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  1. Wilf Kirkham went on to have a successful career in teaching after football. So coming towards the end of career I hope Tom Pope can transition in his work and professional life as well. I think football like all sport is a ruthless profession to follow and the end always comes early. Good luck. Best wishes. Thanks for entertaining and trying best.
  2. Happy with Hartlepool coming up. Would have been happy with any of the equivalent clubs with a history in the league and who fell into despair. Stockport would have created a regional derby. Better luck next year to them.
  3. Bought the home shirt and the goalie shirt. I can see logic in the design as its capable of being worn as smart casual wear. Bought some other stuff as well. Remarkable service. Ordered on Sunday and postman tossed my package over the gate on Tuesday whilst I was eating lunch at the back of the house. No damage to a well wrapped parcel by the Port Vale shop.
  4. I perceive good analysis behind the signings to date. It looks to me like we have strengthened so far. But as always the moment of truth comes with kick off.
  5. He did well for Port Vale after finding his best position. Will be well remembered as time passes and old videos and photos come out of a time when the club had success.
  6. There is a need to find players to fit round this core. So ideally Smith needs to play with a bigger partner and Conlon needs midfielders who play - out wide, holding, box to box. As always we have to hope who the side is built around doesn't get clogged and disappear for the months.
  7. JA is over. Released players are over. I wish them well in what they may do next. We clearly need to fundamentally change to progress from being a struggling League 2 club which is under performing relative to the size of the fanbase and commercial potential.
  8. I thought Austria should have put us to bed this week, but seem to be limited up front. They have a decent defence and hard working midfield.
  9. Ronaldo has had it mobility wise. But still good in the box. Opinion based on watching Portugal v Spain tonight. Portugal functional as ever. Spain play good stuff and miss.
  10. Whitehead was a player the previous manager had shoehorned into a squad that got promoted by an effective team system. But once called upon to be effective in an environment where individual expression of talent was needed alongside teamwork he simply didn't have it. A very limited player who can't take us where we want to go.
  11. I remember this ridiculously young Man Utd team playing Port Vale and knocking us out of the cup. Next year the ridiculously young team won the Premier League.
  12. I think the signings so far could play at League 1 level and have scope to improve with coaching. It seems to me that is exactly what is needed to get promoted from League 2 and with a stable team that doesn't need much further change secure a good position in League 1. So I too can regret Manny leaving. He did well relatively when he was in the team in his time at PV. But the fact is League 2 was a career high level for him and he was injury prone. I sense he was happy to go to Chesterfield and plough a furrow with a former coach in the National League. He could surprise me if Chesterfield get promoted!
  13. It doesn't matter the level, fans will criticise decisions. For example how can Jesse Lingard be left out of the England squad. I am relaxed about that but some England fans are incredulous.
  14. I don't think Theo Robinson is the worst player in the world and he could be rejuvenated for us if it comes to that. The ability to trade depends on wage level? If he is on above average League 2 wages which as a striker we attracted to Vale Park he might be, then another club needs convincing he could do better for them. I couldn't see Guthrie ever turning into a goal machine, but I could see Theo Robinson getting a decent amount in the right team. I expect I could get 6 a season at age 62, so I am looking for at least twice that from him!
  15. Zidane has left Real Madrid. He may have a chance to impress the next manager who maybe Carlo Anchelotti or Bruno Conti. We could give him a go at left wingback as its likely he could cross the ball better than Montano. I observed he has a fundamental problem that probably annoyed Zidane and Mourinho. He doesn't track back.
  16. Rain is an issue. But its a good footpath walk from Lancaster to Morecambe along a previous railway line. And you get to cross the river by a path on the current west coast main line bridge. At the other end the walk inevitably arrives at the current Morecambe station. I like Morecambe. I think someone may have stopped playing it now, but surely 'Bring me Sunshine' is the best running on tune of all time anywhere. And the ground is next to a very viable pub.
  17. We missed out on Garcia at centre half as he has gone to Barcelona. However, suspect in the air as Pope showed with the goal v Man City. Aguero would have been a good signing but he has signed for Barcelona as well. I guess he may have been too old for our template for success. It amused me in the Man Utd Europa Cup defeat - where the super-league club lost to a town of 50k historically playing in the 4th tier of Spanish football - that their best player by a mile and only goal scorer was seen playing attack, defence and midfield. Aged 34, there was a classic picture of him running back past midfield and covering the defender in an attack whilst midfield - all much younger stood around watching.
  18. I can't believe that Morecambe team got promoted. But I am really pleased for their fans. Bring me sunshine .....
  19. My preferred centre halves come in two styles. Firstly white, bald and six foot six. Second, black, big afro and six foot six. I think the six foot six bit is important if we have Smith as the partner in a back four.
  20. Dan Jones ex Harrogate loan, Salford and Barrow.
  21. I thought Stones was history but he has got back permanently into the Man City team and finds himself in a Champions League final. So he must have improved defensively significantly. Obviously he made a gross error playing for England of the type that was present in his earlier career - day dreaming / concentration. But, well I don't know. We also have Pickford in goal who I rate as about 25% of Gordon Banks, maybe 50% of Ray Clemence. So we may lose out because these two do something catastrophic in a big game. Or because Rashford stands there aimlessly doing nothing on the left wing like he did on Wednesday!
  22. I was young at this time and attended PV and Stoke occasionally in those days; so may get stuff a bit mixed up.
  23. I think Port Vale did ok out of it and a player of Chamberlain's calibre has to be let go to play at the highest level. I think he went downhill after leaving Stoke for another so called bigger club. I saw him make his debut at Stoke and he destroyed the then England left back Sansom. He should have had a career at John Barnes level in my view as I thought he was better. But I suppose a career of a decade or more in the top division was pretty good. Neville Chamberlain looked like he needed development to play for Port Vale and wasn't ready for anything in higher divisions from memory. Completely different type of forward player from Mark
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