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  1. I think and hope we will come out and play like the good Vale, we need it and the players need it. Don't know why but I feel quietly confident. I must be mental [emoji13]Come on Vale, fear no one and let's go
  2. Walsall fans are saying it was DC who sold the best players [emoji848] surely that's down to the board? I think it was a board breakdown between him and them that let the negativity creep in, but the supporters used DC as the scape goat because of his mannerisms, and that touch of arrogance he has.
  3. A kick up the arse is a good thing here and there. A relentless kick up the arse isn't [emoji1787]
  4. I admire his fight and honesty. I'm a little concerned about calling the players out all the time and he seems to be quite arrogant. Little more humble imo as all that can back fire big time. Ie losing the dressing room and setting your self up for a fall and stress if things don't go right. Other than that time will tell. One things for sure, we can't keep finding ourselves in this new manager, clear out, get players in, put this season behind us and push next season cycle. Its tiresome and seems to be endless, year after year atm
  5. Lacked any composure and as per usual ball retention was no existant. Judging form Clark interview only the defence did what he was wanting (other than composure and slowing the game down to gain some form of control over it) We are far from fit and the boys can only press high and hard for 45 mins as the last two games has shown. With no control or composure we will not ever score a goal. Still a clean sheet. Can't wait for this season to be over. I want to watch Vale as we all do, with a certain sense of confidence about our performances and game play. I haven't had that since October.
  6. Exactly, I think the team is made for it with the players we have [emoji4]
  7. You think the back three without Leon is strong enough to communicate and move as one? I'm not so sure, but I would love to see 3/5/2
  8. Leon was our captain and is entitled to discuss things with the training staff and management. He has been great for us. For him to be dropped like a stone he has obviously challenged them for that to happen. A senior player is said to have reared up at the management. I think it must have been Leon. Possibly for him being ridiculed in front of the guys and lost his cool. For any player to rear up at the management, it is an issue with the management, not the player imo. No player should be pushed so far they react like that, good, bad, captain or whatever. Now we have lost a defender who we are going to need. Yeah slow af, but he has/had a role to play. A big character in the changing room for the younger guy's. We have to ask ourselves wtf happened for him to be dropped like a stone. He has a right to be disgruntled imo.
  9. I'd maybe like to see a 3/5/2 but without Leon I don't think it's feasible by any stretch it means now
  10. 0 confidence means 0 results. I don't think we will be relegated. The boys are desperate for a result which makes the play desperate and shambolic. The long ball over the top from an attacking position to conceding a gaol in 20 seconds has cost us so many times. Why do our defence allow that to happen time and time again? Because they have pushed up in desperation to try and get a goal. The second half was better. They tried to be more composed and patient and create. The defence sat back a bit. It was easier for them to deal with because of the change of formation by the irons. We still almost got caught out on the odd occasion. The defense sitting too high is the major issue for conceding goals and isnt playing to a defences strengths, especially if the mid field a pushed right up as well. Its concerning that this hasn't been addressed and that the team are like lambs to the slaughter game after game. Address this basic, ridiculous, error and we stand a chance. How many goals have we gifted because of this? And yet it still happens, game after game. Our attacking threat is endless poor crosses in to the box. We are extremely easy to read and play against, devoid of anything other than extreme basics, and we don't even do that right. The management team is massively at fault. The confidence is a massive issue. Non of the players will want to be in the situation they are in, but being pressed hard causes them to panic. I don't want to see one more goal conceded by us pushing to far up. The defence has to sit back a bit, the central midfield hold their ground. Saturday is a massive game now. Why are the vast majority of basic games we play always massive? Come on boys, it's basics. Stop trying so hard and trying to be Barcelona. Calm down and be composed. Read the game. UTV
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