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  1. & Sunderland 3-0 up at the kiddie worriers......👌
  2. HAS their mild mannered manager left the dressing room as yet??....😳😂
  3. He's still got them all locked in there apparently...... Dario has been called for....😁😳
  4. BLADES get two in three mins late doors v the 💩💩!! 2-1....😂😂
  5. From 9th to THIRD with those two quick Goals on the live table....🤔😁
  6. Just the TEN changes from Saturday then!??....🤔😂
  7. I have to give a positive word for Kenny Jacket here if not for his team. He was magnanimous in defeat no doubt despite being gutted. Gave high praise of the Vale too......
  8. Even the Orient fans are confirming what you say here this morning.....
  9. I HAD buried that one........THANKS!!.....🤣
  10. On the Orient page now it says ''Stone island gang'' [Orient?] were looking for trouble and apparently found it!!...😅
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