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  1. Ffs, I had better order a coffin ! 😭😭😭
  2. It's one of those games that stays in your memory banks same as the Derby County game and for me Liverpool 1964, the day I was passed from the front of the Kop to the back over the fans heads but that's another story. Anyway back to 1990, I worked at Jcb in those days and if anyone left early the shop floor would start banging their hammers on their benches. As I left at 3.30 there was an almighty noise of hammers banging and shopfloor workers shouting wooooooow ! I was told the next day that there was a management meeting going on at the time and production manager stood up saying "what
  3. I was only joking, forgot you cant joke these days. I actually thought she was one of the best refs we have had this season. 🤫
  4. She was quite chatty with Tom Conlon, I think she only booked him to get his name and number ! 😂😂😂
  5. Totally agree, I've paid for every single game this season, not missed any and that's my way of putting money back into our club. First time for 20 odd seasons that I haven't missed a game ! 🤣😂
  6. RIP Lee, top bloke. Will always be remembered.
  7. Just noticed that if we beat Exeter on good Friday we will only be 9 points behind them and they are one spot outside the playoffs. Hows that for a bit of positivity! 😂🤣😂🤣
  8. Surely draws in both games would be better for us ! It takes 2points out of the equation.
  9. Sky bets final predicted league table looks interesting, better order some more toilet rolls ! 😂😂
  10. Guthrie to get a hat trick if he plays and Crooksie might bang a thunderbolt in ! 4-1
  11. Thanks for telling me, I'll bare that in mind !
  12. At least Crooksies off the radar for bit, poor lad !
  13. Just like Piers Morgan we are entitled to our own opinion ! 😂😂
  14. Yeah totally agree that Rodney could have had a couple of tap ins if he had just had a bit goal poacher instinct in him and I watched him a couple of times after he had made a run and he seemed exhausted ! In particular at the end of the first half where he squatted down in the penalty area. As for Guthrie my comment was in reply to Houston valiant that he was useless, I dont think for one minute he will score a bag full of goals but I do think he is putting the effort in and cant fault him for that.
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