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  1. There's a difference between constructive criticism and analysis, over knee jerk reaction and putting the offender in the stocks to have tomatoes pelted at him [emoji534][emoji23]
  2. Spot on. It's one of them, if he appears 'anonymous' during a game, he's doing his job,and doing it well. That's what he's there for.
  3. Well played lads and nice one DC for changing formation and the subs. Obviously swung the game for us. The game was a bit like game of thrones!! So refreshing to have a manager confident and able to make the proper changes when needed. UTV
  4. At the moment I can't see us winning this. Two sides playing the same formation is pretty much nullifying both teams. A moment of brilliance or a mistake will win it. The foul for the free kick was a foul and ridiculous to challenge like that and give the free kick away Covalon should have saved it. Simple as that. Two mistakes led to the goal. Has Covalon actually made a save this season? Maybe one or two, but he's also cost us alot of goals. Come on Vale!!
  5. Should of shut up shop at 3/2 and made defensive subs. The formation was changed to 442 but the wrong subs imo. A terribly unlucky day tbf but its football and one of those things. I just hope, with the amount of goals we've been leaking, that we don't generally go back to a more defensive set up. I don't think we will as 5 of those 6 goals have been very flukey, deflections, own goal, ref decisions etc etc Our second half performances of the last two games haven't been great. We seem to sit back and just let them come at us and then the enviable happens. Looking forward to the next game to see the tweaks DC et all will make. We are 70% there I reackon . Atm it looks like our second half and defence is pivotal to our season.
  6. Ref was an absolute tool. Worst for a long while
  7. Ref was an absolute tool. Worst for a long while
  8. Never felt confident for us after their first goal. We didn't get going apart from the first 30 mins. Second half was like last week, just losing the ball, giving it away and wave after wave of Sutton pushing us. Ref was beyond awful. But if your 2/0 up and lose the game its not the refs fault. It's the teams. Gutted, but not good enough. 6 goals conceded in two games is appalling lol Come on Vale!!
  9. Second tweet is definitely a troll/fake account put up to cause more trouble.
  10. Er get in!!! First half superb and should have been 2/3 up. Second half they steamrollered us. I was surprised we made no changes to counter the steam rollering. But what do I know? 2 individual errors cost us the Leyton goals. First goal Lucas had it covered but the deflection did him. Second goal Tom was at fault. We all thought that was that!! The last 5 mins!!! Get in!! I didn't think I could love Vale anymore but to see Vale Park like that and the never give up attitude from this team has sent it through the roof today. We are Vale [emoji123][emoji4][emoji120]
  11. A frustrating and horrible game. From the sublime to the ridiculous. We looked very disjointed today with too many players having an 'off' day. Conceded 6 in 2. That's abysmal. The defending for their 3rd was just ludicrous. Come on Vale we are better than that. Sort it out.
  12. First 15 superb. Sloppy goal to concede. Midfield getting over run. Do some tinkering DC, bolster the midfield! UTV
  13. Well, well well [emoji849] can't fault that half. The press and tracking is there, we have a midfield, the workrate as a team is thru the roof and the system is working, FG are deeply confused lol [emoji848][emoji849][emoji1787] great first half, keep going lads. UTV
  14. His arrogance gets in the way of the reality. Thousands of Vale fans see it but not DC. At least he got it right for the second half, just about. But the first 45 was pointless. Absolutely pointless.
  15. Wilson is devoid of confidence atm. He gets a couple of half chances a game if he's lucky. He works his socks off but he needs more from his team mates to play him in. Its always been a problem in recent seasons with Vale and everyone just points the finger at he's <ovf censored>. Playing as a forward for Vale must be one of the most frustrating jobs in the world [emoji849][emoji23]
  16. Well after that shambles of a first half we were much much better second half. We will take a point. Fair play to DC for sorting out. What a difference having a midfield makes. Please stop playing about with the team and let's get some momentum. UTV
  17. Just a very basic brand of panic football, that involves hoofing amongst everything else. I don't often swear dusting a game. But that half was seriously bad.
  18. Terrible. We look like headless chickens. Where is our midfield? Second best in every single aspect of that half. Covolan can do one. An absolute liability. Only positive is we actually scored a goal. I was very very wary of DC and atm he is doing himself no favours. I know it's early days etc but this is very very poor. He needs to sort it out. It will be a miracle if we win or get a point out of this. Come on Lads prove us wrong. UTV
  19. Doh, apologies Hopper! Let's do this! UTV [emoji4]
  20. Lol it does work. Your loss if you don't believe it [emoji4]
  21. Yes mate just go to today's match and buy the one game pass. Remember Euro's is gogogo, pounds is nonono [emoji23][emoji386]
  22. DC will stick with 532 as we are creating chances from it. If we hadn't been hitting the post blah blah blah I should hope and expect him to change it
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