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  1. The odds are out and we're a very skinny 10/11 to win at Scunthorpe...... Even THESE odds will shorten towards the weekend I feel....... WORRYINGLY short odds!!......😄
  2. Can't recall the callers name but I'm sure I herd some Vale calling him next to useless on P and G Friday night....😄
  3. Some fair comments on the Swindle chat site saying we should have been out of sight by HT......
  4. EIGHT NILL Vale on corners after half a hour!!😁
  5. ONLY downside today is were winning 3-0 on bookings ....
  6. With that moaning GITT's Crewhoo loosing too P and G be good in a bit......😁😂
  7. FULHAM 2 THE 1872 LEAGUE CUP WINNERS....0 😂😂💖👌
  8. And Fulham score in same minute as the Vale!!..😂👌💖💖
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