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  1. Waiting for the hospitality prices to come out before I go down the season ticket route, it’s taking the club longer than I thought it might to get them shared!
  2. Love the insight this posts gives, doesn’t matter how many a player has scored beforehand, it’s what they do next that matters the most, all of those have never been prolific beforehand Who needs unproven L1 Telford
  3. If we do have championship ambitions, then we ought not to be shopping for the likes of unproven in L1 Telford. We’ll land the players we need to more than survive next season. Looking forward to the 1st July…
  4. Outstanding player, shone above many in our team and also against the opposition he was head and shoulders above any other league 2 wing back I’ve seen. At 28, he still has masses to give. Great to get his signature and he’ll easily slot into league 1 life I suspect [emoji1319][emoji1319]🥳🥳🥳
  5. Crimes, some of the meltdown comments are laughable… Gibbo leaves, 1 player does not make a team! We’ll be just fine, we recruited well last term, despite all of our concerns, both pre-season and Jan transfer window. We all just need to look forward to the replacements coming through the door… I’d much prefer someone that is 95% available, fully committed, then someone who is, in/out of the squad and head is elsewhere. We move forwards always, especially so with the collective team we have at the club. Good luck to Gibbo, class style, top bloke, awesome service to the club and process we’ve gone through over the years.
  6. Cracking signing to get out of the gate! Welcome back young fella, onwards and for certain an upwards trajectory [emoji1319] UTV
  7. It also needs to federate out further than Hanley…. The problem with the local council is the Money is going into the Centre regeneration (mostly), I suspect to try and attract external investments, which over the years I suspect they’d hope it would enable it to federate out into the 6 towns….. Although, unless Vale hit the championship and stay there…. Investment will be slow and small until that point.
  8. Do you think Brentford fans would have said that all those years ago… I suspect so, stuff happens, really positive to hear the progress
  9. Superb read that, very insightful and exciting to here a lot of that!
  10. Is that Portuguese fella back in charge?!?! [emoji51]
  11. Would like him at the Vale, reminds me of a more accomplished Hugill…
  12. Has another year at Leeds, there’s a local article quoting that… he’s been loaned out now for 2 seasons, the forthcoming season would be his 3rd season out on… they reckon he’ll get released, can you really see him challenging for a spot in their 1st team?
  13. Looks class! Looking forward to seeing the season ticket packages
  14. Dan Sturridge anyone? Local lad, just about to depart his Oz team
  15. A day in a lifetime that will rarely be seen by anyone. I feel totally blessed to have witnessed that and shared it with my old man of near on 70 years. Time we never get back, but experiences like that one never leave the memory bank. I’ll look back on that in 30 years… (let’s hope it’s not that long again, before we get back in a position like that :) ) and those players, the management team, the leadership at the top, gave us those moments. Congratulations to them all and thank you! Memories that I’m so grateful for [emoji1319] From start to finish we deserved that, the previous 3 games, have defined that performance, grit, determination, expressiveness, composure and above all willingness to give your all for everyone around you - what a club!! It’s hard to pick anyone out, they were all superb…. But a few that I’d like to mention, Wilson… wow superb, never say I’m done attitude, I am not sure he goes through any game without looking like he needs to come off (rubbing his hammy today) but he played superb, great little finish and ran Mansfield a mock with some of his skill and movement!!! Benning….. class act, for a split second I thought he wasn’t going to celebrate his goal… but then must’ve thought, this is a play off final, I’ve scored… let’s do this! His goal capped off a likely MoM performance. They were all awesome, it was a superb day, I’m incredibly proud to call Vale MY CLUB. Darrell Clarke, the emotion, the hurt, the commitment to this club, you thoroughly deserve the support and more you’ve been given, 5 years is just the tip of the iceberg, I’m full of so much admiration and humility for DC, we all talk about leadership, but your the epitome of it. A man whom is progressive, grounded and spirited, which transfers to everyone of us. Thank you DC!! [emoji170][emoji460]️ League 1 here we come, watch out, we’re coming in full steam ahead!!! UTV
  16. Jump on the train at Crewe, less than £50 return including your tube tickets, gives you plenty of pub options then around London
  17. £50 open return, including your tube tickets 🥳
  18. Completely agree with this, be great to pack out the park with just 10% of their fans and the rest Vale!!!
  19. For the home tie, why couldn’t we give them the current/open section of the Lorne street and let Vale fans have the hamil end???
  20. So excited…. Come on the lads! 110%, let’s smash this one today!
  21. Gate of near on 11k…. Suspect they’re maybe a few Vale making up the welsh numbers
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