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  1. As a lad I got autographs after a game at Chester as the players were getting back on to the coach. I'm sure it was MM who signed and added "stretcher case" - as he had gone off injured. Happy days indeed - no bloody virus then|
  2. Does this imbecile still play football? Just thinking if he does might the FA be interested in this - seems worse than a lot of Popes tweets?
  3. The way this thing is spiraling disastrously out of control world wide, I can't see football or RW concert taking place in June. Talk now of over 70's being forced to self isolate for FOUR months even if not even ill. May be a rumour but it is Peston talking about it. We are in this for the long haul, unless the worst happens obviously.
  4. It looks fantastic business in the light of today's news. £20k in the bank and , lets guess at, £1k a week off the wage bill - with quite possibly no football til next August. This thing is forecast to peak in late June, thats peak - not be over. Not sure behind closed doors will work, as soon as 1 person at a club gets it, the whole lot self isolate for 14 days. can't see how many matchs will take place. Could they cram the finish in from say July and start next season late? Fear the 2019/20 season will be abandoned. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. Thought exactly the same, disgraceful. Player fouled to stop a quick counter attack, the ref did his job, sent him off, Artell went absolutely ballistic. Was booked , but how he wasn't sent off, God alone knows. But as I posted last week, Artell seems able to get away with anything doesn't he.
  6. I used to work for Provincial Racing, ( the fore runner of bet365). We used to run a book at Cobridge greyhounds. One year our Auditors decided they wanted to observe the operation up there, so I made the necessary arrangments with "our man" who ran it. Off the auditor went, comes to me the next morning carrying a bag of cash. The dosy b####r had only left it in the Auditors car at the end of the night! " Good security you've got" says our Auditor sarcastically. Oops.
  7. Stoke still have to play the other 4 (now) teams down there. 2 at home, 2 away. Will define their season. Must get a good haul of points, some very tough games apart from them.
  8. Looe is one of , if not THE, nicest place in Cornwall. Very old pub on the quite side of the river, The Jolly Sailor, try it. However , check the weather first, Looe is also the most flooded town in the UK I believe! As Geoff says, ideal for the match.
  9. I actually think our fans behavior has been better this season. Don't remember any real trouble ( apologies if there has been any and I haven't spotted it, I'm often away in Cornwall and may have missed it) The last trouble I remember was the infamous Stoke match - and that wasn't our fault in any way! Although I seem to remember Crewe coach windows being smashed 6 or 7 years ago?, I believe since then the majority of any trouble at derby games has been Crewe fans, flares , minor pitch invasions, bottles etc. Your comment re your stewards made me laugh - they do nothing, remember that Stoke idiot a few months ago, they took an age to attempt to remove him - same with the "fan" who assaulted our goalie etc. I'm sure if those incidents had involved us, the FA would have thrown the book at us. Jacko commented once that we were told to sit anywhere when we entered - you have to retain 10% of the tickets if you do that - but Crewe seem to get away with everything as if they have some hold over the authorities. Ar tells extreme referee abuse after your Plymouth match being another good example. Personally, as Crewe are doing so well, I think they will bring close to 2000 this year, as they are expecting victory.
  10. As Guitar Ray says, we have some attractive matches to come. I think we could end up averaging 5300 - 5400, depending partly on whether the last match is vital. That would then be plus 850 - 950, roughly a 20% increase. A different scenario. After the absolute crap suffered by us under v2001/Mold, and then that creature, many many fans have been lost and it takes a lot to get them back. Just think of fanatical supporters like Fairportnick and his family, have they regularly returned? Sorry Nick, just using you as a typical example, nothing intended. Attracting new fans in the future may be slightly easier now Stoke are no longer in the Prem though.
  11. Remember that so well, lots of trouble, the attendance amazed fans throughout the country. Going, tried to stop in that pub by lights about half way, no chance,lol. Wrexham were going well also, was it first and second? Think we both went up anyway.
  12. So why did he give a free kick to them if he couldn't see it? Blatant pen for me, was right in front of us.. We gave away numerous silly free kicks, but have to say when they fouled us....nothing, again!!! Very entertaining game, decent side Walsall, Don't really know whether it was a point gained or a point lost. Shame other results went against us. Thought we were going to nick it at the end. great following, 2300+ terrific that.
  13. Thanks Doha, ( and Jacko), good information.
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