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  1. You can't suddenly polish a turd. Boris did, oh sorry, wrong thread.
  2. I am just down the road from Morecambe and there is no chance the game will be postponed. Gentle drizzle this morning, nothing more.
  3. The day is coming when our fishing industry are going to realise they are to be cast adrift so we can get a trade deal. It will be interesting to see how the deal is sold to them.
  4. When Boris was elected as leader I remember reading an article looking back over his career up to that point. The one thing that kept being emphasised was that he did not do "detail". It would appear that this has now caught up with him.
  5. The BBC is the envy of the world. A subscription basis would destroy everything that makes it unique. I regard it as truly astonishing value at £3 per week. It is a pity some people cannot see this. But then human nature is that you never appreciate something until it is gone.
  6. At Bradford away last year I ended up sitting virtually in a line with the one on the pitch along which Joyce played virtually the whole first half. He hardly moved off this line between our penalty area and the half-way line. I began to start watching him closely and it was fascinating. He lacks pace but more than makes up for it in anticipation. He covered areas constantly and all our play went through him despite him rarely passing the ball more than ten yards. Utterly unspectacular but brilliant. Watch him one game, maybe one behind closed doors on the television and see how crucial he is
  7. From what I saw last year when he was fit Cullen would be first choice whenever possible. Just watch his goals versus Colchester, he is a class above our division. Robinson as a back-up? Looks a good signing to me.
  8. 112 posts on our new kit. It is a weird world.
  9. It is a strange one, all down to personal taste. I could not abide Andy Townsend when he covered a match on TV. He told you what you could already see happening in front of your eyes. Nothing interesting or informative ever came out of his mouth. However now he keeps popping up on the radio and he is infinitely better and sometimes worth listening to. So the same pundit can divide my opinion based on the medium through which he is broadcasting. So whilst I totally agree gender is irrelevant I am not sure it is down to whether anyone is good or not. That seems to be in the eye of the behol
  10. A bit closer to home, if you go to the Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle (you can test your eyes on the way) there are two Canaletto's. Stand up close you just see blobs of paint with no structure whatsoever. Stand back 20 yards from them and the scene is there in all its glory. How the hell did he do that?
  11. I was of the conventional opinion that "modern" art was a load of rubbish until I went to a series of Adult Education classes on the subject and my eyes were opened. I admit I only went because I knew a certain young lady was going but it was a complete revelation to me. The tutor's particular favourite was Picasso and when it was all explained, i.e. what was actually going on, you realised how brilliant he was. It all needs to be approached with an open mind and , generally it is not.
  12. This is not a comment on James McClean as I do not know enough on the subject. However I think to use the fact he plays for the Republic should not be used in a way to denigrate him. Part of the Good Friday agreement and as a way to bring peace to the area was that citizens of Northern Ireland could choose which pass passport/citizenship to hold, UK or the Republic, without any consequences towards their rights as citizens of Northern Ireland. Your footballing allegiance should be allowed to follow suit without interference as a method of preserving that peace.
  13. But not in pubs? Where is the consistency?
  14. Did I fall asleep and wake up in the 1950's?
  15. Can we have another OVF vote please? Based on the photograph, Phil Bowers, guilty or not guilty? .
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