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  1. Yeah, I'm still waiting. Ooh sounded like Dianna Ross then.
  2. There's more moaning and groaning going on now than when we nearly dropped out of the league. FFS we are at Wembley and in the playoff final. No one is forcing anybody to go or buy anything ! Time for me to retreat from OVF for a while me thinks.
  3. If there are 50 coaches going from Vale, presumably they will park up on the main car park as they did for the Man City game. So the question is where will we all park our cars for the day ? Don't think there will be enough room by the club shop for that amount. Obviously once the coaches have left there is plenty of room but you can't park there until they have left for Wembley and you'll be on a bus.
  4. Must say a big thanks to those of you that have to travel a distance to come and watch the Vale. I'd take my hat off to you all if I had one. Oooh my stomach's churning already.
  5. I will be setting off from Brown Edge at 6.00pm after tipping point on itv+1. Takes all of 10 minutes. Like Howjy04 says you cant be too careful ! 😂🤣😂🤣
  6. All this talk of the Hamil end has just jogged my memory back to 1969. I had just got my second hand SX200 Lambretta motor scooter from Norman & Birches and had got a date with a girl I fancied from Birches Head. Picked her up and where did I take her. Silly me paid for her and myself to watch the Vale and we stood on the mound at the back of the Hamil end, having a bit of a kiss and cuddle as you do. Kept thinking that I hope my scooters alright on the car park because we had a lot of Lemmy type bikers in Burslem back in those days. Only saw her again once after that, I don't know if it was me or the Vale she didn't like. Ps I cant remember her bloody name. 🤣😂😂🤣😂
  7. I hope it's not working on Thursday as well. 😁😁
  8. Vale Twitter is saying more than 10,000 of us will be there currently ! 🤔🤔
  9. I think we had bit of bother when Millwall were in the Railway though.
  10. We are shut of Smurf. We have fantastic owners. We own our own stadium. We are not at the wrong end of the table fighting to stay in the football league. We are a goal down at half time from a potential trip to the new Wembley stadium. What a great season so far. That's my glass half full. I don't do half empties!
  11. I think the system is clever enough because I have a season ticket in the railway but I have got a ticket for elsewhere, just had a look online and my seat is up for grabs.
  12. When everyone was shouting Bell out years ago we came out of the pub in Reading and Bill was outside the ground, I put my arm around him and said "I dont care what they say Bill but I think you're alright. He put his hand inside coat and gave me four tickets. Just thought I would tell you all that. 😂😂😂😂 True story !
  13. I was sitting waiting for an hour and a half using Microsoft Edge with it stuck on 0 mins. Decided to try on my Opera browser and went straight to picking my seat with no waiting at all. took 5 mins max.
  14. Mines been stuck on 0.0minutes for 1hr 25mins.
  15. 2 hours for me still haven't got through Only been waiting 1 Hour and 15 mins so I'll go make a brew then ! 😂😂👍
  16. I agree with Joe on this, Didn't every Vale fan dislike Lee Hughes until he signed for us ?
  17. I remember one of Jones's throws at Forest Green this season when we beat them, he launched one down the touchline like an exocet missile to Garrity who latched onto it cut inside and should have scored but the keeper saved it.
  18. eccentric_viewer 16h I thought it was brill when Port Vale had “PMT” on their shirts. It was a bus company, but in them days PMT was what is now PMS. That's from their forum, our turn to have a laugh now. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  19. How I see it.... Negative side of me says if Mansfield,Sutton and Gas win then come 2.15 on Monday we would drop to 7th ! Positive side says if that happens but Exeter beat Northampton and the Mighty Vale beat Newport come 4.45 ish on Monday we could leapfrog the lot of them and be in 3rd place !
  20. Just noticed that this is available on Ifollow. Is this because its on Friday and not Saturday ?
  21. Started to read the article out to the wife and started choking up half way through, bottom lip was quivering. Best news I've heard this year. Welcome back Darrell, every Valiant is with you.
  22. Come on Vale, guaranteed 7th place minimum come 5pm tomorrow if we win this one. Getting excited, must go lie down.
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