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  1. Too true, extremely upsetting watch that. No wonder those poor boys were traumatised for life. No sentence is enough for that b*****d. How you could find the strength to recover from that I just don't know. I wonder just how many lives Bennell and his ilk ruined.
  2. I think it said capacity for this match is 13500, so presumably including 2200 for the bycars
  3. Yes, but the bycars holds 3700 not the 2200 swindle have, doesn't it?
  4. I don't know, sticking their heads in the sand, denying it all, lying, has served them well so far. No real repercussions for crewe.
  5. Any chance of keeping political views to the politics forum please . That's 2 in quick succession now. Boring
  6. Not as easy as it sounds. Tottenham were on BT at 12.00 as well. Pubs in burslem would have vale on, not elsewhere. I begged the landlord at our village cricket club in Cornwall, hes as good as gold, thinks I'm mad, every time were on we lose! Lol
  7. The club has not been good at responding to my query as whether 10 game passes would be available next season, following strong rumours on here that they wouldn't be. I emailed Janet Ellis at the ticket office and the supporters club. Never had a reply.
  8. Spent the last hour watching local south west news dominated by Exeter victory parade celebrations, thinking this should have been us.
  9. Anyone know the cash splits for play offs? I have a feeling vale only get 25% of the takings ( maybe out of date?) Makes even more sense to reduce swindon support. Big club swindle, 1200 visitors, little port vale, 4000 visitors. Wrong
  10. Season tickets and 10 game passes not applicable now, should increase available tickets
  11. And tbf, was a concern for the first time on Monday. Even in league 1, we still have a large away capacity, so wouldn't be a problem.
  12. Meant capacity, not today's attendance
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