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  1. Or he's being put on the radar to be sold?
  2. Yh I believe their chairman is at fault and its obvious that DC was the bit of string holding them together
  3. He said in his interview last night that Mark is ready to go, so is obviously on DC's radar. I think Marks abit unfit hence him not getting starts.
  4. So we go back to 4/3/3 and we are on fire. We haven't a team full of useless players that don't try. I've never believed this and will never slate our lads. Confidence plays a huge part in any team. Also there is the psychological impact on the team of, again, finding themselves in a relegation fight. Especially after doing so well last season. The club is still being rebuilt after the fat controllers legacy and alot of our lads are still at the club having had to endure his bollox. I believe no player wants to be in a relegation battle. No player wants to be in a team that gets relegated out of the league. It's crazy to think they do. Whatever went on behind the scenes and things like big Leon being dropped for apparently no reason would have a huge impact on the team. Injuries too first team players, resulting in young experienced players having to carry the mantle of a relegation fight will have a massive impact on them with a huge burden of responsibility. All of the team have performed in the past. For our club and for others. They don't suddenly turn into no hopers who don't care just because they come to the Vale. It's extenuating circumstances that turn them into low confidence and bad performers. We will never know what these circumstances were. We are rebuilding as a club in every single aspect. Still rebuilding from that <ovf censored>. It takes time. But the foundations are now in place, at last, thanks to Carol and Kevin. The retained list will be very interesting to say the least, but we should approach it with caution and accept and understand the factors as to why we have been underachieving this season. KTF [emoji123] UTV
  5. Well, I warmed to DC tonight. I've been sceptical of him and am firmly on the fence with him. However he was tactically astute last night. I was relieved to see 4/3/3 for the first half and it works for us. The evidence is there as we battered them. But I thought he was to stubborn to change. Let's hope he sets us up like this for more games. Our players aren't <ovf censored>. The last few games have reminded me of Aspin and Brown, constantly tinkering leading to poor performances from the boys. We thrive in 4/3/3 we are a naturally attacking team so to surpress this and set up not to lose results in poor performances. DC will have learnt alot from that first half last night and fair play to him. His after match interview was far more humble than his norm and he actually bigged up the team. It was like he's been reading all the stuff about him and is acting on it. That takes balls and shows he isn't arrogant, he just wants the best. I suppose its easy to pick him apart when things don't go right for the team. But his honesty and passion leaves him wide open for criticism. Few more good results and I will totally back track on him.
  6. Yh I thought this as well. The ref let them get away with murder and we were very lucky not to pick up any more bad injuries because of them. They deserved to lose because of this amongst other things.
  7. Told you tonight would be our night! Massive win and credit to the lads. Get in. We smashed it [emoji123] almost cried at the final whistle lol [emoji24][emoji1787]
  8. DC is going to play a 2 5 3 [emoji4] it will be his defining moment so far! Let's go Vale, Saturdays gone now. It's all about Tuesday. Get at them and let's smash them [emoji106] ktf UTV [emoji123]
  9. Heheh I'm always positive going into a game [emoji4] not so much after the game [emoji849] once we've not won. Again.
  10. 2/0 to the Vale. This is the one guys [emoji123][emoji4]
  11. Spot on mate. Also his motivational skills are beyond ridiculous. When this is over and hopefully we have survived he has a massive job on his hands. A hand to prove to everyone that he isn't just full of it and a blagger. He will have no where to hide and the convieniant excuse after excuse. Time will tell. In the meantime we can't score a goal and look beyond desperate.
  12. Tactically inept today for the second half. I give up. How can we score goals from every position apart from the goalie in a 4/3/3 constantly. We now score none. Set up for draws and to nick a goal doesn't work. We need to setup to properly get at teams,and hope the defensive training they have done is enough allowing us to push properly. Atm this is beyond embarrassing and DC, his new assistant manager/coach, his director of football all appear clueless and out of their depth big time as its NOT working. Problem is our league status is seriously at risk now. We can blame everything till the cows come home but the reality is looming and fast. I just hope we can crawl over the line. If we stay up everyone at the club has a huge amount to prove. If we stay up. I'll go into Tuesday with the normal positivity but I can't take any more tbh. Years of it have broken us. Come on Vale ffs. We are better than this endless circle of a shambles.
  13. It will be a good game imo. But we HAVE to get at them. Fear no one. We get at them and it will be anyone's game. We set up for a draw or try and nick a goal we will get thumped.
  14. No bad words from me tonight. Need a lie down now! Incredible too have not scored. Every was right apart from a GOAL [emoji51] keep going lads [emoji123]
  15. Oldham will be a different team second half no doubt. The boys need to keep their concentration and composure. Seriously can't believe we haven't scored first half. Come on Lads!
  16. Literally moved into the new gaff today. We are in chaos so come on Vale!!
  17. Man management is appalling tbf. Constantly saying they arent good enough, they lack any kind of quality. The recruitment has been awful etc etc I don't want to hear it atm and I'm sure the players and all involved with the club do ethier. If they aren't good enough, so be it but to constantly drum that into them is not right. I thought the interview I saw after Saturday was awful. DC knew the 'quality' of the players before he signed to manage them, end of. Senior players jumping on it as well is not acceptable ethier imo. Talk about crushing people we have zero confidence.
  18. Just win Vale. Sick to backteeth of having to micro analyse every single aspect of our club. Endlessly over and over again in a sea of negativity Do your jobs players, manager manage the team and sort it out, and stop blaming everything you can on anything but yourself. You came knowing what needed to be done so grow a pair and crack on and do it because at the moment it's all talk and is beyond embarrassing now. Just win.
  19. Sat to deep on Saturday for the last 20 as we tired. That's what led to the goal. DC knew we would so got all our 'strikers' on to hopefully counter hard and nick a goal. As soon as we started sitting too deep I knew they would score. Indifferent about tonight. I don't expect us to win so anything other than a loss is a bonus.
  20. He's made a couple of little mistakes if we are being ultra critical but generally he's been good
  21. Needs to bring Hurst or Gibbo on imo. Not that Mills has been bad but we need another threat and outlet. Atm we are well in this. Come on Lads!! UTV [emoji16]
  22. Well they want to stop calling that young lad, the Stoke supporter, who rwckons he's got a shot of being on match of the day when he's older. More cringe along with that Angela.
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