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  1. I'm going ..... Chesterfield 8 miles away....😁👌
  2. I recall loosing there 6-2 as a kid on a night match late 70's I think......😬
  3. I was wondering the same...He's normally out of the woodwork by now's.....😁
  4. After the mighty Walsall loose yet again at Colchester last night sadly both Grimsby and Southend are gone.....
  5. A couple of bookies still offering odds on us going DOWN!! 250/1 & 300/1.....
  6. Excellent....🤔😁😂😂
  7. Can I ask IS the game likely to finish due to the snow? Asking as I piled into the Vale @ 13/10 pre KO......👌🤔
  8. I noticed the 150/1..... Hardly generous is it!!? Colchester just 11/4 for the drop after last nites 5-2 thumping & I hope Southend survive...
  9. I don't understand all this ....... The very DAY the manager left Walsall their fans were seriously relieved on their chat site!? 😁🤣
  10. If we'd have got the new boss in just six games previously we'd have been a shoe in for the playoffs....👌😉
  11. Hate to condone betting (😁) but the 9/4 home win looks enormously good!!...💓🤔😁😁
  12. Don't like the MIGHTY Walsall do we Doha.... 🤔😂👌👌
  13. Southend v Walsall tomorrow nite..... Wondering if a Southend win suits us best........🤔😁
  14. I see the mighty Walsall are at both Grimsby and Southend next up. Loose both of them and they may well be going down....😂😁👌👌
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