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  1. He did our game at Crewe a couple of years ago. I remember being impressed and thinking he was one of the best I had seen in many years.
  2. I was married to a lady who refused to stand for the national anthem. She had her personal convictions and followed it through including on two of Vale's visits to Wembley in the 1990's. It could be very awkward. I suspect everyone's arguments would be the other way around if that was the subject being debated. It is however essentially exactly the same principle. Personal freedom of expression against a collective pressure to conform in a certain way. Should you stand for the national anthem? It would be interesting to see how people's answers lined up against their previous comment
  3. I am fine with all the Radio Stoke commentators for the Vale. They each have their own style. At least none of them are female (joke).
  4. Consecutive Saturday mornings with Latin on OVF. This really is getting weird.
  5. Wow, I wondered when my degree in Latin would come in useful. Did not expect it to happen on OVF.
  6. Apparently he was peddling the baseless GAnnon conspiracy theory.
  7. I find the majority of posts on here quite bizarre. In no business other than football would you rip up your budgets, sack the management in whom you have invested money and upon whom you rely as they have more knowledge than you do and deliberately send your business in to a period of turbulence, all on the basis of a couple of bad weeks.
  8. My "other" team is Granada. They played a group game in the Europa League last night and the referee was female. This thread came to mind and I wondered what sort of meltdown it would create if Stephanie from France officiated one of our games. She was excellent by the way.
  9. I know the result was not what we wanted but it was fabulous entertainment. Everyone is complaining that Tranmere won because we went down to 10 men. Yes, but that overlooks the fact it was Joyce dismissed. Anyone else we would not have conceded four goals, we did because Joyce is absolutely integral to our team. He covers space, slows the opposition down and we only ever lose at home when he is not on the pitch. One other interesting aspect to the game for me was the way the players reacted to the referee. He had an absolute shocker with both sides benefitting and suffering from hi
  10. Have there been more adverts? Frankly I never noticed, they must have been very unobtrusive or I am just very unobservant. Feel free to ramp them up again and make yourself something for all the work you do on this site for which I am very grateful.
  11. I am going to be slightly controversial. Three wins on the trot is is brilliant but I do not think we have quite clicked yet this season. We are grinding out results which is a good but I think there is so much more to come from this squad.
  12. You can't suddenly polish a turd. Boris did, oh sorry, wrong thread.
  13. I am just down the road from Morecambe and there is no chance the game will be postponed. Gentle drizzle this morning, nothing more.
  14. At Bradford away last year I ended up sitting virtually in a line with the one on the pitch along which Joyce played virtually the whole first half. He hardly moved off this line between our penalty area and the half-way line. I began to start watching him closely and it was fascinating. He lacks pace but more than makes up for it in anticipation. He covered areas constantly and all our play went through him despite him rarely passing the ball more than ten yards. Utterly unspectacular but brilliant. Watch him one game, maybe one behind closed doors on the television and see how crucial he is
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