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  1. So, if we don't do that and we could, why don't we do it? It portrays you as a bigger club to the football community, including players and agents, helping to attract players ( not that that seems to be a problem atm)
  2. I normally sit LS, where the tannoy is deafening. 2 cup games , gone on the bycars, cant tell a word they say. My eyesight not being brilliant, bbc sport website told me the substitutions
  3. I've had zero problems with scanning my 10 game pass in the Lorne street or the 2 cup tickets in the Bycars, so scanning seems to be only a problem in the Railway, for whatever reason. Obviously more turnstiles for far less crowd, but should that affect scanning?
  4. All the best Barry, you are missed on here. Hoping 2022 is a better year for you, and a vale promotion cheers you up mate.
  5. Ffs George , people have made their minds up, don't confuse things by presenting facts 🙄
  6. But there are only 3 ties there? Loads on tv now. They usually like the underdog at home
  7. Having had a quick look, I think, sadly, you are correct Ray, no cash for us.
  8. Another one, Portuguese match, someone at home to Benfica, had 17 covid absentees!! The FA wouldn't postpone it. Only 9 players took the field, including 2 goalies, lol. 7 nil down at half time. 2 players didn't come out after half time, another went off injured after 2 minutes - 6 players left - game abandoned. Guessing the injuries were to deliberately get the game abandoned.
  9. I sit in the Lorne street, I didn't hear him being booed from the off
  10. Not to mention northern Ireland winning 11 nil away. Farcical
  11. I did similar on Saturday, went in to the bycars, and thought the same. Really smart proper stadium now. On another matter, how many as Robinson scored lately? Seems to be scoring every match. Will be up for it on Saturday with the abuse we have him!!
  12. Not a referendum on PR, and unlike Brexit not advisory. I didn't say it was a referendum? I said we had the chance to change to a pr system if that's what the majority of people wanted. The public did not make that change. Not sure why you bought Brexit in to your reply? I was replying to a quote saying that we don't live in a democracy because we don't have pr. Pointing out that we have chosen not to go down that route. The advisory point is interesting. It was not generally thought of as only being advisory before the referendum. I remember receiving, as everyone did, a letter off Cameron saying hm govt would enact whatever the people chose, ie. Leave or remain. He quit the next day!!
  13. I shan't be complying with any more lockdowns. If my family and friends are prepared to meet up, we shall. Obviously if business's are closed down, we are forced to comply with that.
  14. Can't agree with this at all. In any case, wernt we given a vote on this or is my memory playing tricks on me? I thought Cameron had to give the electorate the choice as a condition of the pact with the lib Democrats, and it was overwhelmingly rejected? Interestingly, at that 2010 election, the conservatives had the most mp's but not an overall majority. Labour attempted to form an alliance with the lib dems to cling on to power. That would have been undemocratic!!
  15. Like Angela Raynor calling " Tories scum", again, and refusing to withdraw it? Might be unconnected, or it might not be. She is the deputy leader for christ's sake. The thought processes of some people do not work like they should do, look at our 2 "fans" response to the orient goalkeepers provocations. It does make you fear for the future
  16. That 207 has to be put into context though. Tuesday's figures are always higher due to a reporting lag over the weekend. This was a bank holiday weekend, so Wednesday becomes the "big" day - but with a 3 day back log, not 2. That's not to say it isn't worrying, obviously.
  17. Hi. If by leaving early you mean 5 or 6 o'clock, fine. If you mean 9, forget it. The A30 east bound and M5 will be horrendous on Saturday. My advice, ( I do this journey regularly), would be leave about 3ish. If you want to watch the game and go at 5 or 6, roads should be fine, but you will be in the dark a fair bit, never pleasant. Forecast is ok for Saturday Safe journey pal UTV
  18. Just had an e mail from the club, ( general, not specific to me) apologizing for the problems. Extra turnstiles will be open for all areas of the ground tomorrow.
  19. Eh up Ray, you owrayt? It was really to see what number all of the new players were. Used the BBC Sports website. Soon get used to them. If it is a spare, I would be grateful if you could pass it on to Evo for me. Cheers mate
  20. Yes, at least 3 very large flat screens. It may be a H and S thing. if 1 of the old ones had fallen it would have killed someone!! The tannoy thing I don't understand - it is deafening in the LS
  21. Slightly off at a tangent, but my feelings. Travelling in was amazed at the lack of traffic, parked on High Lane, was the only car there. ( still the same at the end!!) Went to have a look at the fan zone, looked great, lots of happy families there. Spending at the vale as well instead of the town centre. About 2.15 this, queues for the Paddock even then, so the "not there early enough" goes out of the window. Made my way round to Lorne street 2.20ish, went straight up to turnstile and in, no problem. Not so good then unfortunately. Long queues at the concourses (good for vale though) Part of the problem was having to decant into glasses, ( but my bottle of cider Ok). 2 people left my queue because it was cash only apparently. If it has to be cash only ( unusual since covid) this needs to be well flagged up in publicity and notices up at the kiosks. Money being lost here. If folk know in advance, easy to sort out. No programs available. Probably the 1 match ( new signings, what number etc) I would buy a program. Maybe they had sold out, but as I say this was at 2.20. Saw comments that the queues at the Paddock kiosks were enormous at half time ( I didn't look tbh, was watching the half time scores on the new teles). Stadia Catering always pre poured before half time. Would this help? I didn't notice lots of fans coming in after KO in the Lorne Street or Bycars (no more than usual anyway) If fans can't get in to the Bycars, that is ridiculous with how many go in there. There has always been late arrivals in to the Paddock, so didn't think anything of it at the time tbh. This has got to be sorted though, or casual fans will just not come. Overall experience, really enjoyed it, good atmosphere, lovely to see so many kids there, all in strips. Have to say I found it strange being in a crowd after so long, uncomfortable. But I don't suppose I was alone there. Will take a while to get used to being close to people again.
  22. I don't understand the criticism of England. In the quarters now, still to concede a goal and yet constant criticism. Czech republic, Croatia , Austria - all beaten by England, all caused so called top teams major problems. Why can't we just enjoy the success? If anyone thinks we are going to win games easily , they are in cloud cuckoo land. Get behind England!!
  23. Wish I'd had a bet! 8 out of 9 now
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