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  1. I would love the vale to smash Exeter tomorrow and tribute it to Lee. Come on vale show one of our own how much we regard them!
  2. Incredibly sad news. Thank you for being part of Port Vale and giving us so many happy memories. Will never forget his marauding runs in the 90th minute as if it was the first minute while the rest of the players would be huffing and puffing. RIP Lee and I hope your family find some comfort in how highly you are thought of not just at vale but across the whole of football.
  3. Shouldn’t be in this division wozza. One of the loyal few for me. Great player for us and goes about his business with no fuss.
  4. He’s certainly not bitter at all is he 😂
  5. And Ryan big <ovf censored> Burge! 😂 Strange little creature.
  6. There are a few good players in there but after that this squad is terrible... They finished 8th last season but the seasons either side have been piss poor. Need to be careful we don’t fall into the sentimental trap. A lot of the players, Manny for example, have had their chance now sadly. It hasn’t worked for whatever reasons move on. The squad needs an overhaul if not least. Just to freshen things up.
  7. Their fans are deluded. Smith has spoiled them. Taken a bit of an interest in them since Clarke came in as you do. Their chairman reminds me of Smurf! He does YouTube videos informing them of “truths”. Bloke stinks more than Chesterton tip! Felt a bit sorry for them cause they are falling for his bull hook line and sinker. Then saw the bile they posted about the vale and it passed. Don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that he is a grade a con artist. Supposedly have a top ten budget but I’d wager that it’s no where near, then their chairman sold their better players in jan with no reinvestment. Replaced them with no hope loans...where have we seen that before. They are after a director of football and I wouldn't put it past their chairman to say he’s had a call from Jose before unveiling Bruno as DOF followed by an influx of quality international superstars... I will call it now, they will be in serious trouble next season if they survive this one.
  8. Good win tonight and finally WE score the scrappy winner. Well done all involved. It’s done now move on to Saturday which is now a huge game! Get it done vale...
  9. It’s not you. Bloke can’t run. Nether is he good enough along with the rest of them.
  10. Wow mate, really? I’m negative about vale but come on. How about...we played 442 and didn’t get absolutely over run in midfield. Worrall 90 minutes. Amoo back. Created endless chances. Clean sheet. Commitment from all 10 players on the pitch (and mills).Pope to come back. It may not have been to your standards, how ever ludicrously high they are for a league two side in a relegation scrap but play like that for the remaining games and we stay up. There were far more positives tonight than there have been for the last few weeks.
  11. I think the same mate. Must win game this for me. Time for all the talking to stop. Actions speak louder than words and for the most part of the season we have been acting like a non league outfit.
  12. Yep I’d agree but this last year has been the most stable we have been for ages. How we wish we’d not kept /signed half of this lot now 😂
  13. Tbf to bowers the only positive is if you are watching a different game... 😂😂😂🤣
  14. For me it’s to see the issue here and today highlights it perfectly...Charlie Raglan was deemed not good enough by Askey but the same bloke thought that zac mills was better... Raglan was never great for us but we have replaced those players with some shockingly bad players. Talk about regression.
  15. If this team doesn’t snt go down I’ll eat my hat. There is no fight in us what so ever. Even our better players are piss poor.
  16. Worse than Askey... not so sure these are a quality side. Worse side... definitely funnily enough put together by Askey...
  17. What you in about? Smith had been moved to full back at that point. What about Rodney miss control...what about whiteheads half hearted challenge. If anything he’s more to blame than smithy. Lunacy Frustrating that we have conceded again but the issue at the moment is not the defence it’s the 5/6 players in front of them who are incapable of creating anything to win a match.
  18. All went a bit Pete tongue when we lost monty and gibbo as wing backs.
  19. We are in serious trouble. Those who think we are too good go down must be smoking something. Need a win fast...
  20. Fair and play. I wouldn’t want my contract discussed in public. Specially in football where they are so different from the bloke doing the same job as you. Speaks very well. Answerers are measured. Talk is cheap with anyone linked to vale though as we all know too well throughout the years.
  21. We are in serious trouble. Askey sadly isn’t around to hear just what we think of this shower that he has left us with. 5 strikers on the pitch across the game today and not one can score. But the midfield players we are shuffling are just woeful. Signing Taylor could be a huge mistake. Feel sorry for the defence today because for once it’s not their fault in the slightest. Beaten by a wonder goal yes but how lacking are we in any kind of creativity. Need to find something from somewhere and fast.
  22. I think we may all be surprised tbf. I think Clarke’s words are trying to unsettle players to see what they are about. Could yet backfire but I think with smaller squads next season players have to up their game else they could be out of football completely. I don’t think anyone is safe and neither should they be after the shower of <ovf censored> they have produced so far. No sentiment to be shown to any player. They need to earn the right to stay. Keep smith,gibbons, Worrall, Pope and Rodney after that everything’s up for grabs. Injury prone oyleke, Amoo, Cullen have to go. Can’t keep carrying them. Older players probably need to move on. Depending on what chunk of the budget they are taking up. Defenders can only be used loosely for some of our players. Most of midfield could go and wouldn’t really be missed. We have to many players in that area that are not really a type. Non of them are box to box, non are defensive mids even Joyce plays there but he ain’t a rough em up hard tackling defensive mid. Non of them dictate play. They are all to samey. Then up front not one genuine goal threat. Squad is genuinely awful.
  23. Not sure what some people expected. But this is exactly what I was anticipating. First thing on the agenda had to be make us hard to beat. That seems to have started...and long may it continue. Well at least to the end of the season. hard to beat just about keeps us up I hope. The alternative is definite relegation. Well done crookes tonight with legg and smith. First time in a while we have looked like not getting done by one long ball over the top. The realism is this squad is cack. Last season covered a few cracks but normal play has been resumed. We have no real quality on anywhere. Let’s not forget that this group of players nearly got us relegated before. Big job in the summer with no sentiment shown to any of this lot. Even the half decent ones need to seriously shape up or ship out.
  24. He started well and then seemed to wither with the rest of the team tbf. I think one of our big issues at the back is Browns lack of commanding presence. Our defenders have to win the ball else we are done. It’s been highlighted even more this season as neither of the centre halves have been commanding. Shame cause I love Scotty, he has been brilliant for us.
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