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  1. I’ll pay the fee. I’ve got a quid here. Be worth it just to stop watching him mascaraed as a professional footballer.
  2. Were we? Result says not. We huffed and puffed at times but ultimately we went no where. Keep buying defenders and still can’t defend for toffee. When was the last time we kept a clean sheet? Let’s not butter this up either we have lost 5 of the last 7 in the league with some absolute embarrassing preformances both collectively and individually. Promotion is looking like a distant dream currently.
  3. The wheels are off. Getting worse with each game.
  4. Agree mate. Midfield of Conlon, pett and Walker is is a static and slow as it gets.
  5. That’s was an absolute sham! Covolan should never play for us again. Had mad some great saves before that too. We were never at it. Not looking good for us I’m afraid. Far too powderpuff and have been for a while now.
  6. Shouldn’t matter though. If you sell on the day you sell on the day and should be prepared as such. Needs to be something done. Shouldn’t matter what time you turn up. You should be able get in far easier. Don’t see those queues at big prem clubs. This is not an isolated incident this season either. Admittedly not normally that bad. if we are hoping/trying to increase the fan base than the whole day has to be a seamless event else all you do is create more reason for not going back. We are very well ran in a lot of ways now but getting into the ground is still a joke at times.
  7. So proud of that second half performance. Didn’t deserve that score line. Brentford have to be what any lower league club aspires to. Astonishing what they have achieved really.
  8. Wouldn’t be upset. Will never realise his potential. Hasn’t got it in him I’m afraid.
  9. Best for all parties involved. Enjoy Christmas everyone!
  10. That was a hard watch. Take the win and move on but we need to find some energy from somewhere we have become a bit laboured at times in possession. Not a moan just an observation.
  11. Port vale win… Bought to you by burton doggy day care. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Agree and then they fluctuate. I don’t see the pace thing though. Never seen him break sweat on a busting run!
  13. Not a natural footballer tbh. Abundance of attributes but will for ever be an almost man.
  14. Not sure what Rodney is tbf. Footballs about opinions but he could do with visiting the wizard of OZ! Lacks all three things. Imo that’s what he lacks in abundance and what will always hold him back.
  15. haha I though so matey. Couldn’t agree with you more about yesterday though. UTV
  16. Been immense since coming back!! Add to that that he was out with what could have been a career ending injury and he is playing out of position makes it even more impressive.
  17. Can’t decide if your joking. His interview yesterday day was a bit odd I’ll grant you but the bloke has worked miracles at Accy and deserves great plaudits. I’d of had him at the vale in a heart beat if it weren’t for our current set up.
  18. Amazing how differently we all view things. Thought him a garrity were part of the problem tonight. Never at it at all I’m my eyes. Players ghosted past Conlon all night and his passing was woeful at times. No where near it other than a sublime free kick.
  19. Auwful, awful performance that. Carried on what we were doing Saturday in the first half. Slow and laboured. Turning over possession constantly. Still a point away when you are as bad as we have been tonight is not to be sniffed at.
  20. Shouldn’t lose that really but we are still in transition. Can’t win them all. Strange subs for me but they have worked over the last few weeks. Refocus, feet back on the ground and start another run.
  21. Agree. Yep f he can add a bit more tenacity/physicality he will be like a new signing
  22. Spot on mate. Take a bit to shift them at the minute. I think had smith played centre against Rochdale then we deal with their lad better. Not saying we would have got anything because we were pretty bad after the first 20 mins but we would definitely have dealt with him better.
  23. Personally think we never dealt with their tall striker that day. Martin had a mare against him. Just couldn’t cope with him at all.
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