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  1. Presumably Brexit means we can no longer go shopping on the Continent as Mr Rudge occasionally did? It is not a subject I have heard mentioned anywhere.
  2. When we played Scunthorpe away a couple of years ago losing 2-1, I thought their numbers 10, 20 and 30 operating behind Novak as the front man were superb. Van Veen, Eisa and Gillead. All three were offered new contracts but turned them down and are available.
  3. I have no great knowledge on this, only what I have picked up on here, but if a player is offered a contract does he then not have a month to say yes or no? If that is the case then you cannot really go recruiting with a blank piece of paper as you might need to hold off until until you have an answer. If DC has targets in mind then I imagine he will release everyone he can, otherwise he may miss out on them if he has to wait a month.
  4. Was that a sheep watching the game or were my eyes deceiving me?
  5. 21st April 1992, 1-1 v. Charlton. We were relegated two games later but I came back for more.
  6. Did anyone else specifically watch Antony Kay during the warm ups or am I particularly sad? He really was unreal and did not even look as if he was trying. It changed my perception of him as a footballer.
  7. Kevin Scott I believe. He was fantastic and completely turned our season around. But we were two divisions higher at the time and I am more inclined to agree with Darren that in League 2 a Row Z defender is required. Brisley is perfect for me and has been superb recently as he was last season when he got a run in the side. And I have always wondered if there is actually more of a "footballer" in there than he shows.
  8. It will not happen of course, but would it not be hilarious to see these clubs having their bluff called? Start the process of excluding them from all other competitions and watch the panic start.
  9. I think this is fascinating. Clearly DC and our DOF have agreed on this and then sold it to our owners who, as fans, must surely have a soft spot for Manny. It suggests to me they had no intention of keeping him. So what sort of level of player are they going to be aiming at? The writing appears to be on the wall for TP if this is their modus operandi.
  10. I agree. I have only watched one League 1 game this season, Oxford v. Lincoln a couple of weeks ago. Whilst watching I thought to play there we would need at least 6-7 new players for the starting line-up. They kept passing it to each other and the whole game bore no resemblance to any League 2 game I have seen this year.
  11. In theory, yes we do. But I think the unwritten constitution means the Queen is not actually allowed an opinion. As with Grand Prix Pants I think this would be an interesting discussion but at another time.
  12. I do not believe we have a ruling family. I think we moved on from that a few centuries ago.
  13. I was asked to play cricket today. Glad I declined.
  14. Brisley. Hardly ever gets a mention. Love him. Nowt fancy, just sticks it in row Z.
  15. He did our game at Crewe a couple of years ago. I remember being impressed and thinking he was one of the best I had seen in many years.
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