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  1. Back to theme. That was an essential result to win at FG even this early in the season. If we can be defensively solid and score enough goals we will succeed in the promotion bid.
  2. They need their ground fixing. It has suffered the decline the club has. Personally I would love to get Stockport and Wrexham and Chesterfield back in the league. What a bonus to get Barrow and Hartlepool back recently. And showing my prejudice I don't want Boring Wood et al. Though respect to Sutton Utd.
  3. Must have a priority which is get promoted to League 1 by taking an automatic position. Players need games in the squad to be match fit so some risk has to be taken to play a good team in this game.
  4. The top two will stretch away and be beyond us catching up. So we need to win at FG next week. It's time to turn robust defence and good chance creation into a significant result.
  5. I dislike Stevenage the club. The water bottle Kings, masters of fake injuries etc. So not scoring on Saturday is totally unacceptable. They need to be monumentally thrashed. Please.
  6. I think the players we have now are better than Monty in any position. Frankly Monty did like a dribble but his crossing was consistently poor. Most the time the outcome of a Monty dribble was a goalkick.
  7. Not that much wrong. Need to take chances. Need to keep defensive solidity. Chances created are consistently in mid teens. Much more worrying if they were say 0-10.
  8. I thought our defence did well yesterday. There were a number of times the ball was in our box but shots blocked off and a few where it flashed across goal. But in total I thought there was only one time they absolutely should have scored when their player got across the front post second half and missed goal with the header.
  9. I have watched Aldridge quite a lot and the one thing he had above all else was to be in the right place. Won't have lost that. It is a form of magnetism. Ok, I guess that is innate football intelligence rather than something supernatural.
  10. It was alarming to watch the Railway stand from the Lorne Street stand. In the end the Railway stand was well populated but before the game it took much more time than usual to become that way. I mean home fans often do walk up close to the game and the club should cope with that. It's normal everywhere. A bit like its no good apologising for train cancellations because we haven't got enough drivers!
  11. A Tranmere fan told me on the way back to the train that 1300 was ticket sales and there were many more on the day. I live on the Wirral a few miles from Tranmere. So talk to them more than most. But I will raise another issue here. Longport Station. East Midland trains halting there halved. So we have the difficult situation where a traveller or home supporter to Vale Park has to go Crewe to Stoke then hop on a train back to Longport. Or walk / get bus from Stoke station. Also this is actually a reduction in trains available in total as well. Going home last night required Longport to Stoke, Stoke to Manchester, Manchester to Liverpool. Normally it would have been Longport to Crewe, Crewe to Liverpool with backup of Crewe to Chester, Chester to Birkenhead. When the signalman halted my Liverpool to Crewe train yesterday to let an Avanti West Coast past the consequence was that I only caught Crewe to Stoke with seconds to spare. Lucky. So rail travel to Stoke is loads more problematic; not to mention zero opportunity to socially distance. I can't drive at the moment because of a medical condition; have to hope with two year's treatment that gets turned round shortly.
  12. Yes that's right. If Tranmere had John Aldridge up front yesterday we might have lost 3-0. So we do need to take chances, but I feel our front guys are good enough. I mean, taking Pope aside, I have been in despair with poor or under performing strikers in recent years. We did hit post and crossbar and forced keeper to make a couple of really good saves. But there were at least a couple of really good moves / dribbles where I thought a great goal was on the cards and it was missed quite badly. However, for example, I can see coaching at work and Rodney has been markedly improved in movement, positioning and on the ball. So take that sort of coaching work on to finishing.
  13. I thank the team for great effort and entertainment yesterday and most of all a lot of skill. Tranmere are a good team who will be near the top of the league. The team is clearly much better than last year in everyway and I think our limiting factor, if there is one, is how strong is the league? Great to have a playmaker goalie! That sort of stuff gets Pickford the England jersey.
  14. There doesn't seem to be a lot wrong. I couldn't go to the Sunderland game but clearly the goal disallowed should have been disallowed because the referee blew the whistle before the ball was kicked into the net. But his blowing the whistle for a foul on the keeper was totally wrong. If anything it should have been a penalty to Port Vale or play advantage and Vale score. The stats show we had a high level of shots but need to get more on target. Could do without our keeper getting sent off. Need to defend dead balls better. Need to retain the ball better going forward in order to get player up the pitch; that usually means be less ambitious or at worse kick it in the corner and press. None of the frailties looks too serious. Whatever the formation.
  15. Especially when you consider the absolute dross weve been served for the vast majority of the last 10 years. 20+ years aside from the Micky Adams miracle period.
  16. Worrall is our best crosser of the ball and best at closing down from the front. So for me he has to play up front and I would avoid any situation where he ends up a wing back. But not knowing the players in the team properly at the moment I guess a sacrifice might have to be made if we genuinely can't play someone else effectively there or can't play a back four with a straight forward right back who is primarily defensive minded.
  17. I use Bitdefender VPN. But the reason for posting is I find I can't access some things if it is running and that has seemed to include ifollows live matches last season. At the end of the day the service provider needs to be satisfied the user meets the conditions of use and VPN is a potential masker of location and ID. I'm tempted to say the more effective VPN is perhaps the less accessibility one can get! There is also an issue with the USA. Since we left the EU some US sites don't want to allow access because they won't subscribe to UK data protection law as well as EU law. That is probably an irrelevant comment here unless trying to get access from USA.
  18. The times I have been to Northampton I have been impressed with the club and particularly the community teams it operates at a several age groups. I think they went through an ownership problem, but seem to be back on a level footing now. I think this is a good test first game and since home games v Carlisle and Tranmere follow that are not easy we need to get some points on the board hopefully.
  19. Think Martin Foyle is back at Northampton as Head of Recruitment.
  20. I think a way out of League 2 is to be at a higher professional level as a club. May not necessarily have much better players or even better players at all. But if they are better organised, fit together as a team and squad and have a slight edge on fitness and physicality it can go a long way. Our backroom looks wholly more professional than the start of last season. There are more of them, they clearly bring a lot of knowledge and experience from higher levels / done it before and they look like a joined up management team etc. So I really am pretty hopeful. I think Port Vale is a big club in League 2. Maybe some are equal - Tranmere - or slightly bigger - Swindon - but we should be punching our weight and expect us to do so.
  21. I can walk to Tranmere. Everywhere else requires public transport.
  22. It's a measurement issue. Are we better off after recruitment so far? Answer seems to be yes based on comparing careers to date. But there is no value added in lamenting the past and wishing players hadn't left because they have.
  23. Two legitimate questions are: have our new strikers scored more goals on average per season than TP and have they played at higher levels? Otherwise TP has left and should be remembered for his time which is now over.
  24. I am impressed with the signings made to date and can see the logic individually and collectively. We do look a wholly more professional club on the playing side. That doesn't guarantee success; key players get injured etc. But the greater risk taken in releasing so many players and going for a fundamental overhaul is being well managed. I think. As a supporter. With a supporter's level of knowledge.
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