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  1. The LIVE table says the top 3 are FOUR POINTS clear of the Fourth placed team ATM.......
  2. Er, I MEANT the line had moved this morning....DOH!!
  3. Vale in to a worryingly short EVE money for this game this morning!!....😳😁
  4. That second 'Booking' could have been a red in itself....
  5. Yes Rob but WHERE are the goals coming from without Popey!?.... 🤔😂
  6. Suppose they're desperate to see how their previous managers getting on....😁🤔
  7. Good draw, local, fair chance of both winning & being live on TV.......👌😁
  8. PLUS (I think) Buxton were next out the bag after us!!😂😂
  9. NARR.,....We getting BUXTON!! 🤔👌😁😁
  10. What TV channel will the draw be on plz? 👌🤔
  11. If EVER a comment became the kids of death....😂
  12. Sorry for being off topic. Having noticed the early KO time for the Bradford game I ASSUMED this was AS the 💩 were at home next Saturday too......😁 As this is not the case can someone confirm if we've obtained the dizzy heights of a live TV game plz and if so where? 👌
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