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  1. 112 posts on our new kit. It is a weird world.
  2. It is a strange one, all down to personal taste. I could not abide Andy Townsend when he covered a match on TV. He told you what you could already see happening in front of your eyes. Nothing interesting or informative ever came out of his mouth. However now he keeps popping up on the radio and he is infinitely better and sometimes worth listening to. So the same pundit can divide my opinion based on the medium through which he is broadcasting. So whilst I totally agree gender is irrelevant I am not sure it is down to whether anyone is good or not. That seems to be in the eye of the beholder. I hated John Motson and much preferred Barry Davies but which of them was considered the top commentator by the BBC?
  3. A bit closer to home, if you go to the Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle (you can test your eyes on the way) there are two Canaletto's. Stand up close you just see blobs of paint with no structure whatsoever. Stand back 20 yards from them and the scene is there in all its glory. How the hell did he do that?
  4. I was of the conventional opinion that "modern" art was a load of rubbish until I went to a series of Adult Education classes on the subject and my eyes were opened. I admit I only went because I knew a certain young lady was going but it was a complete revelation to me. The tutor's particular favourite was Picasso and when it was all explained, i.e. what was actually going on, you realised how brilliant he was. It all needs to be approached with an open mind and , generally it is not.
  5. This is not a comment on James McClean as I do not know enough on the subject. However I think to use the fact he plays for the Republic should not be used in a way to denigrate him. Part of the Good Friday agreement and as a way to bring peace to the area was that citizens of Northern Ireland could choose which pass passport/citizenship to hold, UK or the Republic, without any consequences towards their rights as citizens of Northern Ireland. Your footballing allegiance should be allowed to follow suit without interference as a method of preserving that peace.
  6. Tony Rodriguez


    But not in pubs? Where is the consistency?
  7. Did I fall asleep and wake up in the 1950's?
  8. Can we have another OVF vote please? Based on the photograph, Phil Bowers, guilty or not guilty? .
  9. Uriah Rennie was the best referee I have seen. I was always pleased to see him run out. Always up with play and hardly ever resorted to cards. But when he got promoted to the Premier League it just did not seem to work for him which was a shame.
  10. Brilliant, almost a home game for me. So stop being rude about Barrow. It is a bit much coming from people from Stoke.
  11. Tony Rodriguez


    Sorry, my error. That is how confusing it is.
  12. Tony Rodriguez


    Exactly. Today I could meet an estate agent indoors but not my daughter outdoors. No logic whatsoever. So people will interprete as necessary.
  13. Tony Rodriguez


    I am a law abiding citizen. I have never even had a parking ticket and I am in my 60th year. I accept that the Government has had a very difficult job but they have made a complete horlicks of it. Their rules/guidance (who knows which is which?) are/is unclear, inconsistent and frankly contradictory. I would not like to catch the virus and I would be horrified to pass it on to someone. I shall therefore follow my own interpretation of what I must do to ensure the safety of myself and others. The Government needed to provide rules/guidance that were logical, which people could understand and therefore support. They have not done this and then shot themselves in the foot by re-interpreting everyones' previous understanding of the rules/guidance by supporting Mr Cummings.
  14. Tony Rodriguez


    I have informed my MP that I shall not be taking part in any track and trace programme. I do not believe it applies to me.
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