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  1. At least Crooksies off the radar for bit, poor lad !
  2. Just like Piers Morgan we are entitled to our own opinion ! 😂😂
  3. Yeah totally agree that Rodney could have had a couple of tap ins if he had just had a bit goal poacher instinct in him and I watched him a couple of times after he had made a run and he seemed exhausted ! In particular at the end of the first half where he squatted down in the penalty area. As for Guthrie my comment was in reply to Houston valiant that he was useless, I dont think for one minute he will score a bag full of goals but I do think he is putting the effort in and cant fault him for that.
  4. Guthrie run his socks off, you must have watched a different game to the one I watched!
  5. This should clear this one up ! Report from Sentinel. The Vale could have - probably should have - claimed the winner when Jeffers went scampering down the left, chasing a through ball from Earle. Peter Fox came out of his area to challenge the Vale winger on the touchline but Jeffers nicked the ball past him and and hit a deep cross to the back post where Ron Futcher rose high to send a header against the bar. The rebound fell to sub Ronnie Jepson....but he headed wide.
  6. Slash/Iggy pop.....We're all gonna die. 😂😂😂
  7. barny61

    Joke thread

    Bill and Ben sitting on a bench and Bill says flop a lop a lop op Ben says f##k off you pis##d up c##t
  8. I posted this on March 15th on page 15 of this thread, obviously I was wrong.
  9. To this day I still play my best of Cream album which I've had since around 1970 and it's got fancy writing all over cover that I did at that time ! Still reminds me of going to the Hollywood music festival in Leycett, Newcastle and Ginger Baker playing until some ungodly hour in the morning.....oh take me back please.🤣😂
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