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  1. I don't understand the criticism of England. In the quarters now, still to concede a goal and yet constant criticism. Czech republic, Croatia , Austria - all beaten by England, all caused so called top teams major problems. Why can't we just enjoy the success? If anyone thinks we are going to win games easily , they are in cloud cuckoo land. Get behind England!!
  2. Wish I'd had a bet! 8 out of 9 now
  3. And yet we should go through and Scotland will probably go out. They are celebrating like they have won the world cup because they didn't lose to England, lol. Apparently we have not conceded in 7 of our last 8 games now.
  4. Wasn't that a 2nd leg and we won 2 - 1?
  5. Why do you say it should have stood. It was offside. The linesman and ref missed it. But for VAR there would have been an injustice. Imagine England conceding that 'goal' in a vital game. I would have gone mental.
  6. I find it very difficult to believe they have never set foot in anfield tbh. If they wanted to brick vehicles, they could go to a bridge. No doubt in my mind they were. " supporterz". Will never be proved cos never any arrests
  7. Radio Stoke are reporting on it. Lead item on the news, question to listeners _ should Gradi be stripped of MBE? etc. I personally think he has got off lightly with this report, it doesn't seem to link his involvement at Chelsea AND Crewe. Says he wasn't aware of it but had heard rumours. Yeah, right. After Chelsea, if he was innocent, he would have jumped all over it at crewe immediately.
  8. The earlier incident, it didn't hit the ref though, he slightly obstructed a Newport player. Does that make a difference?
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