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  1. It's almost a certainty the extra 900 will be gobbled up in next 48 hours.... After an eternity it seems of constant struggle it seems we may be on the way back.... Just took a peek on the BLOATCAKE, even THEY beginning to panic....
  2. Sold out the initial 1,450 allocation, Vale in talks with hell's Walsall now to get a load more....
  3. STOKE.... 2-0 up just before HT.... NOW 2-2... A Mr HUGILL getting the first QPR goal......
  4. I suspect this REF is a Tadd BETTER than Mr KETTLE HEAD......
  5. 1-0..... To quote Jeff Stelling just " Port Vale having a RITE RUN".......
  6. Their reputation these parts isn't the best for sure, ask Cliff Richard.....
  7. Much needed..... Win at the Morecambe next up and we still well in touch on 7th place.....
  8. Just read through the bloatcake got a thread there on today's Vale game..... What a set of C***S......
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