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  1. Transistor radios are a target for Luton Town stewards
  2. I made this statement in March. Clarke has pinched my line.
  3. Sorry Dave, but I have to disagree, Rudgie was established when he adopted this approach, whereas Clarke is effectively starting from scratch. Yes, the vast majority of us were happy when we secured the contracts of players that did so well to get close to a play off place, but there were many comments and question marks over the addition Askey “old boy” lazy signings. I believe that the Covid situation probably made us feel a little more secure when signing up the previous seasons players, given that a lot of teams were offloading due to financial concerns over lost revenue. Clarke will clear out a lot of deadwood this summer.
  4. Thanks for that Joe, and well done Paine. Lovely tribute to Michael. Just one query....no image of Popey in the painting!!!
  5. Had my link, but it’s via “zoom”. Do you have to subscribe to that?
  6. And one of the very few ex Vale players not currently on the coaching staff. 🙂
  7. All is as well as can be expected during these troubling times Ben. Thanks for asking. We are all keeping a low profile!!! I will be glad when we get back to something like normality, and watching the team from inside the ground again. In the meantime, I just hope the team starts to performs better, and we have a manager in place to take us forward.
  8. Yes, you could well be right. His love for Popey is well documented.
  9. Ken, you are correct in saying that Owd Sage had a scarf baring the players names on it, a black and white one, and to be honest, the stitching wasn’t the best in the world. We would have a laugh about it many years later. I am sure that Michael would be saddened by the sad news of Jessie passing away. It would be interesting to know who he would put on the top of his pedestal...Jessie or Popey. I suspect that Jammo might just pip it.
  10. Where have you been hiding Ben? Hope you are keeping well.
  11. I went to the Wrexham game by train with Phil Shaw. When we got back to the station, after the game, we got “stoned”!!! Unfortunately, not that kind of stoned, we got pelted with railway ballast thrown by Wrexham “fans”. Sandyford-lion mentions going to the game by car with Owd Sage. I remember Eric, your driver that day. He was nice chap but a madman behind the wheel. I think he had a Mini Cooper. He took me and Owd Sage to the Peterborough away game, before the motorways were built, so all A and B roads. Showing my age now. He was overtaking on blind bends in haste to get to the game on time. It was a midweek game, and we left the Wedgwood factory right on the finishing hooter and arrived before kick off. A nil nil draw, but I think we had secured promotion by then.
  12. RIP Jessie. Thanks for the memories
  13. So Sproson says something about managers wanting to bring in their own staff, which I assume would suggest that this is the problem in appointing the number one target. If true, why on earth wasn’t this thrashed out during the interview!!!
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