2. 2nd best goal difference.
  3. Even bigger dream is the result is immaterial as we're already confirmed as champions! 😀
  4. Transfrrmarkt: Holy: £270000 Martin: £270000 Smith: £90000 Conlon: £45000 Hall: nothing Gibbons: nothing Nobody can disagree with any of that can they? ☺☺☺
  5. Don't know much about Mansfield's players, but agree about PV tempo. And if Charsley scores that's 20 different scorers for us this season
  6. Good topic and deserved praise for Andy Crosby, his work since he joined the club, and particulay during the past month. Hopefully we've rediscovered a winning team combination
  7. I'm pretty sure Carol is thinking of buying them to use a a feeder club...
  8. Having seen the way he limped off I assume we'll have no choice for a while. But then I thought the same about Worrall after Saturday, so what do I know?...
  9. When did Amoo coming on last win us the game or make a difference to the result? Orient at home? Amoo is earning a hell of a reputation as a game changer the more he doesn't play! As are a number of others. It's the Oyeleke Syndrome. Taylor must be nailed on as player of the season...
  10. I understand, but they can't be trusted. Same for BBC. Try totting up goal attempts etc at a match or two you do see, and compare to the printed sources. Sometimes there are huge differences.
  11. And why does Hall's header that was cleared off the line not count as an on target goal attempt? I know you didn't watch the match, but you shouldn't just quote someone else's misinformation.
  12. Well, that's simply not true. Hall's header a few minutes before the goal for instance...
  13. You seem to have a lot to say about a game you haven't watchèd. How you can assert it was "disappointing", or anything else, is bonkers.
  14. Be optimistic. They may all be 10-15 points below us by then!
  15. Yes, despite our improved results all the 7 teams above us have taken more points from the last 5 games.
  16. I like your optimism, but you wouldn't make a bookmaker. 🙂 A win would leave us 5 points behind with 2 games in hand. We average much less than 2 points a game, so the odds would be on us still being a point or more adrift after 2 matches when Northampton didn't play. But a win would certainly move us in the right direction and increase confidence with 18 games still to go. Keep the faith.
  17. Thought Walker had his best game so far on Saturday, and he continued tonight. With his height we win more headers in midfield and it seems to rub off on others too. (And no rugby tackles either.)
  18. Out of respect for the player I think we should all make a concerted effort to get Charsley's name right. (Even the official site gets it wrong in the first sentence after the headline...)
  19. No, but they'll all have videos of him being the best defender on the pitch...
  20. Yes, but some players can only dream of being average...
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