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  1. A frustrating and horrible game. From the sublime to the ridiculous. We looked very disjointed today with too many players having an 'off' day. Conceded 6 in 2. That's abysmal. The defending for their 3rd was just ludicrous. Come on Vale we are better than that. Sort it out.
  2. First 15 superb. Sloppy goal to concede. Midfield getting over run. Do some tinkering DC, bolster the midfield! UTV
  3. Well, well well [emoji849] can't fault that half. The press and tracking is there, we have a midfield, the workrate as a team is thru the roof and the system is working, FG are deeply confused lol [emoji848][emoji849][emoji1787] great first half, keep going lads. UTV
  4. His arrogance gets in the way of the reality. Thousands of Vale fans see it but not DC. At least he got it right for the second half, just about. But the first 45 was pointless. Absolutely pointless.
  5. Wilson is devoid of confidence atm. He gets a couple of half chances a game if he's lucky. He works his socks off but he needs more from his team mates to play him in. Its always been a problem in recent seasons with Vale and everyone just points the finger at he's <ovf censored>. Playing as a forward for Vale must be one of the most frustrating jobs in the world [emoji849][emoji23]
  6. Well after that shambles of a first half we were much much better second half. We will take a point. Fair play to DC for sorting out. What a difference having a midfield makes. Please stop playing about with the team and let's get some momentum. UTV
  7. Just a very basic brand of panic football, that involves hoofing amongst everything else. I don't often swear dusting a game. But that half was seriously bad.
  8. Terrible. We look like headless chickens. Where is our midfield? Second best in every single aspect of that half. Covolan can do one. An absolute liability. Only positive is we actually scored a goal. I was very very wary of DC and atm he is doing himself no favours. I know it's early days etc but this is very very poor. He needs to sort it out. It will be a miracle if we win or get a point out of this. Come on Lads prove us wrong. UTV
  9. Doh, apologies Hopper! Let's do this! UTV [emoji4]
  10. Lol it does work. Your loss if you don't believe it [emoji4]
  11. Yes mate just go to today's match and buy the one game pass. Remember Euro's is gogogo, pounds is nonono [emoji23][emoji386]
  12. DC will stick with 532 as we are creating chances from it. If we hadn't been hitting the post blah blah blah I should hope and expect him to change it
  13. You can and it works. As long as payment due is in Euro's you've cracked it. Give it a go and see. UTmightyV
  14. Guys. Download a vpn app to your device. Make sure it's set to Germany, Holland etc etc. If your payment is due in Euro's you are good to go. It won't work if the payment due is in pounds. I use thunder Vpn on android. It works a treat. UTV
  15. Seems to be be an age old mantra with Vale. No service to our front men [emoji849] we hear it over and over and over again. It's like groundhog day [emoji4] UTV
  16. We are severely lacking composure atm. It's almost like we are trying too hard. We need to relax, slow down and control much much more. All the lack of composure is leading too is all the points raised from last night. UTV
  17. Hit the bar, hit the post [emoji849] early days we will get there. UTV
  18. How come is it the opposition gets to the second ball 75% of the game? Its allowing them to drive at us way to much. Fair bit of Vale getting possession and then losing it thru poor distribution as per [emoji849] Good first half tho, been very competitive and we've had some very good movement and some good chances. Boy did we get out of jail in the 4v1 Carlisle break. Need to switch it about abit for the second half imo. Midfield is struggling and getting over run alot. UTV
  19. Less hoof and a bit more composure will see us right. We need to control the game abit more and play to our strengths. 2/1 Vale. UTV
  20. Got to the ground at 2. Was in my seat in the paddock at 2:58 [emoji4][emoji849][emoji575] There were a few moaning and trying to give the stewards a hard time but the vast majority of people were having a laugh about it, with it could only happen at Vale attitude [emoji1787] They will get it sorted, Carol and Kevin will be absolutely gutted that some people's match experience was dampened by it all.
  21. We missed Tom Conlon today and lacked a playmaker/attacking midfielder. Great to see Wozza back where he belongs. I think we look pretty good. The goals will come. Brilliant atmosphere and roll on Tuesday! UTV
  22. It's going to be a great day today. The park will be packed. I will try not to shed a tear when the boys come out for kick off [emoji849] Let's get behind them and sing our hearts out for them all game! UTV
  23. By the way guys, if you can't make a game, download a vpn sign in to ifollow. Make sure it's set to Spain or Holland etc. If the payment option comes up in Euro's your good to go [emoji4]I used thunder Vpn from the play store and used it on me fone
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