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  1. Can't see that sadly. They have already slipped up and let it out that there will be no meaningful movements until the results of Christmas are known - say late January. Also hardly anyone will go in to Tier 1 before Easter. IMHO we can forget this season at the Vale. I have had a 10 game pass this season - does anyone know if you can trade a pass in like ST's to watch on ifollow? Cos there's no way we will get to attend 10 games now! Spose i will have to contact the club. Don't fancy paying £225 for me and the grandson and getting absolutely nothing back.
  2. So if we were to reach the 3rd round and got a good draw at home say, could get tv cash and a payout if we lose? Assuming still restrictions at that time.
  3. Non league clubs below the national league are allowed fans, with a maximum of 600. Less at smaller grounds. Covid restrictions obviously. Attendances at local non league clubs have rocketed. It's not a replacement for going VP, but better than nothing.
  4. I phoned up today and had 2 ten game tickets. No trouble at all, very efficient.
  5. Hi. This was my tape, but I'm not sure where it came from. When Rob said he was running short of games, I had a look in my cupboard. Found this, it seemed to be a home recording, ie not an official club video. I'm pretty sure it was my late father's writing on the side. But I don't remember either of us buying an official huddersfield video? I can only think that someone recorded it for us somehow? Or lent it to us and we never returned it,lol. Anyways, glad it bought enjoyment to the vale family.
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