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  1. Remember that so well, lots of trouble, the attendance amazed fans throughout the country. Going, tried to stop in that pub by lights about half way, no chance,lol. Wrexham were going well also, was it first and second? Think we both went up anyway.
  2. So why did he give a free kick to them if he couldn't see it? Blatant pen for me, was right in front of us.. We gave away numerous silly free kicks, but have to say when they fouled us....nothing, again!!! Very entertaining game, decent side Walsall, Don't really know whether it was a point gained or a point lost. Shame other results went against us. Thought we were going to nick it at the end. great following, 2300+ terrific that.
  3. Thanks Doha, ( and Jacko), good information.
  4. I thought the ticket office was open until 5.00?
  5. Anyone know what the parking is like at Walsall?
  6. Me too, although went more to the Black Horse, just down the road. Len, the landlord, used to fix the table football machine so you could play for free. Became quite good eventually, lol. Went a trip with the BH to see Pink Floyd at Knebworth, couldn't find the bliddy coach afterwards, eventually did, received a lot of "advice" from the older guys on boarding. Happy days. BH pub gone now, although the Black Horse Lane still exists.
  7. Exactly what I thought as i listened to him. So cocky when they win but boy oh boy, when they lose..... Vile man, no class at all, hope we do them again, love to hear him slag us off after a 4th consecutive win against them. I assume that the FA will have him for those comments on Saturday, blimey if Mourinho had said that he would be banned for months. then again, it's Crwho so perhaps they won't, they seem to be able to do whatever they want. remember the fan who ran on and assaulted our goalie, flares every derby, etc. Mcgarry's commentaries are interesting - screaming, voice quivering when they score ( notice how it is always an incredible goal as well), that penalty on Saturday, "it's a penalty" - you could hardly hear him, lol. Also, they seem to be succeeding with their"blank it" policy re past events , which is quite incredible how they are being allowed to do that. Vile club.
  8. Steady on mate, you will give Ernie a heart attack!
  9. Absolutely. How can consistent criticism ever help a player? can only harm his confidence and willingness to perform. I honestly don't believe it is racism with Amoo, or Legge and Montana would also be singled out. We have had black players at the Vale for years without this racism accusation. Blimey, Amoo is one of the few that has his own chant!! I believe the biggest part of it is down to that the fact that he is devastating one week and ineffective the next. But it isn't just about him is it. he may be up against a better full back, we may be struggling as a team and not getting the ball to him enough etc. First half yesterday we looked for Amoo all the time. The inconsistency isn't even match to match. First half yesterday he was unplayable, first twenty minutes or so of the second half, terrible, playing it back, seemed frightened to attack, then all of a sudden switched again and score a cracker. As many have said if he didn't do this he would be above L2. But when you have watched and been excited by him one week and frustrated the next some people, I guess, hit out. A "steady" player does not get this. Of course there will be a few racists everywhere, so they would be bound to join in, increasing the volume of criticism. I suppose. I have certainly never heard anything that I thought for a second was racist inspired against Amoo. It would be ridiculous if a persons hatred made them do something that harmed the Vale.
  10. Yes, and the manager has quit now. guessing he wasn't being paid? What a mess!
  11. I agree he looked terrific yesterday but sure i heard that was his first goal of the season from open play? For sure that Grimsby lad was sensational that day, but not done much since. spose it takes more than 1 good game to be a good player. sure JA knows far better than us what's needed - weather he can get them is another matter!
  12. Polar opposite to the pathetic views of his manager then. Wellens has obviously taken lessons from Fartell. Spose he is speaking, ( making excuses to) the majority of fans back home, but when you have witnessed the match you make yourself look an idiot with comments like that,
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